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Aryan Sen
· January 7, 2018
My school ��
The best ever school in the world. Exceptional teachers.. great environment.. so many students.. always the very best ��
Kaustav Bakshi
· October 22, 2016
A school, despite its disciplinary strictures which might appear oppressive when one grows up, shapes a person’s worldview to a great extent. South Point High School has had a major contribution to I am today, although I may not identify with everything the school taught us anymore. But, yes, the foundation stone for a successful life is laid by the school, and no matter how much have I outgrown the school itself, I cannot deny my debt to it. The school, as I remember it, was fiercely competitive; however, it encouraged healthy competition, not at the expense of stamping over friendships. What I liked about the school was it did not ever try hard to inculcate in us moral lessons by way of preaching. I guess we all had the freedom to form our own opinions about life events, and later, develop our own perspectives. South Point was fun, if you knew how to make the most of it. Punishment for not conforming to rules was never harsh; no corporeal backlash from teachers who felt disobeyed. But, somehow, we knew, or were taught in such a way that we could not help but know, what was not right. There’s one thing I shall always regret: none of us, who have ever gone to South Point, could ever be familiar with all their batchmates! Why? Well, the size of each class, divided into countless sections, was so large, that it was impossible to know all those who went to the same class with you. See More
Anindita Chaudhury
· October 31, 2017
East or West or north� South point is the best..the the best...
Rittick Agarwal
· December 7, 2017
Best school in Calcutta.The teacher's and the staff are the most caring providing excellent educational infrastructure.
Shalmali Basu
· October 21, 2016
For 15 years it was my home away from home. Even now seeing students with the flying bird motif makes me want to trade places with them. I only wish the school incorporates different kinds of sports i...n its curriculum. The best school ever. See More

Congratulations to ASPEXS cricket team for winning the Runners-up trophy of the STOPA Inter Alumni Cricket Tournament. The team played really well, but lost in the finals. This was ASPEXS Cricket Team's 4th consecutive finals.
Well done Pointers!

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Match played on 18.02.18 ( Sunday )
South Point(ASPEXS) reached Finals for the 4th Consecutive Year( 1st Year Champion / 2nd Yea...r Lost Trophy in thrilling match ( Match n Super over both Tie ) lost in Flip Coin / 3rd year lost to Nava Nalanda n unfortunate this year to Stopa. Most consistently performing team led by Captain Riki Malik ( 3 years he bagged Best Batsman award ). Aryapratim(1999) was the most consistent performer of the tournament. He bagged 2 Man Of The Match / Best Fielder / Best Batsman. Indrajeet Roy Chowdhury was outstanding with the bowl and the highest wicket taker of the tourney well supported by Amartya Banerjee and Supratim Banik who were also consistent through out.
Special mention and thumbs up to each and every team member and Aspexs committee for rendering full support and dedicatedly devoting time to help bring glory to our Alumni.

The Aspexs Squad 2018-

1. Riki Malik (C) 1999
2. Aritra Kumar Mitter 2008
3. Siddhant Sheth 2008
4. Indrajeet Roy Chowdhury 2007
5. Satyabrata Gupta 2000
6. Srijeet Bhowmick 1994
7. Arnab Mazumder 1992
8. Alekh Sarkar 2007
9. Sabyasachi Chaudhuri 2008
10. Aryapratim Dutta 2001
11.Prasanjit Saha 2006
12. Subhankar Ghosh 2002
13. Supratim Banik 2007
14. Kaushik Chakraborty 1991
15. Prodipta Datta 2007
16. Amartya Banerjee 2004

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Madhabi Dutta aunty fell ill on Monday, the 12th of February and is admitted to a nursing home .She has been diagnosed with a heart problem .We on behalf of all pointers wish her well and a speedy recovery .
Praying to Thakur and Ma to take care of her.

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Living up to the expectations Team ASPEXS reaches its 4th consecutive finals of STOPA Cup. It's been a collective effort from a bunch of dedicated Pointers who ...have willingly dedicated time from their professional life to bring glory to our alumni. We, the Cricket Team of Aspexs would love to have you all at the boundary lines cheering for our school on 18.02.18 Sunday 9.30am at St. Thomas Khiderpore Field A. All are welcome.

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Our teachers had worked hard for us when we were growing up and no matter what we do for them, we can only give back a portion of the influence they had on our ...lives.

Our beloved Ratna Ray Mahasay Aunty posted this message on her Facebook profile after the event on 4th February.

প্রিয় প্রাক্তন ছাত্রছাত্রীরা,
তোমাদের কিছু আজ বলতে ইচ্ছে করছে | হয়তো বুঝে কিম্বা না বুঝে তোমাদেরা আমাদের ভরিয়ে তুলেছো শ্রদ্ধা আর ভালবাসায় |
সুদীর্ঘ কর্মজীবন শেষে অসরের মুহূর্ত ভরে ওঠেছে আবার হাসি আর আনন্দে ...শুধু তোমাদের জন্য | জীবনের সায়াণ্হে তোমাদের হাত ধরে পৌছে গেছি সবপেয়েছির দেশে |
তোমাদের সফল ,উজ্জ্বল মুখগুলো বুকের মধ্যে মণিমুক্তোর মতো টলটল করে| জানো, আবার মনে হয় , মধুময় এ ধরনী ,মধুময় এ ধরনীর ধূলি ....
যেদিন তোমরা ডাকো হাজারো দুর্গা পূজার বাদ্যি বাজে মনে | যত অসুখ বিসুখ বলে পালাই পালাই | একটা দিন যেন একটা রূপকথার গল্প | হাসি আর আনন্দে মিলন-মেলা শেষ হয় |
সুদীর্ঘ কর্ম জীবনের অনেক ভালো লাগা মন্দ লাগা ছিল , ছিল নিখুঁত খাতা দেখার বিভীষিকা ,সময়ে স্কুলে যাবার তাড়াও ছিল .....তখনো তোমরা আমাদের ভুলিয়ে দিতে সব কষ্ট কখনো ভালো ছেলে হয়ে আবার যত রাজ্যের নিরীহ দুষ্টমিতে ....সব মিলিয়ে টকঝালমিষ্টি ছিল সেদিনগুলো |
তোমরা অঞ্জলি ভরে নিয়ে এসেছো সেই দিনগুলো|
জানো, এবার ৪ তারিখের অনুষ্ঠানের কিছু ছবি ফেসবুকে পোষ্ট করার পর বিদেশ থেকে যেমন এসেছে শ্রীমতি বিজয়লক্ষ্মী বর্মন আন্টির শুভেচ্ছা তেমনি এসেছে তোমাদের বিভিন্ন আবদার আর শুভেচ্ছা |
তাই লিখতে ইচ্ছে করল তোমাদের কিছু মনের কথা | তোমরা তো এখন আমাদের বন্ধু হয়ে গেছ ...প্রাপ্তে তু ষোড়শ বর্ষে পুত্র মিত্রবদাচরেৎ ...ভালো থাকো তোমরা সবাই ....জয়ী হও জীবন যুদ্ধে | আনন্দ চিরস্থায়ী হোক তোমাদের জীবনে | শুভেচ্ছা রইলো নিরন্তর |

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South Point Ex-students' Association was live.

Lunch with Retired Teachers of South Point, organised by the Care Wing of South Point Ex-students Association

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South Point Ex-students' Association

Dear Pointers, do you wish to come back to school and interact with retired teachers of South Point? Then here is the chance. ASPEXS Care Wing is hosting a cont...ributory lunch with retired teachers on Sunday 4th February. We have very limited capacity, hence confirmation will be on 1st come 1st served basis. Please WhatsApp/SMS on 9051411739.

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Dear Pointers, the Care Wing of South Point Ex-students Association (ASPEXS) is organising a contributory lunch with retired teachers on Sunday 4th February. Interested pointers are required to WhatsApp/Text at 9051411739 for details.

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Srinjoy Madhumita Sen was live.

Saraswati Pujo at South Point School

South Point Ex-students' Association added 641 new photos to the album: South Pointers' Annual Reunion 2018 — with Shrestha Ghosh and 3 others at Penetti Banquet - Mani Square Mall.

Become a Life Member of ASPEXS. Call on 9831909816 for details.

Srinjoy Madhumita Sen added 130 new photos to the album: South Point Reunion 2018 — with Sandeep Sengupta and Atin Dutta at Penetti Banquet - Mani Square Mall.

Thank you Pointers for your overwhelming support.
Organised by: South Point Ex-students' Association (ASPEXS)

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**Rendezvous 2018 Update**

For those who are still sitting on the sidelines and not booked their passes, you better do it by tonight. Online pass sale will close by 10 pm tonight, and pass sales from various counters may also close any at point of time, today or tomorrow. We are nearing our capacity crowd. Also do note that passes will NOT be available for sale at the venue tomorrow.…/south-point-ex-students-associ…

Book Passes/Tickets on-line for South Point Ex-students Association Annual Reunion - RENDEZVOUS 2018. Get Event Details, Rating, Timings for Events, Concerts, Live Shows and Parties in
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8th January, on this very date the South Point Family lost a mentor, guide and a fatherly figure, an individual, who with 26 students, started a small journey, ...which with time, took the shape of a legacy.
His simple dream has blossomed into the large Pointer family, who still are torchbearers of his dream.
Today, his students are scattered all around the globe, carrying forward his believes and ideology.
We are grateful to you Sir, for shaping our minds and laying the foundation that make us what we all are today.
No words are enough to express how much we miss you.

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