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Steph Bean
· March 8, 2018
Delivered my son here 2 months ago. Had the most incredible care from all of the staff. Would like to give a special thankyou however, to the midwives Nanette and Deb, and the RNs Becky and Jenn in th...e BU. Would like to thank Caitlin in the NICU for your kindness and excellent care of my baby, Lacey in the special care unit of Maternity, as well as all of the RNs in post partum- Kathy, Cathy, Rachel, and Julie. All of the staff were incredible, but I felt like the nurses mentioned above all went above and beyond and you can tell they truly love their jobs. Will recommend SSH for everyone to have their babies at. These nurses deserve recognition. See More
Nickey Willard
· December 26, 2017
I went into the ER at 4:30 pm on Christmas Day. Everyone else decided to show up that day as well. For the first 12 hours I was there I felt defeated and forgotten. I never expected it to be perfect b...ecause everyone needs care not just me. When the morning team came in they got down to business. I have been treated so well, with humor, awesome bed side manners and exceptional care. You truly have an awesome team I just think you get way too many cases put in your hands. Please know you’re appreciated and all that you do does not go unnoticed. See More
Terri McMillan Mansfield
· January 25, 2018
Not feeling particularly articulate right now cause we just got in from the ER but I really want to send a HUGE shout out to every single person that worked there tonight. Patients literally were eve...rywhere, hallways, rooms, chairs...everywhere. Once I was assured that my husbands issue was not his heart I just sat back and watched. And saw one of the best teams I have had the privilege to witness work together. Calmly, cooly they dug in and just gave the most amazing care. I never saw one staff member flustered (I think I would have been crying in a corner if it were me). They just worked together and got it done!!! So for all of us who might have to wait longer than we like I humbly request that you open your eyes and see how hard they are working before complaining. I really don't have the words to explain how impressed I am. This is a world class team and they deserve recognition. Thanks for the care!!! See More
Isabella Suazo
· March 27, 2018
Patient care is horrible. Nurses don’t tell you what goes on and then lie on your discharge paper saying you were seen by six doctors and given medicine when that wasn’t the case. Wouldn’t ever go bac...k to this hospital if my life depended on it. Was there from Thursday night to Saturday morning last weekend and it was horrible. My only praise is the nurses assistant working Thursday night he seemed to be the only caring employee. I got dirty looks when I left my room to use the bathroom and basically was never checked on and the nurse Kate told my mother and fiancé that I was being checked on. Will never ever be going back. See More
Jennifer Gomm
· March 16, 2018
Thank you to Dr Toujouse, anesthesia team, and the maternity nurses ( Jen, Joy, Becky, Barb) for care that went above and beyond. From my arrival in the ER to my surgery Dr Touiouse made me feel confi...dent that I would get better. I had never had a surgery and was incredibly scared and vulnerable and they made me feel like I was in the most capable hands the whole way. In my recovery , the nurses held my hand and told me exactly what I needed to do. I will forever be grateful, and they deserve the recognition for a job that most times is taken for granted. I would give them 10 stars if I could . See More
Annie LaCasse
· November 30, 2017
My intellectually disabled child receives speech therapy at SSH. His therapist is amazing, but we often have an uncomfortable experience entering the building. We use an entrance where there is a area for staff who use the shuttle bus. My son is 5 and has a disability. It is common for the activity around the hospital to cause him to have melt downs. As we pass through the area where staff is waiting for the bus I am shocked by the amount of staring, eye rolling and dirty looks we receive from people who work in a hospital. Today took the cake. I was struggling to get Ben in the building instead of holding the door or just leaving us alone a man with a SSH badge on started laughing at us as he was staring. I wish I had gotten his name but at that point I was so uncomfortable I didn't want to get any closer to that jerk than I had to. Why is your staff not trained on how to handle intellectually disabled patients? I didn't want their help and I don't expect them to bend over backwards for me but I should be able to walk my son into the hospital for his therapy without dealing with hostility from the staff. See More
Missy Faulkner
· April 23, 2018
A very dear friend sat in a room in a bed for three days waiting for a test he had not held down food or liquid and was told they have no pedialight to give him a nurse for the first time all day at 5...:00pm came in and said he cant have the test today because he was not a priority I was appauled! Do not go to this Hospital! See More
Jennifer McAlpine
· February 19, 2018
I recently had to be taken to the E.R. and it was due to a really bad situation I found myself very unexpectedly. It was something I had never experienced before as I just turned fifty years old this ...year. I was an emotional mess and had someone watching me. The place looked like something out of a third world's picture, as it was wall to wall people and beds lining the hallways around the whole place. I immediately thought that they were so busy that they wouldn't give me adequate care!? Plus, I was hysterical and believed I would only be a inconvenience to them. I was surprisingly wrong! The nurses were so kind and patient w/me. They listened to everything I had to say and sympathized with me. The people that register you in, the people that took my blood, to the people who took me to take tests, the nurses in those departments and especially the wonderful doctor in that E.R. room who really went above and beyond to help me were so kind and patient and attentive to my situation!! I wish I remembered the Dr.'s name? I was seen on Feb. 13th at night. I know I wasnt easy to deal w/because I was upset, but thank you for helping me and treating me with dignity and patience! You helped me so much just by your act of human kindness! And, that doctor, I have never had a more wonderful thoughtful Dr. Any where before! Whatever it is you are doing at that hospital, I hope you continue to do it! I dont know if you had classes on how to treat patients in a sensitive situation, but everyone was so patient and kind to me and it meant the world to me!!! Thank You again and keep up the good work!!! See More
Heather Niles
· February 9, 2018
I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone at SSH in both the Pratt and Emerson buildings for taking such good care of me 8 years ago. In 2010, I had surgery to remove a rare cancerous tumor my small intestine and ultimately spent 3 weeks recovering in the hospital. The entire staff was so kind and helpful. I wish I could remember some nurses' names who went above and beyond with some issues I was having with my recovery. Praise be, I am now 8 years cancer free and I will never forget the kindness and love that was shown to me during my stay. Thank you SSH! See More
Donna LaRosa
· November 8, 2017
I sat in my mother’s room for 11 hours yesterday and never saw a Dr. I am disgusted! My mother is so sick and nobody knows what is going on. If she dies of kidney failure I will sue this hospital for ...sure. I requested a Dr twice and never saw one. Want to transfer her to Boston but she is in so much pain when you touch her. On my way back to try to catch s physician doing rounds! See More
Jody Sullivan Geary
· October 15, 2017
My husband came in on Wednesday night with 4 broken ribs. Was admitted and when I came back Thursday morning he was moved to the 4th floor HALLWAY! They put a screen around him so not a soul would be to see him. Luckily when a nurse came in to give him Tylenol he was coherent enough to say he is highly allergic to it everything swells and closes. He had not had any pain meds in hours and they said the ER should have put a bracelet on him now mind you we told them and also filled out paperwork thank god he said something because like I said no one could see him if he went into shock. They had said they had a few discharged leaving and would get him in a room. I went outside to make calls and come back to him getting discharged!! Guess I shouldn’t have said anything about the incident as after that they just got him out. Returned last night 10/14 or 15 as it was around midnight the ambulance got him here to once again be admitted to a hallway can’t get any rest the lights are so bright the nurses have been great but the doctor he had when he got here never even said she was a doctor we thought she was a nurse she had no bedside manner and in fact made an older man feel like an idiot cuz he swallowed a bone from fish and could feel it in his esophagus then she went into another room and this man the patient says did you have a bad day or something!! She never saw us again nor told us he was being admitted or revealed his X-ray results unexceptionable!! Thank god the nurse said you do know he’s admitted right. Umm no! How were his X-rays she says good no collapsed lung. I work for an insurance company and I am just in awe and will be filing a complaint on the ER doctor who should not be in emergency med if she has lost her compassion and how to keep her patients informed. See More
Bariqa Zeeshan
· February 8, 2018
South shore is the great hospital in town. I’ve received the most outstanding care from birthing unit to board room. The whole staff was completely incredible specially all the mid-wives are too sweet..., kind, loving and most caring ladies they made me comfortable every time I was in pain. It’s been a pleasure to deliver my baby in south shore hospital. Also, the trained staff of NICU was too incredible & outstanding � See More
Denise Baldassini
· November 19, 2017
Unless I am rushed in an emergency againist my control NEVER go back to SSH. Had minor surgery at Brockton Hospital, my husband landed at Good Samaritan a couple years ago. The people at these two Ho...spitals are VERY NICE, Professional, Knowledgeable. SSH needs to take a lesson. Your employees need education on customer service as health care is expensive. I was quiet, but saw and was treated as a bother the PA on duty told me how busy she was. The nurse put a peripheral line in me then the MD came in to tell me I could go. With advice to see a specialist, then they took the line out!! Rude, and Arrogant. I’ll drive over to Brockton Hosp. , where they are nicer. Sugg: Customer Service Classes. See More
Kaylene LaChimia
· March 23, 2018
The labor and delivery staff at south shore are phenomenal. All the nurses are amazing but I don’t know what I would have done without the nurse we had, Erin. She was amazing and I don’t know that I w...ould have gotten through my delivery without her � See More
Heather Reed
· November 28, 2017
i will start with a compliment. My baby came out healthy and is finally home. i cannot thank the DRs and most importantly Nurse Michelle the most. This was my first pregnancy and i was horrified the w...hole time... from every shot to every contraction. Nurse Michelle (always wears a sparkle headband) made me feel more comfortable than anyone else in that unit. She is extremely comforting/consoling/and sympathetic. She truly cares for you while in her care and everyday you will be crossing your fingers to see her name written on your whiteboard as your nurse for the day. i was there for a month and she made mee smile everytime. She goes well above and beyond!! Thank you Michelle

As for the head of obgyns maternity unit.... yes i did answer someones post online abt how i felt abt a particular Dr.... i did not appreciate you coming in my room as im starting to be induced to tell me to delete it and that my opinion or how i felt is wrong. Theres a time and place to confront someone and its as their leaving!!! not when there being induced!! especially when they have BP issues. i had to ask her to leave my room 4x before she actually did. Next thing you know my BP was through the roof. EXTREMELY unprofessional and YOU made me feel the most uncomfortable compared to anyone else. you should tell the head of obgyn to Leave the confronting of patients to your patient services.
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Elena Kelley
· March 15, 2018
I am the health care proxy of a patient in your hospital. She got AMAZING care in the ER when she was there overnight. She’s been in a ward since 2:20 this afternoon. Since getting on the floor, she’s... been DEHUMANIZED. Do it one more time, and I go to the press. See More
Ann E Goldman
· September 9, 2017
I brought my wife into the ER. She was seen immediately. They took her for tests right away. The nurses were wonderful. Very caring and professional. The doctors asked lots of questions and decided sh...e needs a team of doctors for all her medical issues. She was admitted and got into her room. Those nurses were all caring and very kind We have had a very positive experience at the hospital. We are still there. Waiting for the team to give us a plan of action. I would recommend this hospital for sure. See More
Cory Sanchez
· January 19, 2018
Worst hospital I've ever been two bunch of self righteous sucking cock juggling tricks hope your own security team gets hit by a fuckin bus and all die of super AIDS they get a line out the door makin...g ppl show Id to get after for no reason u can walk in at 755 and stayall night but if u come in at 805 u gota wait a half hour for no fuckin reason and they also suck at actuly treating u they just get as many ppl check in and get there insurance so they can bill u and they don't do anything give a tylonal and send u home and bill ur insurance for 8 grand with a 500$ co pay that they write off weather they get paid or not scum bags with stupid rules and only reason there still around is mesinas money and what they rip off from u See More
Victoria Vigna
· October 4, 2017
This morning I was in the ER at south shore hospital and the way the nurses,doctors,and Radiologists took care of me was beyond outstanding!!!! They were quick,efficient and figured out what was going... on with me and helped elevate my pain..
thank u all for such kind,caring & amazing treatment at your facility. �������
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Fred Herbert
· December 12, 2017
This place needs to be shut down. I do not recommend it to anyone. I’ve had several of my family members abused at this terrible place. Their security guards go around abusing people inappropriately. ...I’d rather get stranded on an island for the rest of my entire with nothing than go to this dangerous place. This place is not a safe environment. There is no reason for this hospital to be open. See More
Team SSHS Runs the 122nd Boston Marathon
Rick Muhr, Marathon Coalition Coach for Team SSHS on the 2018 Boston Marathon
The Demmerly Family's Story

This week, Carolyn MacDonald and her daughter Allison visited the Dolphin Surgical Center. The MacDonald family was so pleased with the cancer and surgical care that Carolyn received, that they wanted to give back in a meaningful way. They made a gift to purchase Skytron, advanced surgical LED lighting which has already been installed in two of our operating suites.

Our profound thanks to the MacDonald family for their generous gift of "light" for our patients and their caregivers. It truly brightens their day!

If you are interested in supporting your caregivers, please visit our website:

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South Shore Hospital MA added 8 new photos to the album: Lab Week 2018 — at South Shore Hospital MA.
22 hrs

In one recent nine month period, South Shore Hospital's Laboratory Services Department ran a whopping 820,595 diagnostic tests.

Our full service laboratory operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These are just some of the fun, hardworking professionals who keep our lab running. Thanks for all you do!