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Zach James
· February 19, 2018
So it was just your ordinary Monday night. I was on a romantic vacation with my boo when we decided to call up The Spirit Room to inquire about Monday night happenings in Jerome. A very friendly voice... picked up saying something along the lines of “Spirit Room!”. We asked if there was a band playing or any live entertainment to which she replied “no live music tonight but I’m bartending and I’m pretty nice!” To this my significant other and I both joyously laughed and decided we’d go for a drink or two. The bartender Kelsey was in fact more than “pretty nice” but actually a gem �. She told us all of the secret hot spots and made us feel completely at home in this haunted little town known as... Jerome. See More
Ron Oliver
· October 29, 2017
Stopped in Jerome on the way to Prescott to roam the shops and have a drink.....several drinks, and hours later we made it out of town. The place was packed but the bartender was working it the Cadillac Angels were unbelievable.....wish we lived closer and could hang out more often! Best time we had all week, and that includes 3 days in Vegas and 4 in Metropolitan Phoenix! See More
Deb Russell
· September 25, 2017
Always have a great time at SR! Bartenders work their butts off and do it with a smile, even when it's a packed house. Speaking of packed house...Cadillac Angels plays fantastic original written blues.../rockabilly music. Gives their all every time. It's so fun to dance to, but also great to sit and listen. But, shhhh, don't tell anyone.....i need a barstool and room on the floor. See More
Jasmin A. Hall
· December 16, 2017
It’s been over 6+ years of experience visiting Jerome and it has never been a bad experience. Thx you Spirit Room for looking out for local musicians to share their love for music to guests and locals.... I love the vibe and environment! See More
Robert Holland
· September 17, 2017
I love this place, I love the ride up and down the hill. I really enjoy the music and the atmosphere, it's a super great place to hang out on a Saturday afternoon. Now, get yourself a goddamn cocktail... waitress, we are sick of standing in long lines !!! See More
Wendy Leburg Present
· January 28, 2018
Awesome place!! The music is great and the is cold! There is no place better to enjoy a Sunday afternoon with friends.
Suzanne Stanley
· September 18, 2017
I have been going to the spirit room for over 25 years! It has always been a great place to hang out! Great bands, especially love Lori Mac Donald, bartenders are always friendly and the atmosphere is... friendly and fun. Love riding my bike up and down the hill! See More
Cheri Lee Osharr Ward
· September 29, 2017
Small bar! Great almosphere, but sorry to have to say drinks tasted like water. And my Amaretto sour was $18.00. Don't go for the drinks! Go for the music and people!
Ashley Mzn
· January 6, 2018
Awesome place, great friendly service. I will visit this place every time I visit Jerome and have a drink � ��
Kevin Mitchell
· August 27, 2017
Ask the bartender if she took orders if we're seated on a table, her reply was dose look like there are any waitresses in of you want a drink you need to come up to the bar, well I couldn't believe it... there were only 10 bar stool, get real you lazy bitch See More
Bob Tribbensee
· January 18, 2018
Tia was a great bartender and makes THE best margaritas ever! Was a great afternoon! We will be back!
Marion August Tully
· May 27, 2017
It's a place to go to sit back and enjoy people, the day, live music, old town history and art. If you are looking for the latest metro-popular drink or double latte extra tall whatever... this is no...t it. Bartender was friendly, we struck up conversation with some regulars, danced to live music, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. If life brings us back to AZ, we'll be back to Jerome. Thanks for the memory!! See More
Cynthia Minucciani Traverso
· August 7, 2017
As usual the Spirit Room was entertaining. The patrons are very colorful and the band was great. Enjoyed a drink and a few hours of music and dancing. A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends�
Phyllis Voren
· November 24, 2017
It was a rousing, rollicking time with some fine, talented musicians. Their music had me dancing in my seat!
Gail Ganong
· August 28, 2017
Awesome, historical and charming, like going back a hundred years with heart. Cadillac Angels are the best rockabilly band ever, lucky to have them!!
Patti Kent
· December 31, 2017
Great place, bartenders were attentive and band made for a fun afternoon!
Tony Gallina
· November 12, 2017
Fun bar! Live music and dancing - can’t beat it as used to be a home of ill repute in 1800’s
Paula DeLong-Nuss
· October 2, 2017
Love Jerome, as a whole. Spirit Room is a must stop to mingle with locals, other bikers and people passing through on vacation. Everybody is always welcome! Great live band started at 2.
Aleshia Jex Simpson
· March 11, 2018
Had, and always have had, a great time here. Thank you.
Gigi Tater
· September 25, 2017
Love the Spirit Room great live music. It's the best when the Cadillac Angels are playing! The place goes crazy. Super friendly bartenders.
::: Drink Slingin' at Spirit Room ::: #liquor #beer #wine #bar #barlife #musicvenue #jeromeaz #drinks #cocktails #fun
LLory & Tim McDonald
OvO Band live last sat night!

Clearly, we mean whiskey
Come on down for a shot or two!

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See you on the dance floor 💃🕺

Cadillac Angels With over one million miles of touring the U.S.A., nine European countries, over 170 shows booked in 2011 and 17 CD releases, the Cadillac Angels are one of the hardest working bands in the business . . .
Sat 9:00 PM MSTSpirit RoomJerome, AZ
28 people interested

::: Rio Samaya live at Spirit Room :::

  Based in Vancouver, the Rio Samaya Band is made up of Pancho and Sal, partners in life as well as in music, which is full of wonderfully enchanting latin rhythms and romantic melodies in Spanish including some Italian, English and French folk songs Six years ago Pancho and Sal creat
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ABC15 Arizona

👻The most terrifying town in Arizona is...


Sat 2:00 PM MSTSpirit RoomJerome, AZ
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If you sing, play an instrument then please, drop by and join us for Open Mic. Typically on the first Wednesday of each month, Don Cheek hosts, but his 20 year Wedding Anniversary is being spent in Kauwai with his wife so Ronno switched with Don. Don will be hosting at Ron's usual 3rd Wednesday evening. Confused Yet? Don't be because either way it will be a stellar evening of local talented musicians, poets and gypsies.

Wed 8:00 PM MSTSpirit RoomJerome, AZ


9-12PM #spiritroom #livemusic #weekend

Open Mic starts NOW with your hostess Llory 🖤
#openmic #spiritroom #livemusic

Llory McDonald Musical Background – Llory started her musical career on Clarinet at the age of 6, playing in the band until 8th grade, when her brother threw his guitar in the garbage and she rescued it. She joined her first rock band in high school, playing guitar, slide guitar and si
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Gabriel Rhodes

All set up for today. Well Dressed Wolves. Spirit Room. Jerome, AZ. 2pm-6pm.

::: Well Dresses Wolves 2-6PM :::

Sun 2:00 PM MSTSpirit RoomJerome, AZ
40 people interested