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  • Live Life to the fullest
    Love the people who care about you &
    Forget about the ones that don't
    Take chance
    And realize that nothing in life never comes easily :)
Favorite Quotes
  • '' I doubt, therefore I think I am''
    '' Life is supposed to be used, not preserves.''
    '' What have we learned if we get the right answers to the wrong questions?''
    ''Is it the falling, or the love, that is the best thing about falling in love?''
    ''Those who take life too seriously always miss the punch line.''
    ''We inhale the future and exhale the past.''
    ''Truth is as precious as it is rare''
    ''I can't remember ever having had amnesia.''
    ''Why is incredible such a popular adjective?''
    ''Is it possible to grow up and be a politician?''
    ''Foreign travel alows one to see oneself as a stranger.''
    ''It is hard to tolerate the intolerant.''
    ''Sudden pregnancy happens on the sperm of the moment.''
    ''Liberty is somethinf that is taken, not given.''
    ''Only the boring are easily bored.''
    ''By the time some people find themselves, they may have lost their way.''
    ''How rich or poor one is depends less on what one possesses than on what one values.''
    ''Is it the hour or the darkness that makes the nights?''
    ''Where does consciousness go when we are done with it?''
    ''If everything is relative, why do we obsess over the size of things?''
    ''THe best day in your life may also be somebody's worst.''
    ''Will heaven have a complaint department?''
    ''Money can buy happiness, but the price depends on where you shop for it.''
    ''The heart can promise forgiveness, but the brain cannot guarantee forgetfulness.''
    ''The value of time cannot be measured chronologically.''
    ''Wisdom is the fusion of rationality, reason and reflection.''
    ''Sex must certainly be natural, since repetition is a prime feature of nature.''
    ''Science seeks to know what it is. Religion claims to know what it means.''
    ''To be in love with oneself is to be trapped in a dead-end relationship.''
    ''When crossing each of life's byways, safety requires one to look both ways: backward and forward.''
    ''To really appreciate wherew you are, you have to have been somewhere else.''
    ''Like a good meal, longevity is best when sared.''
    ''only the subconscious is truly honest with us.''
    ''We own nothing; everybody rents.''
    ''When captured by cannibals, try to move the conversation to the perils of high cholesterol.''
    ''The way thing are depends on where you are.''