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A couple days late for #givingtuesday, but 1000 Soccer Princess books donated to BookSpring today, a wonderful local nonprofit that inspires children literacy... they give over 100,000 books to children every year to help them learn to love reading!! 💗⚽️📚Thank you to the volunteers and employees there who will put these in the hands of Austin kids next semester!
... 🙏🏼If you have children books, give here instead of Goodwill!

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Few days left on this kickstarter with limited edition tactile Sport Princess books from Australia! ⚽️👑🏈⚾️Watch video and back here >>>

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When the first Sport Princess book was written in 2009, Brett Favre was playing on the Vikings, so Football Princess "Mack" wears his PURPLE #4 in several pages, and author Bethany's daughter does her football signals at age 3 in Favre's purple jersey as well! (Kickstarter video below) When we reach our funding goal and go back to the printer on this series, we intend to make this jersey GREEN AND GOLD since #brettfavre was inducted into Packer Hall of Fame last year! Doesn't the jersey look great green? Less than 2 weeks on the Sport Princess kickstarter - watch video, support and share! --> #letsgogreen #brettfavrefan4life

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May 22, 2017
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A few illustrations from the second book about Baseball Princess Sam! This is Mack's favorite, is fully illustrated already and is a touching story about a sister's summer passed between tea parties, french manicures and baseball practice! We have two weeks left in our kickstarter to get these first three books printed - we have a ways to go and would love your help supporting or sharing! Watch the video first at, and more details under the "campaign" page!

We have three weeks left in our kickstarter to get Football Princess illustrated and the first three books in the series published! Soccer Princess, Baseball Princess and Football Princess! We need your help - any little bit helps, whether it is supporting the project (as low as $5!) or sharing! The best thing about kickstarter is no money is collected now... it ONLY comes out if the full project FUNDS by June 7th! There are several reward levels for gifts as well, watch the video first, check out the details under "campaign", support and share! We have a ways to go, let's do this!

5th grader played on High School Flag Football team Saturday. Epitome of a Sport Princess!

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Bethany Cara Hegerhorst is in Cedar Park, Texas.

Mack had her last season game on her 5th/6th grade boy's team today, but immediately when it ended two High School Seniors came over and asked her if she would in their girls' High School flag football game so they didn't forfeit! These four girls played offense and defense and WON against a team of 9 that got to trade off and rest! She did awesome and they let her keep the jersey after. The other team came over after to ask her name and tell her how cool she is. Kind of made her day #andmine #sportprincessforever 🏈#cantmakethisstuffup

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Share or tag a friend that has daughters who play sports!

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Bethany Cara Hegerhorst

"Earlybird" $10 off the full 3 book series (plus coloring pages) on the Sport FANATIC level runs only for 3 days! Normally $60, but right now $50 until May 16th...! Do you have a daughter or niece or grand daughter that loves sports or princesses? This combines both. >>> also, Kickstarter projects are all or nothing - there is no charge until after the full project funds - let's get there. You can pledge as low as $5 to help support at and share #empoweringgirls #stepasideprincecharmingthesesportprincessesdontneedsaving

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The story behind the SPORT PRINCESS project - watch how 3 year old "Mack Attack" grew into the football player she is today. (keep watching - empowering compilation at 3:02!)

Sport Princesses are graceful and beautiful, but they are equally tough, adventurous, competitive and strong. Bring out the tomboy in every princess! Kicksta...

The Sport Princess series teaches girls that princesses may be beautiful, but they are equally tough, adventurous, competitive and strong. Support and share this kickstarter project which launches the first three books in the series! #footballprincess #steveyoungfan

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Sport Princess

The kickstarter for Sport Princess is LIVE today, please visit our page, watch the cute video and the story behind the story at the bottom, support and please share!

Setting up a kickstarter login is super simple and free! The reason I chose kickstarter as the platform is it's all or nothing. It's not like a gofundme asking for donations... there are reward tier levels that you pledge money on depending on interest level starting as low as $5, and if we receive enough backers to fully fund the project THEN your money is released and you will receive the reward tier that you pledged on! We have the first three books on the project, and other cute merchandise/add ons too! It only runs for 28 days... Let's Bring out the Tomboy in every Princess!…/sport-princess-bring-out-the-…

A Sport Princess is glamorous, fancy and graceful... yet tough, adventurous and outgoing. Can't she have it all? Book series & more.

Casting Call!! I am doing a short video compilation for our Sport Princess kickstarter using videos of girls that have videos twirling/dancing/tea parties/something girly versus also playing sports like kicking a soccer ball in a game or hitting a baseball or running a football play! They will be short 4-8 second clips that we would pull out of. If you would like your videos to be considered please email to! I have a few already but would love to add more! Send at least 2 -- for example one short video twirling or dance competition, and a second one running the soccer ball down the field! It's going to be super cute and I'll share when done. Thanks!!!

Received an awesome update today on Malia - who we did a spotlight on 6 years ago TODAY!
Here is the original spotlight:…/athlete-spotlight-7-y…
And her mom added today This popped up in my fb 'On This Day' feed today. Fast forward 6 years and Malia is still a goal keeper. Her team recently took 1st place at the U.S Youth Futsal Nationals Championship! Last summer they traveled to Orlando to compete at the World Cup, at ESPN. This su...mmer she travels to Kansas to compete, individually, for a spot on the National Team.

GO MALIA!! Thank you for the update!! I would love an updated picture!

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First and foremost, thank you to everyone that has reached out to encourage finishing this series from what was started over the years, including fans, my fabulous illustrator Kristin Abbott, and book designer David Brady! Over the past 5 years we have moved to Austin, Texas and my little sport princess Mackayla has grown up so much! It is ultimately her again who has inspired me to continue this book series that I am so passionate about.

I started it because of her when she... was so young and clamoring for plastic high heels and barbie dolls that made me cringe. I created a world of Sport Princesses for her, and she grew up with that. Fast forward to 7 years later, and that girl has become the epitome of a Sport Princess!! She still loves her tea parties and dress up, but even more so LOVES being on the football field with her team of all boys for the last 5 seasons, or on the soccer field at recess, or going to baseball games with her momma! Over the last year, she has told me that she wants to work for the NFL when she grows up, she has been reading Steve Young's autobiography and loves it, and she asked me if rules are different when we go to heaven... ("What do you mean, sweetie?" Mackayla "I'm really hoping they let girls play professional football in heaven!") She just started asking about playing ice hockey as well!

I owe it to my daughter, and to all the tomboys in the world who love a little grit with their glitter and don't mind grass stains on their tutus, to get this out again! Soccer Princess is done. Baseball Princess is fully illustrated and ready to publish, and Football Princess is next in line, fully written and ready to be illustrated. Watch for more catch up info... and a kickstarter link soon with limited edition rewards!!! Let's do this!

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Want to buy the limited edition Soccer Princess tactile children's book for Christmas? Remaining books just listed in etsy at 62% off! Here's the link, enjoy!:…/the-soccer-princess-illustrated-tact…?

After Jos love of soccer causes a disruption at the Grand Royal Ball, she is sent away to the Perfectly Pink Princess Etiquette School. She

Free Soccer Princess Book and Bracelets just this week! Happy Valentine's!…/get-free-soccer-p…

Please vote for Sport Princess author, Bethany, a top 10 finalist for a surf scholarship in Mexico! It's super simple and you only need to do it once, go to and click on the heart below Bethany's name (second from bottom) and click SEND when the email comes up! Or even easier is to send a blank email to with the subject title "I Vote for Bethany" !! Please help )))

15 years ago I heard the call of the waves and it forever changed my life. After a mellow midday session with friends, I peered out from the terrace overlooking the surfbreak and realized I was absorbed in the experience- the sun on my back, the chatter of fishermen cleaning their nets, saltwater in...