If caught early and managed correctly, prediabetes can be STOPPED from evolving into Type 2 diabetes. A simple A1C test at your next doctor's appointment can help you determine whether you're prediabetic, but in the meantime, what should you be on the lookout for?
Who will you #draft for your team? #bespectacular #fitnessfriday
YOUR SUPPORT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Donations to Sports Spectacular help support cutting edge research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center designed to improve screening & risk assessment, along with education programs targeted to the most at-risk communities. This week we've partnered with Friday5 in recognition of #DiabetesAwarenessMonth, and we hope that you'll join the team at and support us as we change the world, and stop diabetes, $5 at a time.

Kick-start the week with a great workout. 💪🏼
Monday motivation can be hard to come by, but it’s a great time to renew your commitment to staying fit. #bespectacular #behealthy #mondaymotivation

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Resolve to keep your resolutions.
Whether you promised to increase your current exercise routine, eat a more balanced diet or walk around the block everyday, no matter how big or small, keep your New Year’s resolutions going strong. #bespectacular

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Thank you for all your support in 2017. Looking forward to another spectacular year in 2018! #bespectacular #topnine

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Spectacular wishes for a happy & healthy holiday with family & friends!🎄

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Switch things up this weekend.
Adding variation into your workouts can keep you inspired and help push your training to the next level. Add in some outdoor running or walking to your weekly gym or class regime. Your body, and your mind, will thank you. #bespectacular

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Eat right. Feel even better. 💪🏼
A healthy diet is essential for a strong immune system and can help keep you from getting sick. #bespectacular #behealthy

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Not all fats are bad for diabetics. Unhealthy, saturated fats like trans fats should be avoided, but that doesn't mean the healthy ones have to be banned. Avocados, olive oil, fish oil, walnuts and flaxseed are just a few high-fat foods that are incredibly healthy and nutritious! #bespectacular #behealthy

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Did you know that a simple A1C blood test can help identify prediabetes, and in conjunction with small lifestyle changes and collaboration with a doctor, help STOP the progression of this disease before it becomes Type 2 diabetes.
A donation of just $30 can fund an A1C blood test within an underserved community, helping identify those individuals most at risk. Head to to make a difference today. #GivingTuesday #bespectacular

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Time is running out!

Don't miss your chance to attend a live taping of Will & Grace. You'll get to tour the set and take a photo with the cast, and all proceeds support Sports Spectacular and our mission to eradicate diabetes.

It's #NationalDiabetesMonth, bid today and help make a difference!

Will & Grace is back and you and a friend could be in the audience to witness their hilarious comeback! Bid now for 2 tickets to attend th...

Will & Grace is back and you and a friend could be in the audience to witness their hilarious comeback!

Bid now for your chance to attend a live taping, along with a tour of the set and a photo with the cast.

Bid Here:…/2-tickets-to-taping-of-nbcs-w…


All proceeds support Sports Spectacular, and our mission to eradicate diabetes.

Good luck!

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Get another playlist ready to go 🎧
Listening to music while you work out does more than just help pass the time - studies have shown that it helps increase motivation and improve overall performance. #musicmonday #bespectacular

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Change it up.
Varying the speed of your reps when you workout can help you strike the perfect balance in your workout. Fast and explosive one week. Slow and powerful the next. 💯committed every single day. #fitnessfriday #bespectacular

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Mix and match. 🥗
Whether you're loyal to #spinach or a #kale die-hard, try tossing a few more greens into the rotation. You'll add new essential nutrients to your diet, and you might even discover a delicious new favorite. #bespectacular

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