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"for cse 3rd yr guy
You have gone through a lot of problems last sem i saw you bunking huge number of classes and staying inactive during the whole semester as if you were in some other world.

still you managed to get 9 ptr .


i salute you !!
you are a nice guy don't waste your life for a silly reason."
3rd year CSE

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"Clg walo kya kr rahe ho yaar tum.
Make up ka time table set kiya ya mazak kiya.
Marna hai to bol k maar lo. Ye kya harkate kar rahe ho???
Tumhari life to set hai. Tum to lakkho se kama rahe ho. Humko humari life to set karne do. Humare bare me b socho. cutoff to pehle hi awkaad k bahar ja rahe hai. Aur tum aur waat laga rahe ho. Jada ni to thoda insaan ban jao. Atleast thodi gap dete.


3yr en

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Saving water doesn't mean you wont flush.guys grow up and flush when you use the washrooms.

"Does looks matter ?
"comment yes/no.
PS: like= yes

"i am in love with a civil guy 3rd year
xperienced new things with him..
seriously he is very good at heart..
before, i used to think ki usko ego problem hai bt ab aisa nai lagta...
he is from hstl and a 9 pointer..
i know him...i am close to as a its high tym to take our frndship to a new level..!!

"civil #6thsem#

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"yaar first years koi aur event me nahi sahi par IMPERA aur PERSONA me first year ke tym jaroor part lena
apne aap ko aur apne mind ko college me open karney ka issey accha chance kabhi nahi milega and it really helps in rest of your college years and in future ,"maine insult ke darr se,shyness aur inferiority complex ke karan dono me part nhi liya tha but baad me mai us decision ke liye pachtaya tha
my advice for persona is that u should be YOURSELF and gentle and dont be over-confident while orating,writing forms and performing any physical or mental task "
3rd yr ec

"theres a girl in EN 4th year P******* S*****...i want to tell u that i m madly in love with u...ur eyes, nose, facecut n hairs r soooo awsme...i m in love with u from first year,the day whn i saw u...but i nvr gained any courage to come n talk to u...i just used to stare u from long n admire your beauty!!!!i hav spent sleepless nights thinking about u!! u make me go crazy evrytime. u r the first love of my life...i cant think of me when u will leave d colg n i will neve...r ever get to see you again!!!
i had this deep desire in my heart to express my feelings to u,so i did it on dis day!!!
if u feel bad or anything about dis,plz dont take it personal, coz if i wouldnt hav done dis 2day,i wud hav regreted it all my life....

Pyar Wo Nhi Jis Mai Jeet Aur Har Ho ..
Pyar Koi Chez Nhi Jo Har Waqt Tayar Ho...
Pyar Woh Hai Jis Mai Kisi K Ane Ka Aitbar Na Ho
Phir Bhi Intezar Ho..
3rd yr MECH"

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"yaar saari ladkiyan commited kyun h !?!?!?.... n pata nai jo akele ghumti hai unka long distance rehta hai (aisa baaki log kehte hai).... dont know. confession page nai.. singles ka page hona chahiye taaki pata chale who all are single and want to get commited.

puri engineering bas tadne mei chali jaegi...!! !:):"
ec 3rd year

Yar, exam k tym pe invigilators kitni zyada bak-bak karte hain!!! students ko disturb hota hai na... pehle to kuch yaad nai aata, upar se inki bakar..
EN 2nd yr (FS)

I m in love with a gal who is in 4th yr... she is extremely hawt... every time I see her ; I wanna talk to her but something stops me ... but dis valentines day I wanna admit DAT I love u a lot S**** j***. .ur secret admirer...
cs 3rd yr

the count down begins"
the most awaited fest of the year..Pratishruti 14

Pratishruti is the Annual Cultural Festival of Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur. Pratishruti 2014 is coming

treasurer bhaiya balancesheet adjust ho gayi kya. ho gayi tho share with us.
cse 3rd year

the polaris 2k14 treasurer s****** m**** pls discuss the budget between all cse students. we would like to check your budget and many more .
cse 3rd year

"To a girl 3rd yr mech
Dont play with feelings of a person who likes u
It seems that whatever i have heard about u is true
The only thing i want say is stop bitching babe ...
and stop connecting irrelevant things "
mechanical 3rd yr

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"hey admin confession kyu band ho gaye....???
wat hppned lagta hai ur vr buzzy...!!!"
it, final year
Admin:sorry for it! but now back with a bang..

"""Few years ago, a friend of mine left Engineering after passing two semesters and applied for MBBS... not because he wanted to be a doctor, but because his so-called 'girlfriend' was daughter of a famous surgeon, and she asked my friend to become a doctor if he loves her and really wants her dad to approve their marriage...
Two days ago, the girl got married to someone else, as being a doctor takes time, and my friend was not yet settled!!! She, in her words, was 'help...less'! No comments on this though!
My friend, the idiot, heartbroken, tried to commit suicide! Though he is fine now.
Well, dude, you deserve claps... with one hand... on your face! For a girl, who ultimately pissed on your feelings, you broke the dreams of those two people who loved you since the day you were born, your parents. I am not sorry for you... even if you would have died, I would not be sorry for you... but I would have had a tear in my eye... for those two people who gave birth to such a 'piece of shit' like you.
Now if you have even a percent of shame left in you, live for your parents, work hard, and make them proud. Think on it! Please!""

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