Thierry Millet is possibly Europe’s last remaining artisanal umbrella repair man.
Drop in at Ebrahim Currim & Sons, to explore a range that boasts everything from magic umbrellas to sturdy thatha kodais. While you’re there, don’t forget to peek into the busy umbrella clinic

And THAT is how we do customer service!

In a spacious old building on the crowded Princess Street is India's original umbrella store. Marked with the `Stag' logo, umbrellas occupy every inch of this shop. There are more than a 100 varieties here, from all kinds of black to glittery ones named after Madonna and Marilyn Monroe. In one corne...
At Reay Road, on Mumbai’s bleak Harbour Railway Line, groups of labourers laze and chat in the shade of trees and garages. Ask any of them for the chhatri (umbrella) factory, and many of the young ...
Come monsoon, and Mumbai’s oldest umbrella store, Ebrahim Currim & Sons, draws in the crowds. We visited the trusted enterprise to check what keeps them going

Most refreshing. Always welcome. Innovation!

Umbrellas have been around for more than 3,000 years, so are they really being reinvented by young designers?