It's what you've all been waiting for - the online premiere of the St Andrews in Bloom video!
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Recently received is another "action" shot of our Bloom volunteers, hard at work.

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On Monday afternoon, several of our Bloom volunteers were busy tidying up our greenhouse and washing containers in preparation for the first delivery of plants later in the day. Potting on started this afternoon!👍😀


Hoping that all our Bloom followers will give this event their support this Saturday!👍

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Despite today's bad weather, our planters are letting us know that Spring has actually arrived.👍😀

Here are some murals that reflect the worldwide concern regarding our bee population.

This little girl has certainly played her part in protecting and conserving our natural world! Without our industrious bees, just what would happen to our wonderful world?🤔😥…/bee-waves-girl-3-saved-sugar-water-74…/

Olivia Higham was delighted when the tiny insect appeared to return her wave.

"Rest on one's laurels"? Not St Andrews In Bloom Volunteers! On Tuesday, Jenny Sibbald and Marysia Denyer attended a seminar in the Rothes Halls, Glenrothes. It was entitled "Getting and Retaining Gold in Beautiful Fife". Here are some photos of the day's programme, the event itself, along with the cover of the portfolio for 2016 - 2017. This will be reproduced for this year's entries in Beautiful Fife and Beautiful Scotland.

Sorry for the lengthy wait for some new photos and/or inspirational graphics on our page. These were taken today at the Town Entrance and Petheram Bridge roundabout. The Rotary crocuses are looking colourful again and in a couple of weeks we should have the lovely daffodils and tulips in full bloom. SPRING IS HERE AT LAST! ENJOY!

Some memories from March 2017!

All the Bloom members agree on this!👍😉😀

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Here's how to bring your Christmas gift of an amaryllis back life, once it's withered!

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Hope you've got your seed trays and compost ready. It's time to get going!

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Some gorgeous, flower photos taken recently by Marta Droszkowska Raynor. If you wish to see more of this talented photographer's photos you will find her on St Andrews Photo Corner. Thankyou for allowing me to share these lovely floral images with our followers, Marta.😍

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Here's a photo of some gorgeous, yellow crocuses brightening up this front garden on Scooniehill Road. Derek Bayne replanted them from his grandfather's garden. Many thanks for allowing me to share these spring blooms with our followers.👍😀

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