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Struggling to choose the right online booking system for your tour operator business? We can't promise it will be easy, but this ultimate guide will streamline the process and help you make the right decision the first time around!

Are you confused by the hundreds of different online booking software solutions? You may already know that 40% of travellers book online, and the online travel market in Australia is worth $515.7 million. Mobile bookings alone account for 18% of online…

Redesigning your website due to lack of results? Set SMART goals for your next web project to ensure success

If you’re an established business there’s a good chance you’ve got a website. But… Is your website successful? What does success look like for your website? These are important questions to answer for any web project. Building a website without…

[Website Security News] Make sure your Yoast SEO plugin is updated to prevent others getting access to your SEO data!

One of our security researchers, Panagiotis Vagenas, discovered a vulnerability in Yoast SEO version 3.2.4 and earlier that allows any user with ‘subscriber’ level access to download your Yoast SEO settings. For sites that have open registration, this means that anyone can register and download your...

Great article on how SEO research can be used to do market research for small businesses that don't have huge marketing budgets

Want to improve your marketing skills? These 6 SEO secrets will help you generate more traffic and sales to your website.

Thinking of getting a new website? Don't do anything without reading this!

Nothing beats a well designed website when it comes to getting customers online, right? Wrong. Even the fanciest looking websites get lost in cyberspace without a digital marketing plan. Your website is just one part of getting more customers. It might be the hub integrating your marketing

It seems that the Mossack Fonseca hacking (Panama Papers) may have come down to an outdated Wordpress plugin...Are you keeping your Wordpress website and plugins updated? Admittedly, your website probably isn't going to make world news, but hackers can get in and cause all sorts of brand damage. By crashing your site or adding links to pornography on your homepage. Get in touch if you think yours need updating!

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Geek guide to removing referrer spam in Google Analytics | Optimize Smart via @optimizesmart

  Referrer spam occurs when your website gets fake referral traffic from spam bots and this fake traffic is recorded by your Google Analytics.   What is a bot? A bot is a crawler program which is developed to perform repetitive tasks with high degree of accuracy and speed. Bots are generally used fo…

The Web Marketer’s Guide to Landing Press – Online PR

SEO is changing, fast. To rank in Google you need links from authority websites. Landing online press is the BEST way to get those links. Here's how...

Great article with 16 simple but hugely important tips on how to keep people on your website longer and increase engagement…/why-people-leave-your-website

Are you getting traffic to your website, but very few of those visitors are converting into leads and customers? You might be making one of these mistakes on your website. Here are 16 reasons people leave your site without buying.

Google looks like it will soon allow people to buy products from your ecommerce site without visiting your site. what effect do you think this will have on brand loyalty?

Within the next few weeks Google will be rolling out a “buy” button that will allow people to purchase certain items directly from its search results pages

Great tool for making product shots & videos! via @placeitapp

Placeit is used for creating iPhone mockups and iPad mockups. It’s much faster than using a PSD mockup and produce product mockup within seconds!

If you use Jetpack plugin or the TwentyFifteen theme you need to take note.

Web security firm Sucuri has reported on the discovery of a WordPress plugin vulnerability affecting any site that uses the genericons package. At this tim