Thought we’d drop you a line with a status update explaining the lack of updates recently.

Steam Wars is a pet project of the employees at Arcadelia AB meaning that whenever we have slack in our production we will extend on the game. “Unfortunately” we’re currently having the first world luxury problem of having no slack in our production effectively meaning that very little progress is being made on Steam Wars at the moment.

There is some progress though; for instance the Bad Boy on the picture will be part of our next update…

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Asynchronous multiplayer or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Play Time And Love to Game

As a bunch of hardcore gamers we love multiplayer games. Nothing is more fun than fragging it up in a game with or against your friends.
However as the years come and go you suddenly end up with obligations apart from raiding the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj for 4 straight hours.


Suddenly there are bills to be paid, families to tend to and sometimes you just want to go to the beach on a sunny day.
As we grew older we found it harder and harder to synchronize our play times with our friends.
Your faithful pocket healer from the good old times works night shifts, or your wingman from quake lives in a completely different time zone these days.

Well, winners never quit, and when it comes to gaming we're not quitters (unless its rage-induced). Bring on Asynchronous Multiplayer!

Asynchronous multiplayer isn't as hard to understand as it is to spell, it's quite simple. Whenever you advance your character or arsenal, it will affect your friends and foes.
When you play a match of defense, the game will record your every action and use it as match setups for other real players choosing to attack.
This means that every action you do will affect other real humans, but when they have time to play.

So its time to call your old fragbuddies and invite them to play with you, you will finally have something to play together and chat about without having to go on
fake fishing trips to your hidden LAN-cottage in order to sneak in some quality multiplayer gaming!

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We'd like to send a special thanks to schools, bloggers/journalists and alike who helped us reach out to
our fellow gamers and provide us with excellent feedback during the beta testing:

LBS Kreativa Gymnasiet Trollhättan:

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CtrlAltElite just published a video interview with us!

It is in Swedish only and can be found at:…/intervju-gustav-linde-och-ste…/

Hur vi spelar idag och hur vi spelade för tio år sedan har förändrats drastiskt. Inte nog med att vi är uppkopplade mot nätet i majoriteten av fallen utan nu är det långt ifrån en självklarhet att ...

New update published:
- Leaderboards (what’s your position?)
- First win of the day bonus
- Various art updates



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Are you also unsure how to play attack mode?
Here is a short explanation:

Almost everyone worthy of the title gamer knows Tower Defense by heart. This genre became popular with star craft and warcraft III mods and is a subgenre to RTS. However many don't know that one of the first games of this genre was a Tower Attack game, Bokosuka_Wars.


In Steam Wars, you get the chance to defend your base as in a traditional TD-game, but you also have the option to retaliate and try to conquer enemy bases in the Attack-mode.

Playing attack differs quite a bit from defense: while defense is more about positioning and resource management, attack favours micro management and timing. While we know Tower Defense is extremely popular, we hope that a lot of you will find Attack-mode at least as engaging and fun!

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Hi all,
An updated version of tutorials is now available in the game!

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Hi all, an updated version was just uploaded!
Changes include a new HUD in game, new loading screens and more…

Message this page or post on the timeline to leave feedback.



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Apoteos? What does it even mean?

Apoteos is the swedish version of the term Apotheosis, which 'refers to the idea that an individual has been raised to godlike stature'.
We wanted to have a swedish name as a reference to our teams location, but we didn't want to drive our players mad trying to pronounce awesome words like 'slasktratt' or 'räksmörgås'.


Having the name be a reference to the ingame myth about our heroes might also have played a part in the choice of name. might.

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Kotaku has written about us! Check out this link:…/the-battle-for-steam+powered-tower-defe…

Why aren't there more tower defense games on Facebook? Is it because they tend to be more difficult than the normal Facebook fare, or because they aren't particularly social?

Steam Wars will be partially offline (and slow) during the day due to upgrades in our server environment in preparation for the beta going public.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Welcome, to our home. You will get used to it quickly; To the clouds. The veil of vapor and dampness. The perpetual fog and the ever-droning, deep reverberating drumming and roar of the steam engines working tirelessly beneath your feet. The never-ending pitch and yaw of our world. You will come to care for it, even. There is a certain rhythm to life here which, once you get used to it, begins to take on a calming, bolstering aspect.
You will quickly come to feel the grey smell of mist and the rumbling, mechanical furor of this ship, of her body, as part of your own being.
I and President Levi expect much of you. Our towers and machines are ready.
We have a lot to do.
We have history to write.

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Steam Wars: Apoteos updated their cover photo.
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Hi all, yesterday we uploaded a MAJOR update to Steam Wars.
The update includes visual changes, new units and more levels amongst other things.

Try it out and let us know what you think!


(also, big news will soon be revealed...stay tuned!)

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Beta test instructions:

1. Click “Play Game” in the top right to reach the game.
***We will NOT spam your timeline with ANY messages from the game.***


2. To leave feedback, bug reports and suggested enhancements please visit our forums at
(simple registration, no email verification).

3. All active beta testers will be awarded a special hero character unavailable to all other users once the game is launched.

4. Apoteos is in “closed beta” in this case meaning that we will close for new registrations in case we get too many players. As beta testers you are free, and encouraged, to invite your friends to help test the game.

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Steam Wars: Apoteos added 6 new photos to the album: Art Teasers II.

Various icons used in the meta game.

New Version!

Release notes version

- New content available in the shop!...
- New difficulty level feature introduced in Multiplayer campaigns!
- First level in campaign have got new art together with masking for placement of towers!
- You can now browse your previous campaign screens in Multiplayer to replay matches on a different difficulty level.
- Minor graphic fixes of Hero page
- Bug fixed on Team page with long player names span over three rows
- Fixed bug in game with Heroes long range grenades not hitting the target when playing in 2x game speed.
- Fixed bug on multiplayer campaign page so it shows the correct level of your opponent
- Added icon to Hero menu if you have unused skill points for your current selected Hero.

Please visit our forum for bug reporting and general discussions about the game at

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