Here is the 3rd. This one is a hoot!
Stephen Fite Live on Facebook sharing some songs and ideas for Literacy.
Stephen Fite Live!

Well, this week has taken me out of semi-frigid Oklahoma to very warm Abilene, TX where I was able to view some beautiful bluebonnets along the way. Picture included below. The concert there was a blast and full of energy. I even had one school that was singing Superheroes of Knowledge louder than I was. Then it was back to Lawton, OK where the temperature had mysteriously rebounded to a very nice 88. The concerts there were great today and I was greeted with a wonderful bouquet of superhero chocolate bars made by the wonderful children of Geronimo Elementary in Geronimo, OK! What a SUPER TREAT which I'm sure will, in addition too many calories give me some amazing energy. Thanks to everyone who has come out the last couple of days to get your superhero on.

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Topeka and Wichita, KS were everything I've remembered them being from past shows; FULL of fun and energetic Children and Teachers with lots of enthusiasm and of course - SMILES! A huge shout out to everyone who came to the shows and made this week of the tour exceptional.

I do have to share that as I visited each venue this week and spoke with friends I've made over the years I am beginning to realize that my final tour is going to be a tough one. 20 plus years of becoming acquainted with certain cities and venues can make one a bit of a forward-thinker when contemplating the last time you'll ever perform on that stage. But we'll just put that thought in the back of the 'ol noggin as I'm hoping I have a few more years of energy left in the tanks.