When Andy, Briccy and Dan throw diwn against each other...

What a show down that would be... I realised I had never seen a picture of the three of them so I wandered into my local GW (Dublin). They were happy to ta
This tutorial will show you one of the techniques I use for painting a 40K power sword to get a cool glowing effect and OSL.
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Stepping Between Games is feeling rushed with Huw Ap Gwilym and 6 others.

Week three of #Dreadtober has rolled around! We are very near some completions already, although some (me) are lagging behind. Mainly as I took mine apart and went with a new fit.

The third week of Dreadtober has rolled around! We have a rush of activity, some people are in for the sprint rather than the marathon. For 2017 it even ha
Stepping Between Games is with Huw Ap Gwilym and 2 others.

The Death Guard have returned to plague Facebook and Stepping Between Games. tOther had unleashed Tyhpus!

Hey All, I’m back, with more Nurgley goodness than before! Last time I wrote for the site it was still months off 8th edition. With the advent of the 8th

So what are people's thoughts on Forge World's latest offering into Warhammer 40k? A super heavy Primaris tank.

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Stepping Between Games is with Huw Ap Gwilym and 6 others.

Hello again Facebook land! We are back to #Dreadtober and we have week two and some great progress to show off. All sorts of ideas teeming in the warp!

The second week of Dreadtober has rolled around! We have a rush of activity, some people are in for the sprint rather than the marathon. For 2017 it even h

The joys of Risk!

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History can make things awkward... Foil Arms and Hog

Stepping Between Games is with Huw Ap Gwilym and 3 others.

Our first post of Dreadtober 2017 amd we are off to the races... with a lot of sentinels and carnifexes.

Welcome back to Dreadtober! For 2017 it even has its own Dreadtober site. Todd, from Sincain 40K, is back to host this year. This is the third ye
Learn the techniques and tips for building wargaming miniatures. Covering topics like proper glue, the right tools for the job, sculpting, and kitbashing, this book goes in depth on many topics for…

Started laying down the yellows on my Iron Warriors Breachers. Two layers minimum to get an even look, might do a third... or fourth.

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Dreadtober is on the horizon!

Yeah, finally some Dreadtober news for 2017! TL;DR: it is happening, but Todd is hosting it this year! So get ready for Dreadtober 2017! As this is the third annual Dreadtober event, many of you have either participated or at least witnessed the challenge before. Last year I hosted almost 100 hobbyi...

So rapid fire battle cannons and punishers firing twice in the same phase? Combine this with units that can snipe characters, as basic troops. *tries not to be bothered by power creep*

Mordian armies are famed for their supreme discipline, forming unbreakable defensive ranks that can repel even the most dedicated assault. On the tabletop, Mordian armies now play true to their background, capable of waging warfare defensively while making deadly scalpel strikes against characters w...
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Puppets War


It is a long time since we run some contest. About time to change this situation. So, if You want to have a chance of winning 150EUR voucher for products ...from our webstore, here is an opportunity.

Write a short story describing background of Your favourite unit or faction from our webstore. Send it as coment here or via e-mail (

We will choose ONE story we like the most and its author will get a digital 150EUR worth voucher for buying products from our webstore.

We will announce the winner on Thursday and our verdict will be final.

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Well this seemed to work out. It was a nice change of pace. I really need better brushes though.

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Stepping Between Games is with Huw Ap Gwilym and Daniel Badnall-Neill.

A look at some of the new Death Guard pieces and more interesting to me some new terrain.

A new codex, a battlefield in a box, and four new models for the Death Guard – there’s loads to look forward to with next week’s pre-orders!

So I had a freebie mini from GW Dublin and thought I would try something a little brighter for a change.

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