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Ellie Selders
· June 26, 2014
I love to work out at this place they are so. Rey nice and it very piece full and relaxing
Molly Young
· January 20, 2015
St. Julian's Fitness has become my home away from home. The bright, open atmosphere gives me the energy I need to design and carry out amazing, fun and challenging workouts! Tom & Shirley are THE BEST!
JoLynn Perry
· March 13, 2015
A great place to workout! The owners care! Great equipment! Try it, you'll like it!
Ryan Olson
· April 20, 2015
Very dependable, well outfitted, and easy prices. Im here every day
Why do my muscles shake? Why do my muscles shake sometimes when I lift weights? Shaking is triggered by an increase in lactic acid and its your body's way of preventing you from injuring yourself. There is a certain amount of microtrauma that naturally occurs when you strength train. If your muscles are exhausted, they might twitch or shake. You'll notice it even more if your electrolyte levels are depleted, so stay hydrated before, during and after exercise.

We have retired and our Perrysburg location is closed... Visit Shane St. Julian in his new Fitness Center in Woodland Mall for all your fitness needs!

Metabolism Retraining Hint--Got Stress?

What do you do when your stressed? Chances are it isn't running. But exercise can be a great way to relieve stress, releasing endorphin which will improve your mood. The next time you feel stressed or tired, try doing an exercise you enjoy. When stress relief is linked to exercise, it is easy to regain the habit even after a leave of absence.