Screensaver test. Had to grab some extra software to make it work right on 3 monitors, im happy with it. System47 & UltraMon
Live from Pikes Market in Seattle, Washington
These Dreams

1st update from Oregon:

Well the move was a success for the most part. Unfortunately all broadcast equipment was left behind in Ohio due to logistic limitations. I'm hoping to have some of the equipment shipped here soon and to get back to producing and broadcasting again.

Until then i will be guest hosting on a few other shows and podcasts in the near future. As far as getting back to covering Star Trek Online there might be a chance to do that but it is not in the foreseeab...le future.

I hope everyone has had a good start to 2017 and its about to get more interesting for us here in the US.

More to come soon.

May you all Live Long and Prosper

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Dayton Ward

Friend Holly Amos, formerly of CBS Consumer Products and now kick-ass assistant producer at Puppet Master Games where she works on the still minty-fresh Star Tr...ek: Adversaries online game, has a favor to ask all the awesomeTrekkie friends out there:


Hi friends. I have a favor to ask. YouTube stipulates that anyone seeking a custom URL needs to have an account that is at least 30 days old and already have 100 followers. I'll be able to grab Adversaries' custom URL as of tomorrow (now TODAY), but because we're focused on getting the game polished as opposed to creating content, we only have half the followers we need. I'd be ever grateful if you could give the channel a follow so I can grab the custom URL. Thank you!


So, can anyone out there give Holly an assist?

(And yes, this is the person for whom "Lt. Holly Amos" was named in our Star Trek: Seekers novels. )

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Ready phasers and raise shields, as Puppet Master Games and CBS Interactive have introduced Star Trek: Adversaries, the first free-to-play online collectible...
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The visionary physicist died in his home near Cambridge University, where he did much of his ground-breaking work.

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The Star Trek TNG U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Bluetooth® Speaker features an engine noise emulator; LEDs in the engines, deflector dish, and saucer section; and sound effects. Have your calls routed to the captain's ready room with this speaker toda
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Trek Radio

We are sorry to report the passing of the Star Trek: The Next Generation guest star David Ogden Stiers.

As well as starring in M*A*S*H and in the Stagate franch...ise, along with a list of parts longer than most, he also guest starred as Timicin in the fourth season episode "Half a Life".

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David Odgen Stiers, best known for playing Maj. Charles Winchester on "M*A*S*H", has died after a battle with bladder cancer.
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Star Trek Online is playing Star Trek Online.

Remembering Leonard Nimoy today, and how lucky we were to get a chance to work with him. You're always in our hearts.

Wishing Stan Lee a speedy recovery!

According to new reports from TMZ, Stan Lee has been rushed to a hospital in California after [...]
Star Trek Online is celebrating eight years as the continuing story of the Star Trek Universe. Here's a special message from our executive producer Stephen Ricossa.
Excited about the newest episodes of Star Trek: Discovery? Now you can fly the ships and wield the weapons of Discovery, with our newest Lock Box!
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Posted by theCHIVE

We have the EXCLUSIVE Super Troopers 2 trailer drop with the guys from Broken Lizard right MEOW!

Aaron O'Brian shared a link to the group: Synthaholics Podcast.
After over a decade apart, the two owners of Star Trek may be coming back together.
Aaron O'Brian shared a link to the group: Synthaholics Podcast.
Wesley Crusher is depicted as a crying child in a custom-made Star Trek LEGO set, and Will Wheaton isn't happy about it.