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Barn kittens for sale!

We have officially sold all of our goat kids this season! I'm already planning for next year and am super excited! Also, have a couple goat milk herd shares available and lots of eggs...

Check out Cinnamon's udder this morning! We are in the process of weaning her boys. All she would let us have is 6 cups

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First time milking Opal as a second freshner! Let's see what she gives us!

These sisters had kittens at the same time! They are working together nursing all nine

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Things have been pretty quiet here and then bam! Here are some pictures from the last few months.

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April 17
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My favorite egg. It is olive in color with brown speckles.

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January 24
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January 20
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January 20
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Bee Tree Farm
January 12

This fall a woman sampled my feta at the farmers market, told me she thought it was delicious, then immediately balked at the (extremely reasonable) price. Her ...precise words were: "Who would pay that much for a chunk of cheese?" before wiping a crumb of my free sample from her mouth and walking away. I'm thinking of her today as I sit in this stall with my very best girl, my very first girl, who's struggling in late pregnancy. I was with her much of the night, in between my kids' naps and even while they were awake I've been with her, feeding, brushing, scratching, talking to her. I don't know the outcome of this little drama - I never know. I just know that the cost of what we do here is never accurately reflected in the price of our products. Next time you have the chance to talk to a dairy farmer, be kind. Know they likely slept little last night, hurt themselves today, loved something too much, lost something too precious. And they still managed to create something for you to eat. I love what I do while also dreading what it costs - physically, emotionally. For godssake, don't tell me we ask too much for what we work so hard to bring to your table.

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