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Megan Largent Carpenter
· February 11, 2018
I had SO MUCH fun! We were celebrating my birthday and all of the employees just made our experience that much more enjoyable! I found my new favorite bar in the Square! Great drinks, great prices, mix of people! I highly recommend it!! See More
Lili Bolintiam
· February 15, 2018
One of my favorite places on earth. Always feels like home, and a safe place to be yourself!
Dor Gnzls
· September 30, 2017
Nathen is a great bartender but music sucks. Wrong music for the crowd. I can go to #Nephews and hear the same music. The female DJ during pride played WAY better music.
Omar Lopez
· March 5, 2018
Karaoke was all kinds of messed up, go by the order it's very unsettling compared to most karaoke spots around. Didn't even get to do bad n boujee!!! �

Ginger Juelfs
· April 9, 2017
I love it so much. The drinks are good, the music is good. But it's the people that make it 5 stars. It is a safe place to be who you want to be. The drag shows are amazing as well. I always love out and showing support for my queens. But mostly, the feeling of being safe and able to be who I want is what makes me come back all the time. 😊 See More
Stephanie Rey Marshall
· April 18, 2016
This is absolutely my favorite bar on The Square! It has amazing music, the bar tenders are attentive/awesome, the entertainment is top notch, and environment/atmosphere is beautiful and welcoming! As... a straight slightly awkward eccentric Irish/Latin female I always felt like I would put up sort of a front at some of the other bars on the square. I felt like I had to force myself to fit in. Not at Stonewall. I immediately felt accepted. I let myself dance and have a good time without feeling judged! I got up on stage and had an amazing night! I felt free. I had been going there so often, especially for Karaoke Monday's that I was eventually offered the job of Karaoke Monday Hostess! I took the job in a heart beat! Ever since taking the job, I feel happier and confident. I have found out that I have a way with people. I knew I made friends really easy, but I also have a gift with helping others face their fears and find their inner singer/performer! It is a fulfilling feeling. I wouldn't have this without Stonewall and I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity and wonderful experience! Thank you so much for letting me into the family! See More
Mando Ramirez
· September 30, 2017
Can we please gay up the music a bit at the gay bar?! I mean I asked the DJ aka laptop and he said maybe later???
Jay Guerra
· July 23, 2017
My first time visiting and had an excellent time. A staff worker named Matt was extremely nice and made me feel welcomed. He thanked me for coming out and wanted to make sure I was having a good time.... Can't wait to visit again! Awesome people and great music. See More
Dillon Matthew
· March 20, 2016
It would have been better if that tall bartender was not so damn obnoxious.
Seeing him give a guy a drink half of it full of foam, guy asked him to fill it up. Which in pretty sure we all would do.
...Bartender put his hand in his face and said leave.
Plus I was charged 16 bucks for 1 small watery down drink. Remind u only been there for 10 minutes from the same bartender.
Other than that it was okay
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Spencer Folwell
· May 11, 2017
Always a good time...depending on the day, you can have an easy going night or a crazy dance party...bartenders and performers are always a blast and the music and drinks are always flowing!!
Kaureen Hartwick
· March 14, 2016
I just went here last Friday and I love it! The best bartenders!!! All of them were so nice and fun! This is my new bar of choice to go to because the atmosphere is comfortable and light. (Not pretent...ious and dirty like most of the other bars on the Square). Keep up the great work!!! See More
Tooie Leonard
· October 29, 2017
Great ownership, terrific staff, good drinks and stellar entertainment.
Maggie Mays Delamater
· August 4, 2016
This place has so much potential, hire better DJs please!! I want to hear gay anthems, disco, hottest pop music, etc., not the air horn Spring Breakers type music I can catch at Nephews or The Marc ev...ery night! See More
Amy Cheslyn Garland
· October 29, 2017
Not my scene, but enjoyed watching their take on Rocky Horror.
Dick Burdine
· April 8, 2017
San Marcos has needed this for years and now it has it. Take it from a 14 year veteran of this town if you appreciate love and history you need to drink here.
Lyndsey Martinez
· July 6, 2016
Stonewall is literally my favorite bar in San Marcos. I'd rather be here than anywhere else tbh. They have the BEST bartenders!!! Kristopher (with a K) always greets us with a smile and makes the most... incredible drinks. Can't wait for the next night spent at the best bad in Sam Marcos See More
Christi Elaine Long
· June 17, 2017
Tonight was packed it was a Friday. Immediately after the drag show the crowd quickly dispersed. But it was a fun time then the last even after more than half of the crowd left after the drag show.
Daniel Vargas Jr.
· January 31, 2016
One of the main reasons I go to this bar is it's the only gay bar in town and it's a place you feel at home! Not ever bar you go to can you feel like that and honestly this bar I can say I feel like I...'m home. Love the staff! Love the DJs and also love the GIRLS. Its the perfect place to be on any given night! Keep it up stonewall! Love ya! See More
Esper Hernandez
· October 2, 2016
It was my first time at Stonewall & I loved it! The atmosphere is great and it feels really welcoming! The bartenders are great, and I really loved the drag show. I will definitely be back!
Jordan Grace Johnson
· March 25, 2017
Awesome bar but the DJ's need to play some better dancing music. Not the jumping up and down like you're on acid junk
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Sat 11:00 PM CDTStonewall WarehouseSan Marcos, TX
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