Cyberbullying can range from embarrassing or cruel online posts or digital pictures, to online threats, harassment, and negative comments, STOP İT!
Harassment is unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature. It includes unwanted attention of a sexual nature that denigrates or ridicules or is intimidating. This may be physical, ranging from unwanted touching, groping or the invasion of personal space to sexual assault, rape or indecent exposure. Sexual harassment can be verbal and may include unwanted personal comments or sexual slurs, belittling, su...ggestive, lewd or abusive remarks, explicit ‘jokes’ or innuendo, and compromising invitations, including demands for sexual favours. Examples of non-verbal sexual harassment include: suggestive looks, leering, explicit gestures, sending sexually explicit emails,SMS, either in person or in writing.But our topic is related to online harassment.Because of the apparent anonymity provided by the Internet, people often behave in inappropriate ways. If you are being harassed online, the first thing to do is to tell the harasser to stop. If possible, save a copy of the harassing material, and your request that they stop. Do not communicate further with the person. If they do not stop, contact the Department of Campus Safety.ontact with a harasser is like a reward for his efforts, even if the contact is an angry outburst or simply telling the harasser to leave you alone, and it can increase the duration of the harassment. Stop responding phone calls, emails, or letters. Avoid displaying angry or fearful emotions in public when the harasser might be stalking you. If the harasser is an employee at your place of work, or a nearby neighbor, considering changing jobs or moving.
2.Notify the police after each incident of harassment. It can be difficult to prove that somebody is harassing you, so it's important to have a record with the police. Request a police report after every incident, not only the first one. Keep your own records, noting the date, time, and details of each incident as they happen.

3.Block the harasser's phone number, if you know it. You can do this by calling *60 to block the number. If you don't know the number, wait until the harasser calls you, then hang up and call *60 immediately afterwords. Use an answering machine or voicemail to screen calls. Also, get a second number and give it only to family and friends that you trust. Do not give this number to employers, banks, or any other establishment which may give the information out to others or keep public records.
4.Avoid posting personal information on the Internet. Make sure any online profiles are locked to allow only friends to see the information. Never invite anyone you don't know personally as a friend on an online community site, and never post your location, address, or phone number on a profILE.
Here my mission is to stop harassment online,i want to stop people not to harass each other.People are harassing each other mostly through facebook because everyone is there meant to say all types of people are there.So we don't have to trust anyone he/she might be fake........
True Facts:
- 4 men in the last month have sexually harassed me through Facebook

- 3 women in the last year have verbally harassed me and have threatened me through Facebook

- I ended up giving threats back to people and hurting people through Facebook in retaliation

- On the news, a young girl commited suicide because she was being harassed on Facebook

- Another young girl commited suicide because she was being harassed on Facebook AND MySpace

- All you have to do is google "Harassment on Facebook" and you will see for yourself!


Help save a life tomorrow from committing suicide because he/she can't take being harassed anymore.

Even your own children may be victims... don't you want to save them?

I want all facebook users to help Stop Harassment on Facebook!

PLEASE HELP..................
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