On Monday, April 23, 2018 at 7pm we will be recording the next edition of the Stormdar Weather Podcast LIVE ON FACEBOOK.

We will be broadcasting the making of the Stormdar Weather Podcast right here for you to see. The bonus for you will be this: We will be taking questions live and incorporating into the podcast!


So join us live tomorrow night and see how we make the podcast. Your question just might be answered!

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We haven’t had a lot of rain in Southwest MO just yet. However, the Tulsa radar is showing the Low that will be responsible for a lot more sky water overnight. The Low will meander Eastward and combine with a Low Level Jet that will be kicking in here in a little bit. When that happens then rain will be more more widespread, rather than the scattered variety we’ve had tonight.
Those interesting clouds are ahead of that system approaching the area. The Northern part of it about ready to move into the Miami, OK area and Fayetteville, AR is about ready to get some good rainfall as well. We don't detect much lightning in this batch and the only places we see it is way down in Southeastern OK. So, this will be a nice soaking rain for much of us. General consensus is still between 1 and 1.5 inches here in Branson. Onset times are general at this point so the best we can say is "this evening" that it will be moving into Branson. The leading line is about ready to move into extreme Southwest MO but the slow Eastward movement will take a few hours to actually get here. Hope everyone has their rain gauges out! We'd love to hear totals from around the area on Monday.
The clouds in Northeast Oklahoma look very ominous today. I (Corey) am in Miami visiting family. We have the rain gauge ready! No severe weather is expected as this line of rain moves into Missouri.