Today’s order has paid all the expenses for the second story from my Story-Based CLIL project.
Hooray! Finally, I can have a reward for my hard work.
Hopefully, the remaining stories will follow soon.
How many of them are there…?

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It's always sad to read that there is hunger for materials that are free. I'm sorry that I can't offer free materials - I've spent last six years sitting over them, 12 hours a day / 7 days a week. And I've spent a fortune paying musicians to make songs out of my ideas, singers to sing them; speakers to read stories, chants and rhymes, vocabulary and listening exercises; recording studios to record everything; artists to make pictures; native speakers of English to "polish" my... clumsy translations - only 2 stories have paid off so far, out of 14, which means I'm a big sponsor of my story materials.
Sometimes I can offer something free - this is a song and a game from my latest story material - The Farmer in the Dell. Enjoy, try, share with others, let me know how it works, however, if you want a recording or a karaoke, or 7 more songs and 8 rhymes and chants, 2 stories and HUNDREDS of printables, games, picture cards, mathematical-logical tasks, fine-motor-skills sheets, try to purchase them from here (click for English):

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Little Red Riding Hood
Silly Chick
Today I had a talk at YLT SIG IATEFL web conference. It was recorded, however, it will be available to IATEFL members only. Quite a few people asked me to share my presentation, so, here it is! However, that's the only way to post it on FB, so enjoy! And if you like the story, don't forget you can get it from my e-shop (I inserted the link in the video).