Happy Thursday, lovelies! Here’s a throwback Thursday post of a previous throwback Thursday post! (How meta!) This is a video of me paging through a completed watercolor journal as the sun was shining brightly in my striped studio. I’m excited to be back in my striped studio soon! Hope you have a great day, and take the time to do something that makes you happy! . #Illustratorinminneapolis #watercolor #painting #patterns #makingitupasigo #handbookwatercolorjournal #illustration #pattern
Hello, lovelies! Happy Tuesday! I just picked up the printed invitations and I love how they turned out, so I thought I’d share them with you. I have too much unpacking to do to be able to make something new today, but I look forward to painting in my striped studio and at my favorite places around the Twin Cities very soon! I hope you have a lovely day. Remember to take the time to do something that makes you happy!
Throwback Thursday once again! The sunlight is streaming into my studio, so I thought I'd page through my most recently completed watercolor journal. I am really missing painting patterns into my book, so I hope I will have more time to do so very soon! Until then, I've got some fun projects to wrap up... (There is one page in this book that is a painting of the view from Artist's Point in Yellowstone National Park and also a page of random doodles as I was trying out some ideas and painting my cat... . #throwbackthursday #tbt #handbookwatercolorjournal #pattern #paintings #illustratorinminneapolis #stripedpearstudio #lookingback #patterns #makingitupasigo

And I added some shading details to the birds and flowers with colored pencils. I like the way the colored pencils pick up the texture of the paper. Swipe to see some close-ups. Have a good one, lovelies!

I used a staedtler pigment liner to add eyes, legs, and beaks to the birdies. Swipe to see the other side of the full spread. I’m loving working on this right now. It is so bright and colorful, and it feels so good to paint. I hope you take the time to do something that you really enjoy today!

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