Adrienne Faulkner unlocked the next level in our kickstarter! We are at 75%! Here's an exclusive video! John Wildman interviewing Gabriel Horn.

We are taking down this facebook so go to the official facebook page for updates!

Alas, a whole new facebook page. Like this one for new updates. We'll likely be updating both pages over the next few months until we see you all move.

LADIES OF THE HOUSE IS NOW ON iTunes, YouTube, AmazonVOD, GooglePlay, XBox, VUDU, VerizonFIOS, COX, Charter On Demand, SuddenLink, Mediacom, Insight, etc

Michelle Sinclair as Ginger

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So we got a name change, but I can't figure out how to change it here...or even if I can. We're trapped in a FB username!

Directed by John Stuart Wildman. With Farah White, Melodie Sisk, Brina Palencia, Belladonna. STRIPPED is post-feminist horror, following the events surrounding a birthday outing with two brothers and a friend which turns into a horrific fight for survival after they become trapped in a house with a…

Hey Stephen. We're right here.

Are the rumors true? Is picture locked? :0 Stay tuned to find out!

Crystal Zea. Brains. Beauty. Talent. Grit. Most important, a mind that claims a significant spot in in the STRIPPED family.

Blue Foundation song 'Eyes on Fire' edited with segments from Takashi Miike's film 'Audition' I'll seek you out, Filet you alive One more word and you won't ...
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Agora Dallas is with Justina Walford and 11 others at AgorA Entertainment Partners.

Agora and Stripped in the Dallas Morning News today

STRIPPED Dallas and AgorA Entertainment Partners

The creators want to challenge the conventions of horror — and say their work could only be done locally.

True love comes from the inside.

Is it really so wrong?

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Your project has been successfully funded!

Thank you, fans. We'll do you proud!

Carla Stockton kicks in with 7 hours to go! Thanks, Carla!

Everyone, we have emailed all $25+ backers a rough film clip. If you are a $25+ who didn't get that email, please tell us here or at Kickstarter and we'll send it over.

After a real night of sleep, we get to thank some people!

Tobias Fleischer, Christina Marouda, Jose Sauceda, Charlie, Ginny Smith! We are so grateful! Every dollar (including that above goal) goes into post-production. We are going to make this a beautiful film!

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