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Jessica A. Forrester
· February 27, 2014
I have been a member of this great parish for 25 years. Not only is this a wonderful place to receive spiritual food and growth and also receive an awesome word from our very own Fr. Donaldson every s...unday, but our members are more than my fellow parishioners. They are part of my extended family. How lucky am I! See More
Baba Azizi
· December 20, 2014
I came to play the (african ) djembe drum for a dance teacher at the Church about 5 years ago, and the spirit of love of the people, took me, and that's all i remember,still playing the drums at the c...hurch today, giving and getting the spirited love. See More
Jean Puckerin
· December 16, 2014
I go to the church sometimes, I understand the ceremony,I understand because Fr. Donaldson breaks it down for you he even use his Jamaica accent. He has a connection with his congregation like I have ...ever seen before, like he was born to do what he does. Can't wait for the new church. Ps.I didn't know that he had so many accomplishments. Keep up the good work, we stand with you. See More
Dave EDwards
· June 3, 2015
It is the place where I can say Jesus, Lord Jesus or Jesus Christ and people won't look at me funny or run away from me.
Peggy Adamson
· January 10, 2015
A family church led by the dynamic Rev Donaldson a place where warmth and love is felt as you enter . As a visitor I was made to feel like a regular , and the daily posting are food from heaven.
Pauline Dixon
· June 11, 2014
It is a place where all are welcome .To come and feel the love, and worship .And also listen to the words of God preached by a blessed and dynamic rector Amen.
Pauline Myrie Rossi
· April 7, 2014
Beautiful little Church that reminds you so much of back home; friendly, warm & hospitable. We have one of the most Spiritually driven Prist. Proud to call him Jamaica's son!
Penny Allen Grinage
· March 4, 2014
A great small church with the heart and love of a big church!
Patrick Eastmond
· March 5, 2014
God fearing parishioners, warm and family orientated, awesome priest....knowledgeable, well intuned with his flock and a great leader
Lauren Diaz
· March 31, 2014
This a wonderful place to worship! The sermons continue to help me with my spiritual growth.
Linda McMillan
· January 12, 2015
I was a member since I was 10 months old and I will miss the old building, but, a new one is necessary. Love to all the members.
Chris Edghill
· December 13, 2015
St Stephen and St Martin Church is my Church home!
Joan Eastmond
· August 20, 2014
I enjoy going to church and I have a comfortable mind for the whole week
Great is thy faithfulness
A year ago she sang with her mother and they blew us away. Today she sings by herself, mom taken away by death. But listen to the amazing voice of Jacqueline Williams
A Mighty Fortress is our God

Take it from me, you are never too broken to be restored. In spite of what you or anyone else might think, God is in the restoration business. He takes great pleasure in providing rest and refreshment for our bodies and souls. He is on hand all the time, to allow us to dump our junk and keep on moving. Like a strategically placed “Rest Stop” on the highway, God is constantly available to provide relief and renewal from our discomfort. You may choose to drive by the “Rest Stop”, but you do it at your own peril.

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When God forgives us for our sins, he literally obliterates all evidence of it. In essence, there is no more record of it; he doesn’t keep it to blackmail, cajole or make us feel guilty. In other words, God is giving us another chance to get things right. We can choose to carry around the burden of guilt or we can live according to the freedom and accept his forgiveness as complete. We are all encouraged to experience the fullness of God’s forgiveness, not through any lens of condemnation or judgement, but rather through his merciful and loving arms.

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