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About Stuart
  • About Me.... I am 6' 1" 180 pounds and Still Single! HOBBIES and INTERESTS,Head Start/United Way and HabaJax Volunteer, Art, Boy Scouts, Photography, Racquetball, Rollerblading, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Snow Skiing, Sex, Surfing and Travel! I was born in a small town in the Pacific Northwestwith Hi Morals, Values, Integrity and I Don’t Drink, Smoke or Do Drugs well I do smoke Cigars!

    I was born Stuart Wayne Heltne Sunday, January 23rd, 1966 Richland, Washington at The Kadlec Medical Center! Our family my dad Glenn Jay Heltne, my mom Janet Rose Heltne my brother the oldest Gregory Jay Heltne and Sisters Crystal Collin Heltne, Mary Ann Heltne and I am the Baby! My dad was a Sergeant First Class E7 in the Army the highest rank is E9 retired 20 years.

    In 1970 we move to Texarkana, Texas The Red River Army Depot. In September of 1975 we moved back starting in the forth grade at Lewis Clark Elementary! My dad went to Fort Riley Kansas. There was a school play I was in my Father missed it by one week. Glenn Jay Heltne Died March 05th, 1978 at 42 years old I was twelve years old. In Texas at nine years old I stole a pack of Pall Mall Bare Butts of my dad’s dresser and was drinking before that. After his death I started using drugs and alcohol even heavier.

    With the Camaro parties every weekend names like Big Stu and King of Dope Slope. At sixteen years old I met a girl named Dawn Annette Crozier my girlfriend the first time we had sex she became pregnant. A Father at seventeen to Stephen Wesley Heltne October 8th, 1983 a beautiful baby yet we split she became married and moved to Seattle. At thirty six I am a Grandfather our family goes by initials GJH SWH. I was named after my uncle Stuart Walton Hall. I graduated a year late in 1985 missing a class. Seeing my friends from forth grade brought tears to my eyes. Our school motto Sex is Great Schools a Bore we’re the Class of 84! Graduating late was better for me I went from C’s D’s to A’s and B’s! Then went to Columbia Basin College September 1986 with honors an Applied Science Degree in Welding Technology graduating in June 1988 and American Welding Society, CBC Chapter President! At 19 years old on October 11th, 1985 at Coco’s Lounge I met a woman Susan Stewart married August 8th, 1987 divorced summer of 1989 and now I am still SINGLE.

    My mother Janet Rose Heltne Died June 28th, 1992 selling our home of 23 years at 307 Abert… be grateful for your parents. At 24 years old on April 16th 1990 I was court ordered into two years of outpatient treatment no more drugs and alcohol then quit smoking at 25 years old 16 years! I moved to Portland, Oregon September 1990 there for four years a stepping stone to move to Florida in November 1994! I love to travel working for American Airlines for four and a half years I have been from Seattle to St Croix, Cocoa Beach, Denver, Jacksonville Beach, Key West, Lake Tahoe, Los Alamos, Miami, New Orleans, Saint Petersburg Florida, San Antonio, San Diego and driving coast to coast twice take the back road what a Beautiful Country! Now I have a surfboard and roller blades. I am going to have my own home built in Daytona Beach and by back our home at 307 Abert!

    Thanks God Bless!

    Stuart Heltne
Favorite Quotes
  • Stand for something or fall for anything!