Boku no Hero - Careless Whisper
Love Live - Snow Halation [Cosplay Dance PV] feat. DIVA Cosplay & Kirisaki HQ Video :
Guess who we were lucky enough to meet over the weekend? There's a special message waiting for all of you! We didn't have our gear with us that time so pardon the quality. Also, remember to watch in HD!!


Collaboration with Rikka Blurhound for this shoot! Night fell too quickly and we couldn't get many shots, but overall still turned out well.

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Upcoming videos(coming soon, sorry for the delay ;A;):
- Kyoukai no Kanata Dance Cover
- LLSIF Dance Cover
- PAM Compilation Video

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Project Fate/Stay Night Music: David Eman - Aftermath Saber by Rikka Blurhound ( Photography by Naneee?(

-Born to make History

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When the mood is set, and you have to edit anyway...Without further ado, here's the cosplay video for ANIMANGAKI 2017! Please enjoy, like & share!

Music : NICO - Girl Meets Boy (LYAR Remix) Animangaki is back again this year! The event had been extremely packed, and it was immensely tough to shoot indoo...

Join Ballare 2017 if you'd like to dance along with some ikemen wwwwww. On the side note, lots of dance videos coming along in the next few weeks, wait for it!

Greetings dear guests,
We hope your week has been wonderful. As you may know, our registration has opened recently and we do hope you have sent in your registra...tion. To start off our promotion, here is a little teaser.

- ⟢ ✣ ⟣ -
For more information, feel free to email us at or PM us at our page Chateau
To book your tickets, please head down to the link below:

note: It is one guest per registration. There will be no set seating for this event so feel free to get your friends to register.
- ⟢ ✣ ⟣ -

Credit to KC & Cat from Studio Omoshiroi

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Here's a little teaser to kick start Ballare 2017. For more information, feel free to email us at or PM us at our page Chateau http...


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Police on duty! Are you all good citizens today~ *v*
Who is on the wanted list~ Is it blackwatch? Is it you?
You will be under arrest if you... are~ 💙

Love, by Mo 夜沙
Photo by Studio Omoshiroi

OK lmao idk what caption i should put really haha, really liked how the photo turned out despite this being a quick shoot! Shooting with natural light is good! 💙
On a side note, what is your favourite skin in overwatch?
I got so many want-to-dos on my wishlist man; would love to do palanquin also when i have time to make the cos~ busy days ahead TvT

Have a great day ahead~ 💙

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June 9, 2017


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June 6th - Marie Rose's Birthday !

She has so many cute costumes ahhh
I wish to cosplay more of Marie Rose ;3;


Also, thank you for all the kind feedback on my previous video for my Ranko giveaway! //// Some of the winners have yet to get back to me to claim their gifts! I might try to tag them instead if that's the case.

. . .
Marie Rose
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade

Photography by Studio Omoshiroi
Assist by Momo & Mo 夜沙

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May 31, 2017

01 - Preview

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Ballare will be back this year! Stay tuned~

Greetings dear guests,

Here’s a little throwback for all who came last year! We hope you all had fun and gain some good memories in our previous Ballare. For t...hose who did not manage to attend, here’s a brief look on what Ballare is about!

Big credits to our videographer Studio Omoshiroi for the lovely video. For more of their amazing works please feel free to check out the page

More news on the upcoming event soon!

Team of Chateau

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Editor Note : Hara steals husbandos Song: The Century - Slow Dance Night

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[Light of Dreams]

It's been a long time since i did a concept shoot, hope u like this.

Do you dream dreams? ...
Book are portal of dreams, and lights are magic.

Photography by Studio Omoshiroi
OC by Mo 夜沙

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Light of Wisdom by Mo 夜沙

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Recent shoot with Chinnie!

Chinnie漆尼* added 9 new photos to the album: <dioRamA>.

dolls in a diorama
what do we fight for?

Nier:A's story gives me a diorama vibe,especially after knowing the truth behind everything, i feel like the androids a...nd machines are like dolls in a makeshift story set,thus the album name *just my personal interpretation* I might return to this album in the future to edit more, when i have more inspiration ;v; because i still have many photos that i like, but its a bit hard for me to *not* look like kaneki ken here hahaha,pardon if i look fierce... I TRIED!!!! ..... meanwhile looking forward to shoot with 2B-san and A2!!

oh yeah.. this is the shoot where i discovered a thing called 4fingers chicken..i can never go back lol!!!!!!!
Thanks KC for the shoot and nice photos ;v; and Xan for the company haha and Shinku for the props!

#YoRHa No.9 Type S / Chinnie
Photo by / Studio Omoshiroi

#9S #nier #automata #nierautomata #cosplay

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Hello! We're back with an overly overdue video from last year's photoshoot of Boku no Hero Academia! Please enjoy wwwwwwwwww

Overdue video from our photoshoot in 2016; now released in commemoration for the 2nd season of Boku no Hero Academia! Much feels from the 1st episode qvq Son...