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Within a milieu where the interior design of a home often implies a surfeit of surface finishing’s and embellishment, the Birch Ply House takes a conscious step to form an abode of calm and restraint through an extreme paring down of the palette to a few basic materials.
The first is Birch Plywood that in its raw, exposed form is used in various capacities from door and window shutters to jambs and handles, from fixed furniture elements, partitions and storage units to screen...s, table tops, drawers and beds. With edges left raw and exposed, with a sealing coat of clear matte oil, the plywood creates a sense of a warm yet spare home monolithic in formation yet delicate in its articulation.
The sense of seamlessness continues with the other major material element - the concrete floor that unifies the apartment and forms the second part of the material backdrop against which the lives of inhabitants of the home would play out against.
The configuration of the house was freed from the rigid tyranny of the heavy masonry walls that existed earlier and spaces slid around to enable greater utility as well as a sense of an expanded space. Other elements such as hanging light fixtures in concrete, the specially sourced vintage toggle light switches and the monolithic marble wash basins work with the overall sense of a home and add little moments of incident that stand out against the monolithic material palette and enrich its experience.
The Birch Ply Home is a gentle counterpoint to normative trends of residential interior design and is a humble attempt to craft a home with a great sense of rootedness and timeless appeal from a material palette that is a simple and limited with a studious avoidance of all forms of artifice.

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Today is a big day for our small practice. SML / Studio Mahek Lalan wins Honourable Mention and has stood 6th in the world at the recently concluded Tiny House International Design Competition. We are one of the 2 teams to be in the top 6 in the world from India. Collaborated on this project with the super Pranali Patel

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An album for physical working models which we use as a tool to communicate with clients,consultants,contractors and for design reference in the studio for future projects. Most of these are built to explore light,scale and clarify spaces and relationships.

Thank You India Art n Design for featuring our project.
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With the premium on land within the city of Mumbai, space is in constant churn – with efforts made to develop an optimum balance of efficiency for functions that are evolutionary and in constant flux. The office space for an innovative technology company that approached us came with a similarly complex set of requirements. The company worked within a structure with most of the machinery within and an open space all around and needed to upgrade the space for its office personn...

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Al-Aziz Office
Interface_Cabins & Staff Area
Picture - Sebastian Zachariah | Photographix

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19 X 12 House
From a physical model to a built form.
Operations - Modules_stack&rotate/stepback
Status - Under Construction

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Al-Aziz Office // Pinched Roof // Cabins

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Shift & Dislocate

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A compact meeting and conferencing space for a client in the textile industry built on the idea of the ‘drape’ as a performative background to the space being used. The same operations that produce a billowing drape were applied onto the wall surface allowing it to take various forms based on the functional demands on the surface. Thus the wall moves fluidly from a space for the users to engage with, to sit (bench), to view (television) and to store (wardrobe) within its maximum total depth of eighteen inches. Each ‘strand’ of this fabric wall surface is made up of two hundred, eleven-feet-high unique CNC-cut MDF sections, stacked together along the length of the wall. The construction process as in many of our projects was a design-build effort involving the use of digital tools for design and detailing, CNC routing and assemblage.

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Drape Office

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'4 Point Table' on DzineTrip !

The ‘4 Point Table’ is an innovative furniture design developed by Mumbai-based multidisciplinary design studio SML Architects in collaboration with local metal fabricators. An improbably poised piece, the ‘4 Point Table’ is a furniture piece that through a methodology of deft folds and discreet str…
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September 6, 2015

An improbably poised piece, the ‘4 Point Table’ is a furniture piece that through a methodology of deft folds and discreet structural framing enables worktop surfaces that require a minimal footprint. The design develops on the idea of equipoise, with material selection allowing a sleekness and slenderness of overall form. This table has been developed in collaboration with local metal fabricators and involved multiple digital and physical scaled models to achieve optimum material sections and structural stability.
Photos : Photographix india

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July 19, 2015