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February 15
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Running an online business is not always *glam* 6 figure launches, after parties and champagne. A lot of it is mundane work that you just have to repeat day in and day out. Consistency is a KEY factor to your long term success.


This came as a complete surprise!

Yesterday, I got a message from Omar Martin asking for my Paypal email address. It turned out that I made it on the Top 10 affiliate leader board for Copy Paste commissions and he had some prize money to send me! I actually wasn't even trying to get on the leader-board but I got 8th place.

Thanks to all my customers who grabbed this cool product. And thanks Omar and Michael Cheney for putting together a great product.

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If Internet marketing was an Olympic sport...

Who would take the Gold?

Who could make the most money in the shortest amount of time?


Is it the E-com people?

Is it the Facebook T-shirt gurus?

Is it the JVzoo product launch guys?

Is it the CPA guys?

The answer is:

It doesn't matter what industry or 'business model' you're doing.

It's the guy who has the TRAFFIC that is going to take home
the gold at the end of the day.

If you can get traffic on demand, and lots of it,
you can make money fast.

And how do you get traffic when you want it?

Easy. An email list.

My buddy and coach told me that having an email list
is like having free advertising for life.

Email list building is what all the big players are doing.

The Usain Bolts of Internet marketing.. all have email lists.

That's how they can make big money literally overnight.

Follow me for a ton of traffic and list building tips.

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Email Subject Line Writing Tip:

There are usually two types of email subject line that I like to use.

1. The clear-as-day, no-trickery, 'this is what I have' subject line. The reader knows what they're going to read about before they open the email.


I would use this when there is important information like "New Updates" or "Your login details".

2. The other is the 'stirrer' type subject line. I say 'stirrer'' because I like to stir up their curiosity with a non-descriptive, luring subject line. For example, one I wrote the other day was "IM isn't hard.. but it is when you do this" . When they read the 'this' int he subject line, they really have no idea what 'this' is referring to, so they have to open the email to learn what 'this' actually is.

I find that you need to use both types of email subject lines - so your readers don't get accustomed and blind to your emails. I guess the key is to become un-predictable, to keep them interested.

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The Magic Recipe for Making Sales

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you can sell anything to anyone. That is REALLY hard.

You've got to keep the your promotions perfectly in line with the niche you're building your list in.


E.G. A medical/health product won't convert with people looking
to make money online.

Selling only works when you've got the right offer at the right time, to the right crowd.

#marketingtips #onlinemarketing #sales #magicrecipe #emailmarketingtips #marketing

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Are old marketing tactics dead?

E.G. Is list building dead?

I was asked this question a little while ago by a customer....
List building: although it has been getting beating in recent years, it still works like crazy if you do it right.

The big thing is engagement.

You can't be a silent, faceless person online anymore.

You have to be engaging as a person. You have to listen and provide answers.

If you can give that to your list, your list will be a gold mine for as long as you keep it up.

#marketingtips #listbuildingtips #emailmarketingtips #onlinebusiness #marketing #emailmarketing #copywriting #success

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Small favor!

I'm in the process of revamping the site over at

But I want to add some fresh testimonials on the front page and sales page.


If you'd like to add your face, website address and message to my site hit reply and send. (don't forget to attach a photo of your mug!)

It will help both of us! (exposure for you, credibility for me)

Thanks in advance.

Talk soon!


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BIG TIP: Launching a product that is 60% 'perfect' is better than launching nothing at all.

I'm a serious horsepower/car fan. Drifting, rally, drag racing.. anything with lotsa power and noise! Now I'd love to build a mega drift machine with 1000hp, wide body and full roll cage etc. But that would take a LOONG time and lots (too much) of dough. Instead, I will settle for a car that drifts OK now and improve it bit by bit.

The same thinking can be applied to business. You mi...ght want to create a record-breaking video course.. and be saving up to buy the best camera and software.. and then get the best looking website.. and professional web copy.

But what if you got it 'good enough' and just launched it anyway?

Launch version 1 now.

Work on version 2 while Ver 1. makes you money!!

Roll it out the door asap. Good enough is good enough. You feel me?

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Are you doing Solo ads wrong? Solo ads are a fast and affordable way to get traffic. But there are some caveats you need to be aware of before you go crazy with solo ads. I made a short training video on Solo ad basics and Must-Do's. Check it out on my blog…/

Solo ads are one of the fastest ways to build your own email list and make money on the net.They’ve been at the top of my favorite ‘go-to’ methods for gett…

Free Training Video (Part 3) : How to Set up A Membership Site On Wordpress Using A Free Plugin…/

Zaxaa provides a free membership plugin for wordpress. See how easy and quick it is to build and run a professional membership site using it.
(for part 1 and 2, scroll down and click on Part 1)

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Free training: How to Start a Digital Product business in 30 minutes or less using Zaxaa.…/

This is part 1 of a mini-series of free training videos. Part 2 is already up too and I will be releasing more parts over the next few days.

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Should you....
A) Try to make as much money as you can NOW?
B) Work for less money now but get paid for YEARS to come?
I'm interested to hear which you want...

Just made a new video about how to get free advertising and traffic with the Leads Leap widget. For the full review of Leads Leap 2.0, check it out on my blog here…/

Watch how to install the Leads Leap widget on your WP blog (or other site) to earn you free advertising. Join Leads leap Here: http://www.stuartstirlingonlin...

Need traffic & leads? Here's a resource that I've been using for several years. The results speak for themselves. Check out my blog write-up..

Leads Leap is one of the rare, long-time Advertising resources for Internet marketers which has become better and better over the years.I’ve been a happy me…

Don't know what kind of domain name is best? Need ideas?
A quick checklist....

Choose a domain name that, either....
a) is the name of your product ...
b) describes the niche you're in (keyword rich)
c) is a very unique name that can become your brand
d) your actual name (or pen name) if YOU want to be the brand..
e) is .COM or your local extension e.g. .COM.AU
f) is NOT infringing on copyrights

Are there any I've missed? Feel free to add them below...

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