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Shoutout to our executive members Eunice Choi and Tina Hai for helping host the IBM Watson Workshop with Sudo and helping teach students at QGIC how to use Wat...son APIs and learn more about Machine Learning.

Check out Queen's Global Innovation Conference - QGIC on Facebook here and for anyone that wants to reference today's materials check out the powerpoint and cheatsheet from today below:

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"Some are well-known, some should be better known, and others might still be considered up-and-coming in their industries. Nevertheless, they have all contributed to the STEM fields in novel ways."…

Here's a short list of black innovators who have paved the way for innovation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

"A firm believer in education and in her mother’s advice “You can be anything you want to be, but you have to work at it,” Easley was very dedicated in her outreach efforts at NASA. She not only participated in school tutoring programs but was a very active participant in the speaker’s bureau—telling students about NASA’s work and inspiring especially female and minority students to consider STEM careers."

Annie Easley had never heard of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) when she read an article about twin sisters who were “human computers” at the Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory in Cleveland, Ohio.

"In an effort to shake up our imaginations and break through more roadblocks, we present five women who don’t just work in some of the world’s most innovative fields–they excel in them."

There's only a few spots left for our workshop next week! Learn how to use code to analyze data, and add a new programming language to your resume. Beginners welcome!

Make sure you register on EventBrite if you plan to attend:

Join us for the next event in our Women's Coding Workshop series! This workshop will be lead by Jeff Stafford, and is offered in partnership with Innovate Kingston. In this workshop, we’ll cover the basics of Data Science using the launguage R. No previous programming experience is required for th...

Today is International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Here in Canada we have some amazing role models in STEM, check out this amazing article that talks about some of Canada's unsung female heroes!…

Canada's female scientists are superstars in their fields yet most Canadians have never heard of them. On International Day for Women in Science, it's time to give them the recognition they deserve.
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Sat 12:00 PM ESTInnovate KingstonKingston, ON, Canada
Networking · 120 people

So excited to host a workshop with QHacks tonight! Take a break and get a quick intro to SASS from the Sudo team 💻🎉

See you at 8:30pm in room 254 of Goodwin Hall!

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Syntatically Awesome Style Sheets

Best of luck to everyone at QHacks 2018!

If you need a break tomorrow, check out our workshop on SASS (8:30pm on Saturday, in room 254 of Goodwin Hall) 💻👍📢

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We can’t wait for the 3 days ahead. Stay up to date this weekend by following us on social media:

Twitter: @qhacks18...
Instagram: @qhacks18
Snapchat: @QHacks2018

We’ll also have a livestream available for our friends at home.

Get pumped - see you soon! 🎉

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Sudo is a Not-For-Profit based out of Kingston. Much like the command, the community of Sudo has a mission to create sudoers out of the women of Kingston, them to install new technical skills, update any existing skills, and access a community built to empower. Check out all available workshops and volunteer opportunities:

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Through hosting free monthly meet-ups and workshops, Sudo strives to build an energetic and welcoming community of coders to support the women of Kingston in improving their technical skills.

"The venue, co-founded by Sarah Al-Dosary in December 2016, is a symbol of women in a repressive environment finding ways to express themselves through creativity and entrepreneurialism."

This makerspace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, holds all the features you'd expect to find in a normal shop, minus one: men.

"... investors tended to describe young male entrepreneurs as "promising," whereas young female founders were considered "inexperienced."

The result? Female founders get less funding
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January 20

Can't wait for our workshop at Queen's Global Innovation Conference - QGIC tomorrow! 💻🎉

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January 12

Due to weather conditions tonight and tomorrow morning, we're postponing our Designing Your Website workshop to Saturday January 20th. There are still spaces available to register!

Sat 12:00 PM ESTInnovate KingstonKingston, ON, Canada
Networking · 116 people
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January 12

'Designing Your Website' is coming up tomorrow!

Sat 12:00 PM ESTInnovate KingstonKingston, ON, Canada
Networking · 116 people
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Last night I presented about "Bilaterally Symmetrical Robot Programming" at the Kingston Tech Night. Take a look at the presentation here:…/bilaterally-symmetrical-robot-p…/

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January 8

Get ready for Kingston Tech tomorrow night!

Tue 7:30 PM ESTSir John's Public HouseKingston, ON, Canada
Networking · 185 people