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{National Diabetes Month} Did you know that 29 million Americans have diabetes? Did you know that Kevin + Ivori are 2 of the 29 million and have been fighting Type 2 diabetes since 2012? November is National Diabetes Month and on Sunday, October 30th, The Warren Community Cares Foundation, a 501(c)(3) will partner with Ivori Nicole Events and Rev Cycle Studio for “Care Cycle Control,” a charity event to increase awareness about the importance and benefits of diabetes control through an indoor hip-hop spin class, and kick off, Diabetes Awareness Month.

The {link} to secure your seat is posted in the comments section. Hope that you will come out and support this worthy cause! #IvoriNicoleEvents #WarrenCommunityCaresFoundation #WarrenCaresCycle #PrettyGirlWithDiabetes #iAmOneOfThe29Million

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Things that make me cry...THIS! My thighs have turned into pin cushions for the 50 units of Levemir (extended release insulin) that I have to take at night. This stings and leaves huge knots. The NovoLog (insulin) that I take daily before each meal (the units very depending on where my blood sugar rates above the goal and amt of carbs in the meal) can still be administered in my abdomen. While it may sting, it doesn't leave knots and hurt as bad...Ugh! #iHATEdiabetes #iREALLYHATEdiabetes #iHATEinsulin #FIGHTingDiabetes #RedStrider

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{the life of a pretty girl with diabetes} Welp! Not only am I up to taking 36 units of Levemir insulin nightly, along w/750 mg of Metformin in the morning, I am now adding 5 units of NovoLog insulin to my regimen after every meal...oh joy! This shyt is for the damn birds! #iHATEdiabetes #RedStrider #Metformin #Insulin #InsulinDependent #Levemir #NovoLog #iHATEneedles

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{the life of a pretty girl with diabetes} What day is it? It's poke myself twice Sunday! This ish hurts and stings like hell...ugh! #iHATEdiabetes #injections #bydureon #insulin #levemir #type2 #RedStrider

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{the life of a pretty girl with diabetes} last night was a hell of a night! Administered 2 needles (one of which made me scream b/c it hurt not only going in, but b/c the med had a "kick") and took the pill. Blood glucose last night was 310 and this morning 188. #mylife #iHATEdiabetes #LIVINGwithandFIGHTINGdiabetes #redstrider

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{the life of a pretty girl with diabetes} after my appt w/my new Endocrinologist today (whom I really like), I am feeling some kinda way! I feel like that scared 35 y/o who laid in the ER bed in tears as she was told she had diabetes and was being admitted to the hospital. For the past 2 (almost 3) years, I could say that insulin was not apart of my regimen, but that ended today. As of today, I am on 850 mg of Metformin, 2 mg of Bydureon (a once weekly shot) and 20 units of L...evemir (insulin). She stopped me from using Invokana and I may have to increase my insulin shots to 4x's a day (I am so not looking forward to that). I can admit that due to stress I completely fell off the wagon and now I gotta get myself back in gear. Something's I will have to cut out of my life, although I may want to do them. I am 37 and my body isn't allowing me to be "superwoman" anymore (or at least right now). I am TRYING not to give up and stay positive, but #LIVINGwithandFIGHTINGdiabetes is HARD! #iHATEdiabetes #iAmtired #iCANNOTgiveup #thisishard #redstrider

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{the life of a pretty girl with diabetes} This pic was taken earlier this evening when I was attempting to smile through the pain, but admitting that I needed to use my lovely pink kane if I wanted to walk as I am in EXCRUCIATING PAIN due to gout (I swear I thought that this too was on "old person" disease). This lovely pain is caused by increased uric acid in my blood (a side effect of the guinea pig medicine I am taking - Invokana a.k.a. Canagliflozin).

Some of the other s...ide effects for both men and women of this new class of type 2 diabetes medication (approved by the FDA in 2013) that takes an innovative approach to managing blood sugar levels and assisting with weight loss include: frequent urination due to excess sugar passing through the urine after the kidneys filter it from the blood; urinary tract infection; yeast infections; hypotension (low blood pressure); nausea; increase in LDL cholesterol; and decrease in kidney function.

Needless to say, I will NOT be taking this med tomorrow! I have an appt w/my new Endocrinologist on Friday and she is going to have to take a new approach to treating me b/c this chic is done w/this med!

#intears #tired #tryingnottogiveup #iHATEdiabetes #Redstrider

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{the life of a pretty girl with diabetes} day 2 of being a guinea pig...Metformin + Invokana = THE DEVIL!!! I am sick to my stomach, have no energy and honestly ready to turn myself in to the ER for a shot of insulin and maybe an overnight stay. The bright side is that my blood glucose has dropped to the high 100's, which means this mess is working. #LIVINGandFIGHTINGdiabetes #diabetesisNOTfortheweak #redstrider

{the life of a pretty girl with diabetes} so, for the past month or so, I've been just a tad ill as my hemoglobin A1C is 10.3 (shouldn't be over 6) and my blood glucose has been in the high 200's (often times in the 300 and 400's). Needless to say, I am ducking the ER out b/c I know that I will become an occupant. I went to the doctors almost 2 weeks ago and she lowered my Metformin dosage, but added another medication to my regimen (pictured). However, I have been scared to ...take it as I feel like a guinea pig. I have never heard of it, nor do I fully understand what it will do to help. Oh, the side effects are making me give it a serious side eye too! Metformin and I already don't get along, so I am a tad skeptical on how this is going to work...ugh! I trust my doctor, so I guess I just need to go ahead and take this... #LIVINGwithandFIGHTINGdiabetes #redstrider #tiredofbeingsick

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{the life of a pretty girl with diabetes} Welp, after being a personal pin cushion 6 times, I finally found out my A1C. What is it you ask? well, ummmm...10.6! It should not be over 6. So this + stress = NO BUENO! I'll be maintaining my current meds, but adding 1 more...Lord, give me strength! #LIVING #FIGHTING #diabetes #redstrider #thedevilisaliar

:: {the life of a pretty girl with diabetes} Do you know your ABC's? As November is Diabetes Awareness month, I wanted to increase your awareness + share with you the ABC's of diabetes...

A // Hemoglobin A1C
Your A1C shows you what your blood glucose has been over the last three months. The A1C goal for many people is below 7. High blood glucose levels can harm your heart and blood vessels, kidneys, feet, and eyes.


B // Blood Pressure
The blood pressure goal for most people with diabetes is below 140/90. It may be different for you. Ask what your physician what your goal should be.

C // Cholesterol
LDL or “bad” cholesterol can build up and clog your blood vessels. It can cause a heart attack or a stroke. HDL or “good” cholesterol helps remove cholesterol from your blood vessels. Ask what your physician what your cholesterol numbers should be.
#LIVINGwithandFIGHTINGdiabetes #redstrider #diabetesawareness

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{the life of a pretty girl with diabetes} while I am FREE from jury duty, I have turned myself back in to finish getting blood work done. Lord, I am NOT allowing 5 sticks this time...NO WAY! My body better do it's part and the phlebotomist better get it right! I REFUSE to have have this happen to me again... #LIVINGwithandFIGHTINGdiabetes #redstrider

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{the life of a pretty girl with diabetes} FCUK DIABETES! I mean that from the bottom of my heart! Went to get my blood drawn as it's time that I get back on track and sitting in my car in tears. Was stuck 5, yup 1-2-3-4-5, F-I-V-E damn times (2x's in left hand, 2x's in left arm and once in right arm) and either the vein rolled or my blood clotted. What does that mean? It means they got NOTHING and I have to come back in the morning...Ugh! This is NOT my ministry, this hurts, I'm already stressed and don't need to add this to my list... #tryingtoLIVEandFIGHT #redstrider