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Ronni Mansker
· April 13, 2018
My son and I have gone to this zoo repeatedly since he was 6 weeks old. It is sad to see or favorites pass away (we really miss Bob the tiger!) But we are thankful that there is a zoo so close to the ...#1 veterinary zoo in the United States, so that these animals can get the very best treatment!

We have only ever had positive experiences. The scenery is beautiful, so even in winter when fewer animals can be seen, we still enjoy the exercise.

It is located on the side of a hill, with plenty of trees. Sometimes you can hear the animals long before you can see them and it makes for an exciting adventure!

We love this zoo and will be back again!!!
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Melissa Johnston
· March 23, 2018
We enjoyed our time and the zoo itself was a nice experience, but for the price you pay, it would have been nice to see more animals. Still would recommend it as it a smaller zoo in comparison. for those with young children. See More
Crystal Gould
· August 12, 2017
We liked how you could get closer to the animals than a lot of other zoos but even with the map it was hard to figure out where you were. I don't recommend this zoo for people that can't do a lot of w...alking or handle step terrain.
While I liked the zoo, my daughter I and were disappointed that you couldn't see the tiger and that concessions wasn't open.
The poor otter kept running around his enclosure crying. Perhaps if he had shone playmates he wouldn't be so lonely.
All that said, the admission was reasonable and the gift shop was nice. If I was in the area again I would probably return but I will not drive almost an hour again to come.
Also: bring insect repellant. My daughter and I were eaten up by mosquitos.
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Jasmine Salvatierra Maas
· October 6, 2017
The playground was the biggest hit. Plenty of seating and peacocks strutting around. The lay out is a little confusing not sure if that was due to construction. Plenty of shade while you walk from exhibit to another. See More
Amanda Ravenstein
· March 18, 2018
Beautiful Zoo! My family and I made our first trip to this zoo and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We WILL be back!
Sonya Clayton
· March 26, 2017
New to the area and we visited sunset zoo for the first time the other day. Very impressed! Not a huge zoo but I've been to bigger that weren't as impressive. All the animals were visible and most wer...e actively involved and happy to see us. Very happy with variety of animals to see and how close up you can get. Can't wait to go back ! See More
Amanda Van Zlike
· October 30, 2016
The Zoo needs a lot of work. Part of the zoo has been blocked off and their is no sign of construction to fix it. I would love to see more animals and more educational stuff at the viewing areas to and stuff. The Halloween zoo event was ok it was very crowded and seemed more like info for parents then trick or treating for the kids. My son loves animals so we go a lot but I would like to see more and make it worth the money and time See More
Jalena Hood
· August 10, 2017
It is a quaint little zoo. I just wish there were more animals in their enclosures. It's a nice little getaway for a hour and a half to two hours. The concession stand is reasonable, as is the entrance fee.
Laura Ruben
· June 16, 2017
Not happy with the experience at the zoo. Yes it is a small zoo but that means that you should have it in tip top shape in my opinion. You could not go down to see the tiger and there was not a lot of... animals to see. There was like one or two of everything there which makes it hard on the animals because they get lonely. There was an otter that I felt so bad for because he was the only one and cried the whole time. I really feel bad for the animals and hope that they start to make changes to make it more enjoyable for the kids. See More
Lori Onstad
· April 23, 2017
My family had a great time. Earth Day celebration. Was great fun for adults and kids. Not a big zoo, but just right for little ones, not so overwhelming. Alot of renovation going on, but that means fu...ture progress. Love the low admission price. We could afford to spring for children, spouses and grandchild at a reasonable price, and spend time together! See More
Brooke Haynie Keeling
· May 12, 2017
I brought my mother and 3 younger children to the zoo Tuesday and the visit started off well with the Peacocks being the first thing we saw. So beautiful with their wings spread:) As we walked aroun...d there were some signs up of animals being sick so we could not see them and due to new regulations you can no longer feed the animals in the petting zoo portion of the zoo. My kids were not happy between the two. Yet we still enjoyed ourselves until we saw a teenage boy running and screaming. He was holding his arm and saying, "they are chasing me!" My mother, children, and I were not sure what was going on and decided to find the exit to go into the gift shop. As we were walking, it hit me that the boy was probably stung. I told everyone to walk quickly, but then I turned to my mom and she says I just got stung on the mouth! I saw a zoo keeper coming to tend to her, so I told my children to run.... My son and I cold hear the bees swarming around us, I tried to stay calm and we continued to run. We made it to the gift shop, then my daughter yelled they are on you mommy. I then panicked since I am allergic! Yelling for the staff to get the bees off of my, they were in my hair. about 7 minutes later a staff member found the bee and removed it from my hair(which I am very grateful for). My mom flew out yesterday and realized last night the stinger was still in where she got stung. The bee hive needs to be removed from the zoo to the outer parts of the facility. We will most likely not be back. Very traumatizing for all of us. See More
Brian Aden
· June 21, 2017
Very nice zoo with a diverse collection of animals. Grounds and exhibits are well maintained and cared for. Wish the concessions stand would've been open when we were there so we could've had lunch at... the zoo, but overall a great experience. See More
Arin Bratt
· March 10, 2017
I actually think this is my favorite zoo in the world. Not huge, but some good stuff and you get to get close and in a peaceful atmosphere. If I lived nearby I would be a member and go to the zoo to r...ead with the wallabies. See More
Bridgette Beck Kells
· February 12, 2016
Excellent facility! My husband and I had our first date here and also held our wedding ceremony and reception here. We love visiting and seeing the animals and can't wait to bring our little girl here...! For a city as small as Manhattan, this zoo far exceeds all my expectations! See More
Scott May
· November 28, 2015
Our family loves this place! Topeka zoo pass gets you in for free, and you are allowed to bring in outside food to have a picnic in their awesome picnic/play area! We always have a great time!
Paul Keck
· January 26, 2018
Really enjoyed this zoo was fun to visit hope we move to Kansas
Kristina Van Horn Cook
· April 29, 2015
Best place in town to have a wedding! Thank you so much to Courtney and the rest of the Zoo staff for all your help on our wedding day. The peacocks were especially cheerful and I can't wait to see al...l the animals in our photos. :) See More
Ashley Kelso
· August 4, 2015
It's small but a nice way to spend a Sunday with the kids without having to drive far away. Employees are great and they try to hold lots of different events throughout the year. Totally worth the season pass
Steph M Pitchford
· December 18, 2016
We are always at this zoo and love it. Just had a party this weekend for my son and they were amazing. Jimmy was so patient and a great host even in subzero temperatures for us. I had multiple friend...s asking how to set up parties here after their experience. Thanks so much! We are going to become yearly members. See More
Mariah Marie Chaput
· April 9, 2015
Went while my boyfriend was at work. Had fun seeing the animals. Was quite sad that the cheetah and tiger had both recently died, but the fact that they tell you why the animal isn't on exhibit is rea...lly nice. Also, the fact that they are looking into getting a new tiger and cheetah soon is nice, as well. Will definitely go back!! See More
Talk Like a Flamingo
This morning was extra special for the chimpanzee troop. The youngest, Koto, celebrated his 3rd birthday!
We think Thursdays are better with a cute red panda video. #adorbs

Sunset Zoo would like to invite you to participate in a feedback and input session regarding Sunset Zoo’s new Master Plan at 6:00pm on April 12th at Sunset Zoo NEC.

Working with Zoo Advisors and GMLV Architecture, Sunset Zoo staff has been working for several months to map out the next 30 years at Sunset Zoo. This plan includes growth of the park, animal collection, special events, conservation efforts, revenue opportunities, and more.

The session will consist of a presenta...tion of the plan, a Q&A session, and public comment session.

Sunset Zoo values your feedback and participation as we work to plan and prepare for the next 30 years of Sunset Zoo!

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Thu 6:00 PM CDTSunset ZooManhattan, KS

Science on Tap is a free, monthly gathering at Manhattan's Tallgrass Tap House, featuring public discussion on engaging science topics.

AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage, and FamilyTree DNA are all services that people can use to trace their genetic heritage and also shine light on genetic health risks and traits. Some form of DNA is put in a tube, sent to a lab, and a few weeks later results show up in the mail, showing someone where they come from to health risks they... may be vulnerable too. Tools very similar to what these services use for humans have also been developed for cattle and are used every day to help cattle producers select better animals. At this month’s Science on Tap Dr. Megan Rolf, Assistant Professor in the Animal Sciences and Industry Department, will cover how genomics are used for genetic improvement in livestock. So instead of 23andMe, think 23andMoo.

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Wed 7:00 PM CDTTallgrass Tap HouseManhattan, KS