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Sara Bush Drinane
· March 20, 2018
Dallas and his crew are great! They are upgrading our sound system. We are so excited and pleased.
Sky Jump
We had just finished repairing a few problems at our client's home in Snowmass and getting ready to head home when lightning struck nearby. That is "bad" because several items were damaged,but at the same time "good" as we are here to fix the problems. Nate is using same day service from Fedex to send the parts and we are on a trip to Denver to pick them up. Going through Independence Pass put us through narrow portions of the road with very steep inclines on one side and rock wall on the other. See attached video!
Just completed Lutron shade programming and installation. Very cool!

2017 was the worst year in the history of cable tv! Lots of people are cutting the cord!…/millions-flee-pay-tv-revenue…

The latest from three separate research organizations reveals traditional pay-TV is in decline

Here is Supercalibrations recently completed family/media room system. James Loudspeakers are utlilized for Left,Center and Right channels while a custom Supercalibrations subwoofer is built into the beautiful walnut cabinet below. Nad Master Series electronics providing the power and surround decoding. Sounds and looks great!

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Supercalibrations Annual CES Show Update!

Sony is showing off at their huge CES show booth with a prototype of an 8k 85" flat panel!! For you nerds out there it has 10,000 nits of brightness. No tone mapping for HDR. Wow! What picture quality! Unfortunately it is years away

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Made it to the CES show in Las Vegas! The usual big crowds are on hand. More photos to come!

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All confirmed for my annual sojourn to Las Vegas for the CES show! Going to be there on January 11th and 12th. Will be posting from the show and provide a CES show newsletter update shortly after returning. Should be fun!!

Supercalibrations tip for Comcast subscribers: Be sure to check and see if there are any promotions available for your account. When you call Comcast be sure to mention "bundle" and "loyalty". I just changed my internet service to include basic cable and HBO and the price per month went from $71 to $54 (all taxes and fees included)per month.
Each account's status is different so you have to call to go through the process. It is important to note that the "deal" only lasts one year,so you should put a note on your calendar to call and make sure you either go back to the earlier price, not a higher price including the additional "bundle". You might be offered a new "deal". A bit of game playing,but saving a couple hundred bucks for the year would not be uncommon.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Supercalibrations!

A lot of new audio amplifier designs have gone the light weight high efficiency Class D route. They can sound great,but there is always a bit of remaining distortion to complain about. New design from Holland is set to improve class D significantly and the cost won't be too high. It would seem Class D is about to jump to reference quality with Axign topology included. Can't wait to audition when available late next year.

I am cutting the cord! Going to try it out anyway. Youtubetv is around $38 a month with tax and provides the Twins/Timberwolves and Wild games that dominate my viewing interests. That is almost 1/3rd of what I was paying for Directv. The picture quality is a bit lower than what I was used to,but close enough and will probably improve.
A good friend of mine was going to do the same thing,but ended up negotiating with Directv to get a package with channels he likes for around $42, so it might make sense for anyone reading this to complain(mention Sling or Youtubetv) to Directv (or cable) and see if they can lower their rate. Post a response to this post if you have any luck! I will post more as I continue to experiment.

Watch live TV from 40+ networks including local sports and news. Record your programs with no storage space limits. No cable box required. Cancel anytime. TRY IT FREE!

Supercalibrations Annual CEDIA Show Update!

Just finished updating a 20 year old TV/fireplace to the latest generation of video and fireplace tech. The integration of a new Sony 75" 4k tv,Supercalibrations custom loudspeakers and Valor fireplace really came out well!

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Everyone likes to place their tv above a fireplace.Unfortunately, this puts the set much too high for comfortable viewing. Enter Mantelmount with a device that allows lowering the flat panel to a more appropriate height. Pictured is a motorized version, but they also provide lower cost manual versions as well. From CEDIA expo 2017!

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Taking a quick class on Dirac Room Equalization this morning at CEDIA. Being a nerd at heart and really liking good music reproduction this course is fascinating!

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Sony's new projector line up at CEDIA 2017! Breakthrough low price for 4k projection this year starting at $5000. Also the laser technology found in their $60,000 flagship is now found in a smaller model and priced at $25,000. I am going to have to figure out how to get a laser projector my house!!!

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