Richard Sturt to No Hate in our State Rally

The theme of their rally is “setting the record straight,” so as painful as it is, we need to correct their misguided notions about the flag and the confederacy.... I suggest making signs with quotes on them from prominent Confederates, the articles of secession, or other verified sources that truly set the record straight. Below are some quotes I’ve dug up that you’re free to use.
Additionally, please bring any white flags you have to symbolize the true flag of the confederacy, surrender. Or any confederate battle flag you have that you aren’t overly emotionally attached to.

•”As a people we are fighting to maintain the heavenly ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause.”- William Thompson, creator of the confederate flag.

•”The South with great unanimity declared her purpose to resist the principle of prohibition to the last extremity.”- Georgia articles of secession

•”Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery-- the greatest material interest of the world.”- Mississippi articles of secession

•”The North advocates negro equality, socially and politically, and promotes insurrection and incendiarism in our midst.”- Mississippi articles of secession

•”A blow at slavery is a blow at commerce and civilization.”- Mississippi articles of secession

•”Slavery, the very source of our existence, the greatest blessing both for Master & Slave that could have been bestowed upon us."- Confederate General Ramseur

•”There is not a respectable system of civilization known to history whose foundations were not laid in the institution of domestic slavery."- Senator Hunter (VA)

•”African slavery is the corner-stone of the industrial, social, and political fabric of the South.”
•”We of the South contend that slavery is right, and that this is a confederate Republic of sovereign States."-Congressman Keitt (SC) January 25, 1860

•”The question of Slavery is the rock upon which the Old Government split: it is the cause of secession."- GT Yelverton to the Alabama Secession Convention January 25th 1861.

•”The Ordinance of Secession rests, in a great measure, upon our assertion of a right to enslave the African race.” John Tyler Morgan to the Alabama Secession Convention January 25th 1861.

•”No slave in this State shall be emancipated by any act done to take effect in this State, or any other country." (This is the entire text of Article IV, Section 1)- Alabama Constitution of 1861.

•”If slavery is to be abolished then I take no more interest in our fight. The justification of slavery in the South is the inferiority of the negro."-Confederate General Clement Stevens

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