I miss mucking around in Dubai
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Class is over but I can't help myself :)

If you're in Minsk this place is awesome. Don't be in Minsk and not manage to visit here 🙏😁

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Shifu Yan Lei

The Buddha said that it’s our mind which makes our world. The mind is the source of all our experience. It’s not our eyes that see but our mind. It’s not our to...ngue that tastes but our mind. Our mind is truly powerful. Neurological scientists have found that our mind is pliable. Repeated experience can change the way our brain works. The point of meditation is to change the mental habits that cause us unhappiness. Through retraining our mind, our brain can develop new neuronal connections so that we move beyond anxiety and pain to happiness and peace. Meditation is a very simple exercise in resting the natural state of our mind. We focus on our breath ( sometimes it's a mantra or a koan but breath is the easiest) and when a thought or feeling comes up, we neither reject or accept it, we simply let the experience pass. This place of stillness and peace is what the Buddha called our true home. It's our inner gold. Click on the link for my full article

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Great opportunity if you're in East Sussex

Sat 10:00 AM UTCEastbourne Yoga SpaceEastbourne, United Kingdom
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Hot Yoga might not be quite as beneficial as some people think.…/abstract;jsessionid=4EB8B3….

We have previously documented improvements in endothelium‐dependent vasodilation with a Bikram (hot) yoga intervention in middle‐aged adults. Presently, the effect of environmental temperature in hot yoga...

Look after your SI joints. Don't over stress them in asymmetric Asana.

Seskin Kelly

Finally figured out where my siatic pain is coming from. I have a SI joint injury on my right side. Thinking back I think I can trace the injury to being adjust...ed in Marichyasana D. Sure enough others (Kino McGregor too) have injured themselves in deeply asymmetrical poses. Ironic that I have injured myself more often in yoga than kickboxing and aerial.…/si-joint-new-insights…

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Happy New year beautiful spirits let's count our blessings and make 2018 amazing ❤️🙏

Seskin Kelly

‘Ratridevi cover me now with

A hem of your garment

Dim Chandras piercing gaze

Give me, please, peaceful rest


until your sister approaches

and sets the birds singing of

her radiant smile.’

– 08/12/14. Egypt on the occasion of the years last full moon.

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A lot of people who go to yoga classes are not really interested in yoga. At least, not in the sense of being seriously committed and willing to take on a radical inquiry into the nature of being, and having the courage to manifest what is discovered in attitudes and actions. Most folks just want

This. So much. Move, dance, bounce, invert, whatever you do, sit less!!!…/what-everybody-should-know-ab…/

Visit the post for more.

But you have to get started...

He can also perform a headstand and other movements that would make elite gymnasts proud

This is for all my yoga friends, be they teachers or students, don't strive for perfection but rather understanding

Join Anatomy master Stu Girling as he interviews Maty Ezraty. Maty speaks about her approach to Ashtanga, The differences between the Iyengar and Ashtanga tr...


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Yoga with Eva is with Simon Bolton and 5 others.

Just opened the new OM Yoga magazine and look who's there 😎loved this class packed with yoga teacher friends in summer! 💖🙏🏼💖

Old but genius and with the swearing taken out. Super quick summary of some good reasons why being vegan is not a problem for your health and directly reduces animal suffering. I know the yoga community has different opinions on the meaning of ahimsa but *personally* it includes not taking action, whenever I can, to not end the life of an animal.

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Comedy Central UK

"Nuts, beans, tofu, seeds, quinoa, lentils, hemp and peas." 👊


Some great insights into getting your yoga on at home.

Cultivating a home yoga practice


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Posted by Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

Do yoga with your dog they say. It'll be fun they say.

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The 'Side warrior posture' (Virabhadrasana B or Parsva virabhadrasana) has archery as its main martial application. My son and I just did a really great worksho...p with Bow Master Lars Richter where he helped us craft our own traditional long bows.

When you practice archery you can really see why Sri BKS Iyengar taught this pose the way he did to us. When you draw the bow string back in this ‘Side warrior posture’ before releasing your arrow, you get the best power if you move your pulling arm from your core (the Kanda in India and Dantien in China) to rotate (twist) your spine to the right even though your head and feet are pointing to the left. In other words make your core rotate to the right, as shown in this photo, to lead the pulling arm to the right and initiate its movement. This means you need to move from you core and not lock your core (or simple tense your abdomen) with the exhalation muscles as so many people tend to do.

This method of rotating the spine opposite to the head and feet direction might seem counter intuitive to some people but it is exactly how Sri BKS Iyengar taught me this posture decades ago how most internal martial arts work.

This rotation of the spine in the opposite direction to the legs in the ‘Side warrior’ is also what is meant to be being done postures such as the ‘Triangle posture’ (Trikonasana) and the the 'Side angle posture' (Parsvakonasana). In all three postures the thigh of the right leg (assuming it is the rear leg) is meant to be trying to rotate towards the left side while the spine should be trying to rotate to the right side and this is what frees the sacro-iliac join in the hip of the rear leg, strengthens the knee joints and gives power to the trunk and arms.

Many people don't realise that many of the physical postures in yoga were originally part of the martial arts.

Back to the gentle yoga of archery. Once you have drawn back your arrow do drishti (gazing) at your target with both eyes open to collect the data to do the sub-mental trigonometry to calculate location and distance to the target. Then breathe with your diaphragm into your abdomen to calm you, even though your abdomen will be firm to touch from moving into the posture in the way I have described. Then simply relax, and release, and let the force be with you!

Thanks to Lars for a great two days of brilliant tuition and guidance in Long bow making and Archery. It was one of the most bonding things I have ever done with my son.

I love working with information like this and I would love to share more of it at a deeper level. You can do this by joining our live or online training.

We have three online courses with which all contain a lot of information and which can be done in any order at ...

The first online course is the most sequence orientated is our course called
'Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for practicing or teaching Yoga’. You will learn how to teach yourself or other people how to do safe, accessible and effective posture, movement and breathing for strength, flexibility, internal energy and longevity, with a comprehensive ashtanga vinyasa-based practice developed with the understanding of the body that that Bianca Machliss and I have acquired as physiotherapists and yoga teachers. It is available at ...…/advanced-yoga-fundamentals-onlin…/

The second online course is the most theoretical course is on the ‘Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga' that gives to the key to how to get the best effects from any series of posture, movement and breathing at ...…/anatomy-physiology-yoga-online-c…/

The third online course is the most practical and useful for most people and it is on the Therapeutic Applications of Posture, Movement and Breathing', also referred to as 'Yoga Therapy’ available at ...

#yogasynergy #yogaanatomy #yogaphilosophy #breathpower #yogaphysiology #corestability #warrior #archery

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Striking distance from Hassocks in UK? This should be amazing

Sat 9:30 AM UTCDitchling Village HallHassocks, United Kingdom
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