How a Service Dog Buys Socks
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Watch SSD Rupee practice self control at meal time! All of our dogs are trained to sit when they see their handler holding a food bowl. They must then remain sitting until their handler releases them with an "okay." In the video, Rupee heard an "okay" from another puppy raiser, but quickly realized it wasn't for him. Good job, Rupee!
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Jennifer Lee
· June 7, 2017
This organization is filled with caring, professional, and experienced staff and volunteers. The dogs are treated with love and respect and they have the best training to ensure that the new human par...tners are prepared to welcome their new canine partners into their lives. This is the best organization for service dogs, PAWS down!!!!! See More
Marian Lombardi Sanphy
· June 7, 2016
SSD has been a part of my life for 18 years. They have provided me with two great partners. After many wonderful years with SSD Forest who passed away in 2011
I was partner with SSD Newman in 2015. W...ith his special training as a balance dog I can leave my crutches at home and confidently get out and about. Newman and I depend on each other for many things but most of all we just enjoy being together.
I am so grateful for all who have dedicated their time, expertises, and love to help make all of this possible.
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Élise Rodgers
· June 8, 2015
My SSD Burke is a medical alert and response dog raised and trained by the outstanding, knowledge, dedicated volunteers and staff of Susquehanna Service Dogs. Since September of 2008 he has been savin...g my life daily. He helped me achieve 3 college majors, a post college certificate, has made it possible to peruse a job, and helped me get my medications changed to reduce my symptoms. He even traveled with me to Europe to work with me there - He was even the first Service Dog to work in NATO Headquarters, Belgium! See More
Kristine Reidell Linville
· January 4, 2017
I have been puppy hugging for about 3 years. There is no better therapy in the world! Love it, love it, love it. Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, and pups are well taken care of and loved.
Sharon Harabin Cannon
· October 7, 2016
I have been puppy hugging for about 3 years. I could be having the worst day at work and nothing brightens it up better than hugging those puppies after work. I hope to become involved in other volu...nteer activities for SSD when I retire and have more time. See More
Sharon Geib
· January 27, 2017
Yesterday was my first time puppy hugging. I absolutely loved it! What an awesome experience. The puppies were so adorable and loveable and very well taken care of. The staff was very nice and knowl...edge. I look forward to doing it again. I can't wait! See More
Mary Migala
· November 10, 2016
When I lost my pet after 13 years, I swore I would never have another dog. But after a puppy hugging event with SSD, I thought that being a “puppy sitter” would be a great opportunity to contribute to... the community.

When I went to the class, though, I was strongly encouraged by SSD staff to be a raiser, rather than just a sitter. They were in great need of people to raise pups. I was very hesitant, unsure of my ability to raise a service dog successfully. But everyone at SSD assured me that I would have plenty of instruction and support. I decided to be a raiser.

I was matched with Jackie, a black lab. I was amazed at how quickly she learned. She was patient when waiting for her food, came when I called her, learned the sit and down cues, and eagerly chased a ball and brought it back to me. All of this within the first three weeks! During that time, she also had trips to the grocery store, the doctor’s office, and even a ride on the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway. On each outing, she was perfect!

After only 2 puppy classes, I was blindsided by a call from the director, Pam, telling me that they were taking Jackie away from me and placing her with a “more experienced” raiser. I was stunned. Her reason? Jackie's habit of biting at things....her leash, my clothes, my shoes, etc.

I had discussed this issue with SSD a couple of times, seeking advice on how to correct her. Becky told me this was a fairly common thing with puppies, to just “put her in her crate” when she wouldn't play nice. So I had done as advised. When I told Becky it meant she was spending a lot of time in her crate, she said that was fine. But now, it was suddenly a very big deal.

I was so stunned and upset that I didn't even plead my case. So I called Pam back. I explained that we had made so much progress in a short time, and that I didn’t understand how after only 2 puppy classes, with different instructors each time, they were making the decision to place Jackie with someone else. I told her about my plan deal with Jackie's energy (which I had already begun). She then went on to explain to me that “Jackie was also having trouble with loose-leash walking” (a skill that takes MONTHS to learn) and that one of the instructors said that I was touching Jackie too much and causing her stress.

I admit that I did love to pet her, but no one ever told me not to do that, or to do anything different from what I was doing.

I was devastated. I offered to take any extra help they could give me, go to class early, stay late, whatever it took. I was invested. I wanted to be successful and I wanted to be part of Jackie’s success when she was paired with someone. I was refused. They “don't have the resources to provide that level of support to a raiser.” (direct quote).

Seriously? How does SSD think that they are going to attract and keep raisers if they can’t even provide feedback and coaching to newbies like me? How do they expect people to learn if they don’t give them the feedback and coaching they need to be successful?

If you are considering volunteering for SSD, think very carefully before making a decision. While they may make it seem like you will have a network of supporters helping you become an experienced raiser, you won't.
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Kathryn Gingrich
· March 31, 2017
I have a service dog in training and last fall she was bit by one of SSD's dogs hard enough that she screamed and he pulled her off my lap. Instead of getting him off of her, his handler just laughed.... When I called SSD to report what happened they said they would look into the matter, but he is still in training and I still see him around. He also attacked my friend's service dog twice and she's now afraid of labs because of him. Beyond that, most of the time when I see SSDs out in public they are pulling and lunging. I watched one handler pick up a roughly six month old dog because she could not get him under control while they were out. At this point, when I see SSD vests, I steer as far clear as I can. See More
Payton Lescalleet
· July 24, 2015
I have a susquehanna service dog name sadie I have had her a long time this year I will b a seinor in high school sadie is for autism I love her she is my best friend
Diane Olson
· September 10, 2016
I am a volunteer for SSD, as a puppy hugger and love coming here as often as I can. I started with the F litter. They do an excellent job of raising and training the dogs.
Amy Anderson
· December 19, 2014
We have a ssd Named Patsy, From country music litter she is 9 now and my son who has autism (high functioning ) could not live without her. We love Susquehanna Service .. THANKYOU everyone for all you...r hard work ... Sincerely Anderson family See More
Ray Lee
· November 5, 2016
can someone from this group pm i have some things to ask thank u
Jessica Colaniro Eckenrode
· October 7, 2016
Came for a visit to hug some puppies! What a great time! Can't wait to do it again!
Deb Lay
· July 22, 2014
Pretty amazing to see these dogs start at 8 weeks of age and get their training right on up to working with a partner. Kudos to everyone, but especially the puppy trainers.
Erica Guest
· July 23, 2016
I can't wait for to get one I really hope the dog well help me out
Marie Gonzalez
· April 30, 2015
I had a great interview today! Such amazing people and dogs :)
Amy Scribner Patterson
· February 11, 2017
If you have a child with a disability DONT work with this organization EVER!! We went through the application process for over a year and a half after SSD accepted us. They put my 10 year old (8 at ap...plication) through therapy sessions that WE PAID FOR along with multiple 6 hour trips one way to meet with this organization and the Make A Wish Foundation was all ready to pay for the cost of the dog (5K) when out of the blue and no fault of myself or my child they DROPPED US WITHOUT WARNING! They didnt even tell us but merely sent us a cowardly letter!!!! A year and a half (actually almost two years from the time of application) of our lives being strung along thinking all we were waiting on was a final match!! They never even came to our home!!!! They told us they couldn't find anyone to do it and we lived in one of the top neighborhoods in the area and had a beautiful home. They agreed to take us on and told us from the beginning that they may not be able to find a dog right away and we understood about the wait. MAke A Wish was stunned they backed out and never even bothered to tell them!!!! Who does that to a seriously ill child! My son was devastated and became clinically depressed over this agency and their lack of concern towards my family and the financial burdens they put on us and had NO problems taking the fundraising money my boys sold lemonade to raise for SSD OR the money for the therapy sessions! My son made it through the last session and all of a sudden we were out!!! Disgusting! NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS with these people! They are USING families with disabilities like mine! Thankfully Make A Wish secured a service dog (an incredible black lab named Max) for my son just a few months later but not after a river of tears from a very sick heartbroken little boy!!!! We went the extra mile for this organization and followed every task they asked of us and had ZERO warning when we were dropped!!! No matter what the reason if you intend to drop a family for some absurd reason then you need to let them know at the beginning of the process NOT almost TWO YEARS LATER and hundreds of dollars already paid! The money donated through my boys fundraiser was supposed to go toward my sons Service Dog that HE would get from SSD and we NEVER saw that money refunded to us and they acted like they had NO IDEA where the money went!!! Don't waste your time and if I could give SSD ZERO STARS I would! You are better off to find a legitimate organization with integrity that at the end of a very extensive process you will actually be matched with a dog!!!!!!!! See More
Lisa Fleck-Costello
· July 16, 2014
Susquehanna service dogs is an amazing organization

Congratulations to our newest service dog teams! After two and a half weeks of team training, these teams took their public access tests. This is the start of wonderful partnerships!

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, dog

SSD Gordon is practicing! Can you guess what he’s practicing to do? Here’s a hint: It’s going to happen at the Hershey Bears vs. Lehigh Valley Phantoms game on March 4! If you buy your tickets by February 22, a portion of your ticket price will be donated to Keystone Human Services. You can find all the details about the game and fundraiser on Keystone’s website:

Image may contain: dog
Image may contain: dog

Are you ready to meet the Outer Space Litter? These are SSD Adventure’s puppies, born January 30.

Astrid, yellow female, yellow collar
Nova, yellow female, pink collar
Comet, yellow male, blue collar...
Venus, yellow female, purple collar
Saros, yellow female, green collar
Apollo, yellow male, red collar

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Today is the last day to be entered for a chance to win a pair of Hershey Bears tickets! When you sign up to support Susquehanna Service Dogs in the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community and make a $30 personal donation, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a pair of Bears tickets for the March 4 game against the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. Use the link below to sign up and donate. #WalkforSSD

Susquehanna Service Dogs trains and provides service dogs and hearing dogs to assist children and adults to become more independent.

Our partners and puppy raisers had the opportunity to meet each other during brunch yesterday! This is a time for raisers to share stories about the dogs’ early days and for partners to talk about their blossoming partnership with their new service dog.

Image may contain: 20 people, people smiling, people standing, dog and indoor

PLEASE READ: You’ve heard us mention the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it relates specifically to people with service dogs. The ADA is an important law that protects the rights of all people with disabilities. Tomorrow, the US Congress is planning to vote on HR 620, the ADA Education and Reform Act. This bill actually weakens the ADA. People with disabilities would lose access to civil action unless they could prove that they gave a business a chance to fix an issue on their own. In effect, businesses would be able to ignore the ADA until someone with a disability asks them to comply. This creates a burden for people with disability and would greatly restrict their access to the community.

Please help us advocate for people with disabilities and ask your US Representative to vote NO on the ADA Education and Reform Act. If you call the Congressional switchboard, operators will connect you to your US Representative: 202-224-3121.

Thank you for your advocacy and support!

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After just over a week of team training, these service dog teams are bonding and practicing all of the skills and cues they’ll need to support each other.

"The most surprising part of working with so many dogs is how different each of their personalities are. Some love to cuddle, while some prefer to keep to themselves. Some are goofy and playful, while others are very eager to work. If I’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that no two dogs are ever the same," says puppy sitter Vanessa Sobotta.

Read her guest blog post about how she and her family started volunteering with Susquehanna Service Dogs:…/from-puppy-hug…

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You have the opportunity to win tickets to see the Hershey Bears take on the Lehigh Valley Phantoms! If you register to #WalkforSSD in the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community and make a $30 or more personal donation between now and February 15, you'll be entered into a drawing to win a pair of tickets to the March 4 Bears-Phantoms game! Use the link below to register and donate to support Susquehanna Service Dogs in the Highmark Walk.

Susquehanna Service Dogs trains and provides service dogs and hearing dogs to assist children and adults to become more independent.

What's the best way to get seven puppies to the car? In one big tail-wagging group, of course! Watch the Team Foster Heroes puppies follow their volunteer whelper, Susan Tyson, back to the car after visiting our offices. Around 0:42, watch what happens when Susan calls, "Puppy puppy puppy!"

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

These seven dogs are going through team training with their new partners! Over the next two and a half weeks, their partners will learn and practice all of the cues their dogs know, and they’ll learn how to work together in public. #servicedogs

Look at SSD Allegiant go down the stairs at Hershey's Chocolate World Hershey PA! Our dogs in training went to Chocolate World today to practice their skills. They worked on stairs and the elevator, rode the chocolate ride, and practiced good behavior in the restrooms. Chocolate World is a great place for our dogs to practice their skills around crowds. Thank you, Chocolate World, for helping these future service dogs gain valuable experiences!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

This little pup is ready for the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community! Are you? Registration for this year's walk is now open! If you sign up to #WalkforSSD between now and February 15 AND make a $30 (or more) donation, you'll be entered into a drawing to win a pair of Hershey Bears tickets for the game on March 4! (To be eligible, you must both sign up and make a personal donation of $30 or more.)

Use this link to register for the Highmark Walk:…

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Susquehanna Service Dogs
Nonprofit Organization

We’re getting all our supplies ready for team training on Monday! Each new partner will get a bag of supplies so they can start working with their new service dog.

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Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped with Chocolatefest Weekend, and thank you to everyone who represented Susquehanna Service Dogs at the event! And of course, we thank everyone who attended Chocolatefest to support Keystone Human Services! We're one of Keystone's programs, and we benefit from Chocolatefest. You're helping us raise, train, and place these life-changing service dogs. #KHSChocfest

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Keystone Human Services' ChocolateBall would like to thank Susquehanna Service Dogs and their hard working staff and volunteers for making the evening a spectac...ular event. Hope the puppies are getting some rest...such charming little ambassadors! (the staff and volunteers aren't too bad either) 🐾

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