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Jess Nonya
· August 28, 2014
Awesome store. I like to buy my soil here. Lots of natural selections for fertilizers and pesticides. Trust worthy friendly staff.
Jay Evenson
· August 16, 2015
Small startup but very helpfull, I will be going back... :)

Hello. I'd like to thank all of the customers I've had over the years for their continued support. However, I regret to inform the community of indoor gardeners that Eau Claire Hydroponics is closing it's doors in the coming month.

These past several years have been absolutely great. EC Hydro has been able to help a lot of people achieve success in their growing endeavors and for that I am very grateful. I sincerely hope they continue to grow and prosper.

Now for some good There is a massive sale of everything in the store is going on now, and once something sells it will not be replaced so hurry in now to stock up on everything you need.

If you've been holding off getting into hydroponics or indoor gardening - now is going to be the best time to do so because everything must go.

Shop will be keeping some irregular hours while these changes are taking place so please be sure to call ahead. Also, closed today in honor of Veterans Day.

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Great DIY for cloning!

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Aj Minaker to Eau Claire Hydroponics

Homemade clone bucket. Tomatoes and strawberries day 4! Working amazing!!! Thank you for all your help!!!


Spring 2015 Senior Show going on now through Sunday.

Stop out and see first hand the display Ryan Kann has made. It features a high output T5 fluorescent grow light from Eau Claire Hydroponics.

His project clearly demonstrates the sustainability of aquaponics and the power of the human body.


The show runs
Monday - Friday: 10AM to 4:30PM
Saturday - Sunday: 1:00 PM to 4:30PM
And Thursday evening 6 to 8.

The main reception, when Ryan will be on hand to answer questions and let people ride the bike, will be Saturday from 1 to 3PM.

Make sure you don't miss it. Very cool idea.

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Doing a speech / presentation at Prarie Ridge School in Eau Claire tonight at 5:45PM.

Hopefully we can teach kids a little something about hydroponics!

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Eau Claire Hydroponics is feeling excited.

Shipment day! 3 pallets. All orders are in.

Even if you didn't order anything, be sure to stop on down and check out our new items!

New with this shipment are flood and drain tables. 4x4's available with frame, reservoir, lid, pump, and fittings. Everything you need for a fully automated grow system. More info to come.


Last but not least: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil is back in stock. Don't miss out on our best selling organic potting mix.

And more!
Semi truck's liftgate wasn't working, so a big thanks goes out to our neighbors The Eau Claire Brewing Projekt for using their forklift to help us unload!

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Spring is here, and so is our seed stock up!

If you're into organically grown heirloom seeds, Eau Claire Hydroponics is your one stop shop! Come on down and check out our wide variety of seeds.

New this year:...
Scorpion Pepper
Ghost Pepper
Blacktail Mountain Watermelon
Fairfax Watermelon
... and more!

Unique varieties you can't find any where else!

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A common problem in tomato and pepper plants (as well as beans and many other plant species) is blossom drop. See first picture.

Blossom drop is when the flowers / blooms you worked so hard to get begin to fall off for no apparent reason. Luckily, the solutions are easy. Here are 5 of the most common causes of blossom drop and how to correct them:

1.) Too Much Nitrogen: What was once a blessing is now a curse. This plagues aquaponic growers more than others due to the nature... of growing with fish. No worries though, simply increase your phosphorus and potash in soil or redo your reservoir in hydroponics reducing vegetative additives.

2.) No Pollenation: This is more an issue for the indoor gardener. Mother nature takes care of pollenation outdoors. Indoors you gotta step up to the plate. See the second photo on this post. Unlike watermelons and other species of plants, tomatoes and peppers typically do not need another plant in order to be pollinated. One plant will suffice. Take a paintbrush or q-tip and go between the open flowers making sure not to miss any. Do this as soon as they open up.

3.) Temperature: Above 85° during the day for extended periods of time will cause drop (depending on the species). Below 55° at night will do the same, as well as above 70°. So maintain a good 55° to 70° at night and not more than 85° during the day. Heaters and A/C's hooked up to temperature controllers work great! A cheaper fix is utilizing oscillating fans or in line fans with ducting.

4.) Humidity: Less than 40% the pollen is too dry to stick, above 70% it's too sticky to move. Somewhere in between is ideal. Dehumidifiers and humidifiers on controllers offer stress free maintenence of humidity.

5.) Lighting: Too long of a light cycle can cause the plant to stress and drop blossoms. Too little and the plant doesn't have enough energy to make them stay either. Intensity also plays a role so be sure to keep your grow lights at a safe distance. If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your plant. Adjustable wattage ballasts or air cooled reflectors can assist with intensity. Grow tents can help lock in light cycles.

With some dedication and observation, blossom drop can be dropped from your garden in a matter of days.

If you have any questions please ask in the comments, call, or stop down. I'd be more than happy to help find a solution to any growing problem.

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Got my 15 minutes of fame today. Bada-bing!

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Jess Nonya is feeling like I'm dating a celebrity.

Clayton made the paper over his business!

At the Home and Garden Show. Stop on down to get a 5% off coupon and say hi. Here's our booth.

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EC Hydro is showcasing some products at Eau Claire's Art Crawl right now!

The Art Crawl takes place in Banbury Place, located on Galloway. We're teamed up with Craftime Buttons for the show going on today.

You can find us there from 3 to 9 today and 9 to 5 tomorrow. Stop out for free seeds while they last and 5% off coupons.


Hope to see you there!

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Big shipment in today! Stop in and check out our new items, fresh off the truck!

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Our hours have changed. We are now open Tuesday through Thursday noon until 4pm and Friday and Saturday noon until 7pm.
Stop in and pick up a punch card to earn 10% off your purchase!

Eau Claire Hydroponics added 18 new photos to the album: Store Sign Creation.

We wanted to do something unique with our store sign. So, we made it from salvaged pallets and cardboard. There's hundreds of things you can do with pallets. These pictures show you how we made our sign!

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