Suzi Blu is with Budd Milazzo.

I didn’t fall for you, you fucking tripped me. #suzilovesbudd

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Kerri-Lee Kineshanko
· January 27, 2018
I love her ♥ I found her a few weeks ago on youtube, and the message she gave me uplifted me so much, I would love to meet you Suzi Blu!
Anna Pitassi
· October 14, 2017
Suzi is an amazing artist - her teaching style is brilliant! I love every minute of each video - her artwork takes you in and brings you to another world! She is a master with a paintbrush, colored... pencils, mixed media, color, etc. I love everything about her - you will too!!!! See More
Shirah Penn
· December 3, 2017
I have been following Suzi Blu for many years! She’s s fabulous artist and great teacher!
El Tsamp
· January 13, 2018
The best mixed media art teacher ever!!!!❤
Suzie Berger
· September 14, 2017
After watching Suzie's videos on Youtube, I had to buy her book. I just received the book yesterday, and have already started playing!
I cannot make a traditional painting. There needs to be distress there along with beauty. Here is where it all went wrong. And here is when I started to rise above it. Both are true. #artismedicine
Waiting to kiss. Waiting to speak. So much to say. #mixedmedia
Watch how I made this when you join my Mixed Media Weekly Art Retreat #nofilter