2djur - A1. TGB (SVED013)

SVED014 IS ON! THE SNOWBAR IS OPEN, EVERYONE IS INVITED. Pistol Pete, Omar Santis, Matt Karmil, Elena Carli Cosovic, Alice Bas, Vattenrum will all be there, and even your mother too!


Records will start shipping this week.

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The great beast has now also ascended in full on soundcloud.
Praise the lord.
#2djur Niklas Andersson #thegreatbeast #soundcloud

Five pads included in the latest MONOCHROME.

CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: MUSIC: Pistol Pete SPONSOR: In this episode of MO...

Last chance to see Joakim Heidvall's (Evropa) wonderful Corona paintings and Liva Isakson Lundin's breathtaking and balanced installations presented in their duo exhibit "Elaster" at Konstakademin in Stockholm, Fredsgatan 12.

The gallery is open from 12-16 today and tomorrow.
Artist talk on Sunday at 13.

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Really enjoyed this Optikal Groove Radio Show - the part at around 50min especially strikes a chord in the Svedjebruk❤️... June 22nd is actually Omar Santis birthday, so we'll consider this a long lost birthday present!

#omarsantis #philosophie #happybelatedbirthday

Le mix de jeudi soir enregistré en live au studio de Radio Système 93.7, Deux heures d'immersion dans la House sous ses influences Dub, Afro, Soul & Jazzy, avec en autres Brian Harden, Rick Wade, Lars

Ena Cosovic's remix of Alice Bas Mother in some very nice company on BBC1 this weekend! S/O to Octo Octa for giving Mother some time in the ether!

Much love to Octo Octa for including my remix for Alice Bas in her BBC Future 12 mix 💜

Brooklyn DJ Octo Octa step up to the Future 12 decks for her first mix!

Stockholm , August 7th, 2017

From this day forth, continuing into the unforeseeable future, perhaps in perpetuity, SVED014 is available on all mainstream digitalplattforms.

And since everyone enjoys a nice stream from time to time here's a link to the service we hate to love: ...

Please note: to support the future of the label the best place to make purchases still is @

Graphic Design, as always by Babak Shermond, of The Apartment.

When we have each other, we have everything,
big hug//Svedjebruk Alice BasMatilda Mati BengtssonEna CosovicElena Carli CosovicOmar SantisMatt KarmilPistol ErikssonPistol PeteIsak Bernalt Babak Shermond Johannes GlaumannRasmus Thord

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When We Have Each Other, We Have Everything
Various Artists

Oslo, Norway: Världens bästa Pistol Pete sladdar loss på Jaeger Oslo ikväll tillsammans med Kristoffer Tellstrom!

🔥🇳🇴Kom og bevege dere i takt med musikken gutter og jenter.🇳🇴🔥

@[110848678937314:274:Oslo, Norway]: the world's best @[485864321455968:274:Pistol Pete] wires loose at @[112102485523431:274:Jaeger Oslo] tonight together with @[517265200:2048:Kristoffer Tellstrom]! 🔥🇳🇴 come and move in tact with the music boys and girls. 🇳🇴🔥
Sat 7:00 PM UTC+02Jaeger OsloOslo, Norway
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Stockholm, Sweden: två av Svedjebruks favoriter, Vicky Zissou och #2djur a.k.a Niklas Andersson kör b2b i natt, inomhus men under månljus. På MOON MOTEL.

Jul 1, 2017 - Jul 2, 2017MOON MOTELStockholm, Sweden
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🔥🤡 Omar Santis & Pistol Pete pop-up tonight at
Morfar Ginko & Pappa Ray Ray🤡🔥

Jun 15, 2017 - Jun 18, 2017Morfar Ginko & Pappa Ray RayStockholm, Sweden
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#streamers Have you've been looking for Pistol Pete on Spotify lately and not been satisfied with what you got? Don't worry, the real thing is now separated from the horde of multiple fakes who been trying to steal his wave.
You'll find the original and best here:

Pistol Pete, Category: Artist, Singles: Stockholmska Ryggdunkarsaellskapet, Stockholmska Ryggdunkarsaellskapet, Lampuka 002, Top Tracks: Sladda i Mora - Original Mix, Montana - Original Mix, Aelska Inget - Raimo Version, Field - Original Mix, Five Pads - Original Mix, Monthly Listeners: 265, Where People Listen: Stockholm, Helsinki, Paris, Mexico City, London

2djur(a.k.a Niklas Andersson) The Great Beast (SVED0013) is now available at the mainstream digital outlets for download/streaming. The best way to get it (vinyl or digital) is of course still via - but if you're a streamer, enjoy:

ps. You'll also find it in the Svedjebruk-playlist with the rest of the bunch:…/…/playlist/0SAhzDt2xH4fK4DIQj4pi1

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The Great Beast

A new Svedmix from our best friend in Chicago is up on Soundcloud. Henderick Mitchell/Thelonious Funk gives us SVEDMX004. Enjoy!…/svedmx004-henderick-mitchellthelon…

Prästmon, May 12th 2017 From Oner's Istanbul to Thelonious Funk of Lake Michigan's southern shores. The fourth installment in the SVEDMIX-series has the signature of Henderick Mitchell (aka Theloni
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Svedjebruk to Svedjebruk and Friends I: Matt Karmil + Pistol Pete

Stort megatack till alla nya och gamla Svedjebruk-vänner som kom och gjorde magi på mmmmmgolvet igår! Big up to Matt Karmil for 2 epic dj-sets, JUST WOW, till... Pistol Pete för världens bästa live-sladd🔥🔥🔥 och tack till #cookincrystlz för hallisarna.

True Awesomeness!

Ett särskilt stort tack till Martin Kling och Majkel Kokocinski och alla i mmmmm-familjen 😻 ni är bäst. Vi hoppas få komma tillbaka snart!

Högaktningsfullt// J. & R. Svedjebruk

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