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Hi Oxana from Dimitrovgrad, Russia, an open nuclear city in Ulyanovsk Region. (the city is pictured in this clip from Cold War Cure).

It's good to have you as a new friend who will share your story. Not only did you go to Tennessee, but you are still connected to friends you made in America. Please tell us a little about what these friends mean in your life and how you have maintained relationship for 12 years.


Our Russian-American team is now releasing our first Nuke Bonds documentary short- Cold War Cure. Please enjoy viewing and join the conversations we will have here on it. With Russian subtitles, thanks to Sergei. Shout out to him and how does it look, Sergei?

The back story of nukebonds network is in a book!!! It's available in part for free, and in whole as an ebook or paperback at Enjoy and share your comments here... Thanks!!!

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Nelly and family lived behind the fence of a closed nuclear city nicknamed the Jewel of Siberia. This video shows you the fence and life inside it for a family of four in the 1990's.

Inside a formerly secret city, part of the nuclear weapons complex, lives a family that grows its own produce and brings it to the table in a unique way…on s...
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Latest and greatest news is that TVA has invited our youth film team to shoot inside a nuclear power plant in the year 2012. Can hardly wait!

This is a place for nuke pros (nuclear professionals) and the nuke public (all the rest of us) to the discussions under the Discussion Tab...check a topic of interest and post a comment.

Two 8th grade classes, one Russian & one American, do social media pre-Facebook! It's fun to watch their reactions and see them building bonds. You can 'bond' with this on-line community by answering a short survey about Pen Pals and checking back here on FB for published results and discussion.…/a07e3c041kjgjkgq0…/start