Welcome sounds like you need some helpful advice. Do I have the page for you...Its a site that some of us regulars put together to help out newbies, it even includes screen shots of how to do pretty much anything swag related. Most people are willing to help those on the Swag Bucks Facebook wall who at least try and help themselves. Happy swaggin....

An online guide to help members of, learn how to earn.

This is a big part of making big bucks. I make up a separate email just for signing up for newsletters and other special offers. Just be careful not to download anything as people have been known to get viruses. And be careful to make sure a business is reputable before giving out your credit card number, along with being careful about giving out your phone number as some offers might charge your cellphone for services and/or companies will call you often.

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Swagbucks Offers That Credit
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