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A nonprofit health system serving Greater Seattle for over 100 years. Follow us for tips to help keep you and your family safe and healthy, as well as updates on what Swedish is doing in our communities.
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Jennifer Kim
· February 1, 2017
This review is for Swedish Pine Lake clinic. I generally have nothing but praise for Swedish Highlands location and with change of our insurance, I decided to a physician from pine lake clinic to be my PCP and made an appointment.
To make the long story short, on the day of the appointment, I received a call from the Pine lake office and was asked to move up my appointment (5:20 pm) to an earlier time (4:30pm). I agreed to move it up but did say that I would most likely arrive late, which the receptionist seemed fine with. And when I arrived (late), the front desk personnel said I need to be rescheduled bc 'they all left.' The clinic office hours are 7:30 am - 6 pm. It was only 4:45 pm when 'they all left'! And the reschedule date they offered was not even the next day or two but the following week.
It seems like the physicians at Pine Lake rather reschedule at their patiences expense and jam out of their office before closing time.
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Derek Travis
· February 3, 2017
Primary care "Dr. B" in Mill Creek WA treated me like a piece of meat. Talked down to me, refused to engage in any sort of rapport building to make me feel com...fortable or listen to my medical history. When I started to get defensive and apologize by pointing out I had been up for 24 hours and fasting for most of that time, in case I was the cause he told me "I have had patient that have fasted longer than you and they were less grumpy" He did not complete the physical exam, ordered lab work and left the room not to be seen again. See More
Melody Recktenwald
· February 23, 2017
My dad keeps having a problem here every time his girlfriend needs to go to the ER. She gets medications that she refused, he's her PCA and is not allowed to be... at her side making her wishes known, she is continually dumped out on the street disoriented, in bare feet and a hospital gown. When my dad actually gets notified she's being released (usually by her mother, not the hospital) they don't allow him to bring her clean clothing so she can change inside and not standing outside the hospital doors in the middle of winter. The security guard "Joe" even followed them after one such occasion and harassed him as he put on and tied her socks and shoes that he brought. This used to be my favorite hospital but this is disgusting and dangerous. Not only will I NEVER go here again, I will recommend to everyone to stay as far away from this "hospital" as they can. See More
Nik Jensen
· October 20, 2016
We just had our first baby at Swedish Issaquah. I couldn't be more impressed by how well this hospital is run. The staff is absolutely excellent and the service... is state of the art. The doctors are very helpful and friendly and the rooms are nice, as our stay ended up being 5 days. They took very good care of us and I will recommend them to everyone.

My primary care is also at Swedish but at the Klahanie location. I have zero complaints about them. They are great!
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Eli Trinkle
· January 31, 2017
I was seen in the emergency room at 747 Broadway. According to my discharge papers I had a lot of tests run on me which I never received. During my visit I had get 15 stitches, in my ankles, which were not properly anaesthetised... Hillary Thomasser also refused to write me a prescription for an antibiotic or mild pain killer (I'm in a lot of pain) or even a doctors note because she "didn't want to reward bad behavior"... I thought it was her responsibility to treat and heal me, not to reprimand or punish me. See More
Kayeleen Brown
· January 26, 2017
I was referred to see dr Eugene May with neuro ophthalmology/ms center and it was an urgent referral it's been a month. I left several messages to make sure my ...referral was received and three weeks later I finally got ahold of someone who said they would be calling to schedule me in the next 24-48 hours. I still have not been called to be scheduled. I need to be seen and I'm very frustrated. Every time I call I get a voicemail and I'm so frustrated I would just like to talk to a person and get scheduled. See More
Cindy Asch Martin
· October 23, 2016
This is one amazing hospital. The staff, doctors, nurses, nursing aids and volunteers are all extremely courteous and helpful. They will also put a smile on you...r face. The menu had a wide variety of healthy choices, and the nutritional staff will give you their full attention if you have food allergies or questions. The OT & PT gals Jennifer and Emilie were very helpful and their concerns for your well being are fantastic. My stay there was a wonderful experience even though I had surgery. See More
Chris Molina
· September 19, 2016
I went in for surgery earlier this month, and everything went well in regards to the surgery. However, everything surrounding the surgery was less than perfect.... From my assigned doctor being placed on administrative leave a week prior to surgery and then being assigned two new doctors the day before surgery. So lots of switching around, and not knowing if my surgery was even going evening to take place. I had a challenge in getting in contact with the doctors nurses for basic information about the surgery. Now, I find myself in need of refilling my pain medication and all the phone lines are down and I am redirected to call service company. The response I am getting for the phone service company is try agin tomorrow. Poor customer service, and Swedish is ok with this. So there is no real way of contacting any doctors or nurses at this point. My wife wrote a one star review last week about Swedish and posted it to the Swedish FaceBook page and hers. Only to find out that Swedish has deleted the comment off the Swedish page and off my wife's FaceBook page as well. Check other hospitals before selecting Swedish. See More
Mary Giles
· February 23, 2017
I am not impressed at all and looking for new PCP. I went to SLU, at first it seemed okay, I liked the doctor. But she would say, okay I'm going to refer you to..., Nuevo, never happened. Okay you need an oncologist, this was in August, still waiting for the referral. When I went there my blood sugars were under 150 and I did not have high blood preasure. For he past 6 weeks I keep emailing blood sugars 446, blood preasures 206/113, no return response. I asked for 4 months to see an indocrinologist, no referral. I have had a cough for 14 weeks, have seen 5 different doctors at Swedish, that keep saying I have a virus, a virus for 14 weeks, I couch so hard I swear the blood preasure is up due to the cough. I have had tuberculosis, radiation poisoning of the lungs, blood clots in my lungs, asthma, and bronchitis in the past, when I said enogh is enough I want a specialist, I was referred to have a Ct scan of my sinuses, what that has to do with a cough in my lungs I don't know. But these doctors have no clue what they are doing. See More
Erin Gorkavchuk
· September 1, 2016
I received all of my prenatal care for my recent pregnancy at Swedish Issaquah with the midwives, and delivered my first baby at Swedish Issaquah almost a month... ago. I was beyond happy with the prenatal and birth care I received at Swedish Issaquah, and have no issues with either of those whatsoever.

However, today I saw a lactation consultant, Tamara, who while pleasant and helpful enough, failed to support my 4-week-old son's head as she was placing him onto a hard countertop and allowed it to fall several inches and smack into the countertop. The sound was heartbreaking and he screamed and cried in pain. I have never heard him make those sounds before. She did not apologize, and when I worriedly said, "Is he going to be okay?" she simply replied, "He's just mad at me!" Perhaps she figures all babies bonk their heads, but my precious boy never has until she did it to him today. I am appalled and furious that she was so careless with a newborn and did not support his head while lowering him onto a hard surface. If she is incapable of taking the proper care with a newborn baby then she should not be handling them, she should have let me remove him from the scale myself after we weighed him. I cried for an hour when I got home. He is my only child and I go to painstaking lengths to keep him happy and safe, so to have someone I went to for help that is supposed to be a competent medical professional not take the proper care to avoid smashing his tiny fragile skull into a hard surface is beyond infuriating. I am heartbroken and extremely angry, as is my husband. We have lost a fair amount of our trust in Swedish. Apparently they do not train the nurses how to handle babies properly.
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Amber Douglas
· October 21, 2016
After the birth of a child can be a very difficult time for a mother. I was very fortunate to be able to attend parent baby support group at swedish edmonds.

...Unfortunately the hospital has decided to stop offering this support group for new moms. Of all things to cut I think this should be at the bottom of the list. It takes minimal resources and shows the hospital is invested in providing support for their patients beyond just delivery.

I really hope they reconsider this decision so future mom's get the support they need
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Kim Hood
· August 21, 2016
I want to thank nurse Leah in the Swedish Cancer Institute infusion center. On Saturday the 14th she gave me an antibiotic infusion for a recurrence of in my leg. Despite the infusion, the infection continued to spread and my bp was very low. When she couldn't reach the on all Doctor, she made the hard call to send me to the ER. She called down to the charge nurse and personally took me to the ER which helped speed me through the process. Leah provided me with excellent care . I am so grateful for her professionalism and caring. Rebecca See More
Lloyd Tepper
· December 3, 2016
Was going to Swedish in Seattle on Jefferson until a certain nurse passively aggressively decided to completely impede my treatment there by refusing to allow d...ocs to write Rx's for me and left me with no choice other than go to another provider. Where's their priorities?? I'm the patient for pete's sake. Guess that doesn't matter to some providers. See More
Kathy Vickers McNamara
· January 30, 2017
This would be a 5 star rating if you weren't pulling out of my Premera plan. I love my doctors but now that they will be out of network, I will have to find new ones. Shame on you Swedish.
Jon Butler
· August 16, 2016
I made an appointment I was there an hour early people were coming in while my appointment was supposed to be scheduled at 15 minutes after appointment was supp...osed to start I was done.

YOU try to charge us $50 if we come in late or $250 if we cancel appointment A day IN ADVANCE.

so I should charge you $1,000 per minute that I had to wait for appointment that I couldn't get to you owe me $15,000.
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Kimberly Hiscott
· September 11, 2016
I went to the Mill Creek Campus/hospital and havta say,even being a person that depises Emergency Rooms, I found myself greatly "impressed" with the service I g...ot, and thoght the staff maybe some of te best in the business!! It wasn't until the day after phone call asking for more bandages to get me thru til my appt at wound care that I became disappointed, however the person that so rudely denied me doent kow my situation or my wounds therefore she was merely going along with policy I assume, and ignorance is forgivable in my opinion.
I especially got a kick out of the nurse thatws asked to put an I.V. in patient in room 7, and after finding out that the person giving the order got the rooms wrong it was supposed to be room 6, had a good sense of humor about it, which in turn was passed onto me, without realizing it she was extinguishing a potential fire that could have been ignited when I flipped my cookie over being jabbed multiple times with a needle, and in the end never successfully put in an IV, but made a heck of a mess outta my arm!! She really was good at her job and a SUPER nice woman as well. So they should definitely give her an atta boy for that if nothing else at the end of the day, for it was due to her that I was able to leave there in such high spirits- again, what a nice woman, wish I could remember her name!!!
So overall I gave c them a 4 outta 5 rating which to be honest is very difficult to achieve from me- I would certainly return there, and I would certainly recommend them to family and friends as a first choice of hospitals to go to if you (knock o wood lol) should ever need one.
Thank You Mill Creek Swedish Campus!! I'll be back soon for after care!!!

Kimberly Hiscott of Lynnwood
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Alicia Anderson
· February 12, 2017
I accidentally left my camera lense cap on the mother and baby unit at Swedish First Hill, back in December.
The lady I spoke with on the phone found it in the number I had given her.
I asked if it could be mailed to me, since I live on the Eastside area. The lady said yes, and took my address down.
We are in February now, and I still haven't received my lense cap.
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Jessica Baker
· July 15, 2016
I came in an ambulance, and this was the rudest, least responsive emergency room staff that I have ever encountered. The nurse refused to give me shots in my r...ight arm (I'm left-handed) because she "already put it as left arm in the computer". I was treated for a huge, very deep cut, and she also refused to give me tylenol because she "already checked me out in the computer". So I left with literally no pain medication at all despite 7 shots and 6 stitches, no verbal information on how to care for the wound (just a generic handout), and no information about whether I should return to have the stitches removed or not. She also didn't even tell me that I was checked out, I was just standing in the room waiting to sign papers or something, and she returned a few minutes later and was just like "oh, you need to leave". Just absolutely ridiculously lacking in bedside manner as well as any sort of communication or information. Oh, did I mention that they stitched me up, THEN did x-rays, then decided there was still glass in the cut, so they re-opened the stitches to dig around in the cut. Then they weren't able to find whatever showed up on the x-rays, so they just stitched me back up and told me to see a podiatrist. I also complained that the tendons around the cut were hurting severely when I tried to bend my foot, and that I couldn't put weight on it. She just said, "Well there's no reason for it to hurt there," and walked out of the room, completely dismissive of the pain I reported to her. See More
Lindsey Wiggins
· July 17, 2016
When my water broke at 30 weeks (with twins) I was admitted into the antepartum section of the hospital. I was there for just over a week and during my stay in ...had the most amazing nurses and doctors someone could ask for!!!! Everyone does everything they can to make sure you and your babies are taken care of and answer any and all questions you have! At 31 weeks I had a c section and it went perfect. Now my twin boys are in the NICU and everyone of the doctors and nurses up there are just as wonderful!!! I would recommend this Hospital to anyone who is having a baby everyone here is the best of the best!!!! See More
Ashley Sullivan
· August 16, 2016
Swedish Ballinger is the worst. Last year my son had a rash and his doctor or any other Doctor couldn't see him for a week. We went somewhere else. A few months... ago my son was sick and they couldn't get him in for a few weeks. I ended up taking him to an urgent care and he was starting to get pneumonia and needed medication right away. Today I called to see my doctor for emergency purposes and they couldn't get me in with anyone. My son has been going to a different doctor now and I am going to do the same. This is the first time I have ever had a problem with my doctor or any other doctor not being able to see me.
I gave one star for the ER in Edmonds. My son and I who is 6 were in a car accident and he was taken there. The staff was excellent and helped him feel comfortable. I would definitely go there again.
Never go to Swedish Ballinger.
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