I Love You means Everlasting-Unfailing Love Jeremiah 31:3.…/

  “I Love You” So, yesterday evening while I was working on this blog. My hubby hovers over my shoulder to look at the screen and is like are you working on that again?…umm, chuckled and say, Yes. He turns to walk away. Then as he starts to walk away, he stops looks over at me …

Romans 12:10-Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.

“Genuine affection” So, what does “Genuine Affection ” mean? at least biblically…it means to love deeply, honor and delight in others. I wondered if I demonstrated this affection to others. So, I decided to self- evaluate by seeking out feedback from a particular friend/co-worker that I knew would r...
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