Southern NH: PLEASE SHARE!! Meet Barney, a 135 lbs, nine year old bloodhound. Unfortunately his owners can no longer keep him. He is a sweet gentle giant, loves everyone and just wants to lie around and be lazy. That being said he needs to get moving because he is morbidly obese. He has started a weight loss and slow/steady exercise regime that he will need to continue to get his weight down. We are currently working with a vet who has met Barney and is committed to monitoring his progress. Miraculously he has no medical issues, he is just a very big boy!! Barney needs a second chance at life and someone who will help him get up and moving to shed those extra lbs. If interested, please fill out an online application.
Miss Kitty Grace
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Nichole Kalaus
· January 30, 2018
Sweet Paws Rescue is amazing. We have now rescued two dogs from them and the experience was just wonderful. These people really care about the dogs. We’ve had one of our dogs for 3 years and the other... for 2 and I could not imagine our lives with out them. Everyone which we worked with through sweet paws was lovely. They were so caring and kind and their main focus was the best care possible for the dogs. They work night and day to save these dogs lives and the amount of love they show words can’t describe. I’m so thankful we decided to take a chance and adopt and we will now forever adopt. Helping a dog in need whether it’s a puppy or an older dog is rewarding in so many ways. The amount of love they have for you as their owner, or as I say mommy and daddy as we say is incredible. I will forever be a sweet paws rescue advocate and continue to rescue from them. If I could afford it I’d rescue them all! I have worked directly with Jeanette and Pam and they are beyond fantastic. Words can’t describe how happy I am that we found sweet paws rescue!!!!!!!! Thank you all for all you do! See More
Nikki Lusignan
· January 16, 2018
I can’t say enough amazing things about Sweet Paws Rescue. We just adopted our puppy that has made our family complete. They were informative and supportive through the entire adoption process. The they have for every animal in their care is more than evident when you meet and talk to them. I can never thank them for enough for all that they have done for our family, our puppy, and the multiple other lives they save every day. See More
Jill Gorny Sloper
· January 31, 2018
Sweet Paws Rescue is quite simply the BEST! We just adopted the most amazing dog from SPR and couldn't have had a better experience. The adoption process was extremely thorough, yet very efficient. ... Instead of just quickly matching us with a dog and sending us on our way (which would have been understandable given the high volume of dogs in their care), SPR took the time to thoroughly, thoughtfully, and carefully assess not only our needs, but the needs of the dog, as well. SPR went above and beyond to make sure that both my family and our adopted dog are 100% perfectly suited for one another. The owner and our adoption coordinator worked closely with us to find our perfect match and were responsive and knowledgeable in answering my many, many, many questions. We are exceptionally grateful to SPR for helping our sweet Saint on his journey into our home! Special thanks to Cynthia Sweet and Stephanie Rokitowski for their huge hearts and exceptional efforts on behalf of our family and Saint. See More
Ken Wilde
· September 23, 2017
Sweet Paws is a first class rescue organization. I cannot be more pleased with how they handled everything from the application to the adoption. The entire process moves along very quickly, however yo...u can tell they are concerned about the best interest for the dogs and finding them the right home. I love that they are a foster rescue vs. those that keep the dogs in a kennel. After adoption, this makes a world of difference. This was our first rescue that was adopted from a foster home and I cannot express how grateful I am. Having him come from a foster home really made is adaption to our home and other dogs so much easier. His foster mom, Meagan did a fantastic job with him and will be forever grateful to her and Sweet Paws for giving him a chance. He has been a fantastic dog and I am looking forward to many happy years together. I highly recommend Sweet Paws to anyone looking to rescue! See More
Lexi Casale
· January 6, 2018
We adopted Weezy (formerly Louise) in August 2017 and had a fantastic experience. Chelsei and everyone in the SPR family was a dream to work with and checked in along the way to make sure everyone was... adjusting well. We love our (big) little lady and are so grateful to the Sweet Paws family for rescuing her so she could rescue us!! See More
Collette Croshaw
· January 17, 2018
They are the absolute best. My adoption coordinator was so patient as I searched for a dog with very specific behavioral traits. I was able to speak to the foster mom at length, so I was sure that my would be a perfect fit. My Mariska is the perfect match. My experience with Sweet Paws was excellent! See More
Adrienne Heenan
· August 6, 2017
Sweet Paws from the start was so helpful on my journey to find a dog. I was at another rescue but stumbled upon a dog on the Sweet Paws Website. I contacted them to see if they could accept my approva...l from another foster program and they did (other foster programs wouldn't). When Sweet Paws got my approval, they contacted me right away to try to help me find the right dog after the other dog wasn't available. My adoption coordinator,Julie, took the time to call me and find out what I was looking for. She went to work and immediately found me an amazing puppy. She communicated with me the whole process and was beyond helpful. Sweet Paws made the whole adoption process a breeze and you can tell how much they truly care about each and every dog and finding a home for them. I would highly recommend working with Sweet Paws Rescue if you are looking to adopt!! See More
Lindsay Taylor
· September 18, 2017
When it comes to dogs, Cynthia Sweet is the most selfless, devoted person I have ever met. She literally puts her blood, sweat and tears into this beautiful organization saving the lives of countless ...dogs and puppies. By far the most amazing rescue I have ever volunteered at; I am truly honored to give a helping hand (when I can) to her and all she does for these innocent animals. Please volunteer, donate, foster, adopt!! ��� See More
Lissa King
· August 12, 2017
Monday marks a year since I got the love of my life through SPR and it's been the best year. The process was quick, painless, and--most importantly--honest. I was able to meet Maya one day and bring home the next. There were no lies about who she was as a dog, even though some of her personality traits were potential deal-breakers for some adopters (she needs to be the only pup in a home, can't be around cats, and sometimes decides to take herself for an unapproved walk), but it ensured she got a home that was well-suited for her and I was never taken by surprise when she had an issue or a behavioural problem. Sweet Paws was amazing and I urge all my friends to #AdoptNotShop, especially through them! See More
Eric O'Brien
· January 19, 2018
Truly a great experience from the start. Everyone we talked to from Sweet Paws were so helpful and they really do care about the future of their animals with their application process and house checks.... Would recommend them to anyone looking to adopt! See More
Shea Kelly
· November 28, 2017
Sweet Paws is an amazing organization. We adopted our 2nd dog, Forrest, 4 years ago and he is the biggest goofball ever! He plays with our other rescue pup, Miller, all the time. Sweet Paws does so to help dogs and puppies in need and find them loving homes. Every pup has its own unique story. Sweet Paws helps dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Adopting from Sweet Paws was the best decision my family has ever made! Adopt don't shop! Rescue it the best breed there is. See More
Tori Montbleau
· January 15, 2018
Words cannot even express how grateful we are to Sweet Paws and all they did to rescue our baby Chubbs off Craigslist and bring him into our lives! The work you do is amazing and we love you all!! ����
Kerry Patterson
· August 10, 2017
We are so happy that we went through Sweet Paws Rescue to get our puppy! The whole process went smoothly and they worked with us every step of the way to make sure we were able to bring the right pup our house. Cynthia and Christina are amazing and really do care and love each dog that they home. Ally our home checker and Melissa our foster were so nice and we felt so comfortable doing this process. We love our little guy Nash (formerly known as Bass) and have been recommending SPR to our friends and family that are also considering adopting! See More
Marta Zelitsky Kagan
· November 17, 2017
The Kagan family is SO grateful for Sweet Paws' help caring for our new forever friend, Izzy!!! She is so sweet, smart, well-behaved and ADORABLE! Working with Kristen Davis as our adoption coordinato...r was so helpful -- so many great suggestions, quick responses and support... I can't thank you all enough -- Kristen, Jo (foster mom), Cynthia, Jeanette, and my dear friend Megan who introduced us to this awesome organization. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! :) xoxo See More
Nicole Palermo
· December 1, 2017
We adopted Stormy from Sweet Paws in November. The process was easy but thorough and you can tell that every person who volunteers at this Rescue really cares about the animals. We are grateful to hav...e Stormy in our lives and we are thankful to Sweet Paws for making it happen! See More
Holly Charest
· December 13, 2017
Hands down one of the best rescues around! Everyone that is involved in this rescue is truly amazing people!! Every single one of them dedicate their time, energy and emotions to find you the perfect ...“fur baby” for your family!! I rescued our first pup from sweet paws in 2014 and adopted our second pup in 2016. Now I volunteer for sweet paws and also always try to donate to them!! I highly recommend sweet paws to ANYONE looking for a new member of their family!! See More
Kelley McDevitt- Hooker
· August 9, 2017
Our adoption process, from beginning to end, went so smoothly thanks to Cynthia and then Christina, our adoption coordinator. We just knew that we hit the jackpot of sweetness and � when we arrived to... meet our Betsey, who had a marking of a heart right on her backside! Our other rescue, Dunkin, seven, and she are getting to know one another and our whole family is enjoying every minute with our new fur baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of OUR �s! See More
Jeanmarie Ward
· August 14, 2017
Our adoption coordinator, Kristen, really listened to what we were looking for and found a perfect match for our family. We love our new dog Violet, she fits right in and is more than we could have h...oped for. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend Sweet Paws Rescue to other families looking to adopt! See More
Judy Rich
· November 12, 2017
Amazing organization matching the perfect dog. Kristin was so patient and found a dog for my Aunt Pat that is a dream match. Charlie is such a sweet guy. Thank you sweet paws and Kristin. Only 5 star...s for them ���� See More
Julie Robidoux
· August 22, 2017
Adopted my amazing boy, Jasper (Chaz) this summer. He came from Alabama and is the sweetest pup ever. He is so smart and loving, and is doing wonderful with our family. It takes really special people devote so much of their time and energy to these animals, who otherwise wouldn't have a chance. If you are considering a rescue, sweet paws is excellent. See More

SURPRISE REMEMBER HER!!! She is arriving in MA tomorrow and will need a home!! Woo hooo!
AMADA (beloved in Spanish): This girl was rescued without any hair, bad teeth, infections and suffered from rectal prolapse. Her chances of survival were 50/50 given the lack of success from most prolapse surgeries performed on dogs. After a second successful operation to tack her intestine to her stomach wall, Amada has started to thrive. She recently has recovered from dental surgery ...and has a layer of fuzz growing back. It is not known whether she will ever have a coat of hair like normal dogs, but that doesn't make her any less gorgeous. She has a wardrobe of coats, sweaters and shirts to keep her warm. This sweet girl is learning to be a normal dog. Loves people and is playful and loving with other dogs, cats and kids. She is learning to leash walk with the aid of a harness. She has a fear of loud noises and sudden movements, but once she gets to know you she loves a belly rub or to curl up close by for a nap. Her favorite are cheese and soft chew snacks. She has few teeth so she can't chew anything hard like a bone, but socks and stuffed animals are on her list of fave toys. She's been known to swipe a bite of your snack if you aren't looking. Amada loves to sleep with a blanket wrapped around her at night, but keeps an eye open just in case you dare move during the night and she might need to take you for a walk. She loves to snore and snort in her sleep and is learning to use wee pads as well. Short car rides are fun. The world fascinates her from the safety of her window looking out. The person adopting Amada will, no doubt, have a very unique dog. One that fits her name. For to "be loved" by Amada makes you the lucky one.
Thank you to RUFF Rescue for taking this baby in and her foster, Cindy Pitts, for showing her love and caring for her while she recovered.
If interested in adopting,please email

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These pups are located here in MA!
Raised from birth with their Mama Halona who is an adorable loving short-legged Chocolate Lab mix. They will be ready to go home March 3rd: spayed/neutered, vaccinated, & microchipped. If interested, please fill out an online application.

Sweet Paws Rescue added 14 new photos to the album: Coming to Mass Soon.
20 hrs

All of these dogs and puppies are arriving in Mass within the month.

All of these dogs and puppies are currently in fosters here in massachusetts and are ready to be adopted.

Once again.... two more pups just found on the side of the road. Who makes the conscious decision to stop and drop these puppies on the side of the road and drive away? (near Guin, Alabama)
They MIGHT be 4 weeks old. WHY?!?!!!

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Are you looking for a beautiful girl to call your own? Well then, meet sweet Mae!

Mae is around 2 years old and is a medium sized hound mix! She is so dang sweet it's ridiculous! Mae loves to play with other dogs and is a huge fan of her toys! She is a gentle girl who loves to give hugs and kisses! She is very food motivated and is a quick learner! She would do so well at advanced training! Mae is crate trained, house trained, and walks well on leash! She is the total packag...e and can't wait to meet you today!

Other dogs: Yes please, let's play!
Cats: I'm curious, but not mean!
Kids: I'm gentle and love to kiss those tiny humans!
House training: Been there, mastered that!

Please SHARE and, if interested, apply today!

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So fresh and so clean, clean!! Spanky had a spa day and wants to debut his new look!

Spanky is an 8 year young Shih Tzu mix whose favorite things to do are play ball, go for walks, and follow his humans around the house! He was surrendered to one of our Southern rescue partners after his family unfortunately lost their home. Spanky gets along with cats and does best with female dogs but would not mind one bit being the center of attention and living in a forever home where h...e can be the only dog. Come meet this fly guy today!

Other dogs: I prefer the ladies but also don't mind being the only apple of your eye!
Cats: No problem there!
Kids: As long as they understand I'm not a stuffed animal, we'll be fine!
House training: I'm just about perfect!

Please SHARE and, if interested, apply today!

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Meet Balthazar!!! Even in slow motion, we think he's the cutest thing out there!

Balthazar is a ridiculously sweet, super friendly pup who loves life! He is very expressive, always making eye contact and frequently sharing a hilarious range of sounds when he wants to communicate something to his people! This boy loves to run and play with other dogs but even mid run will stop and check in with his people to say hi before continuing on his adventures. This social pup loves a good car ride and if he had his way he would sit right on the driver's lap. He also is pretty great on his leash walks! Come meet this handsome fella today, you won't regret it!!

If interested, submit an application today!

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Adoption fees are $200. This includes first distemper, worming, microchip, and spay or neuter.

If interested, apply today! http\://

Cupid's arrow is coming for you!!!
Fostered North of Boston

Cupid is an adorable beagle mix who is almost 3 months old! She is super playful, loves other dogs, and is a total sweetheart! She is a typical, happy puppy who can't wait to find love!!

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What better way to celebrate love than by sharing adorable puppies in need of their forever homes? First up, meet Melchior!

Melchior as sweet as they come and is just one of the many puppies we have available right now! He came to MA a couple weeks ago and has been hamming it up in his foster home. He gets along with everyone he meets and will make a great addition to any home! Melchior loves to run and play and is all puppy! He's super snuggly and loves to give his humans kisses! He's around 3 months old and can't wait to meet you!

Please share and,if interested, apply today!

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So much heartache in rescue, but this is a nice image to go to bed to. Thank you to
RUFF Rescuers United For Furbabies (AL)
for rescuing this mama & babies living next to an abandoned home and to A Road to Rescue (MA) for taking them in when SPR is totally full currently with our 8 mamas and litters.

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I don't lose my cool that often, but this morning I did. What has happened to the human race? Where along on the road did humans become so insensitive and heartless.
Our girl, Kathy, picked up this girl 2 weeks ago with her brand new babies. Just another discarded, starving, emaciated dog abandoned left to die. Kathy had been desperately trying to bring her back to life over the last two weeks, but sadly she passed away last night, leaving her litter of newborns behind. Kathy... did everything in her power, but Mama Birdie just shut down. Kathy was at this girl's side for two weeks, while trying to care for the other 30 dogs she has at her house. Kathy does this ALONE and now has to bottle feed Mama Birdie's entire litter round the clock. Please send her some love today as she is devastated and her heart is shattered.
Shame on the people that drove by this poor soul for months and never did a damn thing... we love you Kathy!
RIP Mama Birdie, we will love, care for and cherish your pups...

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Will you be our Valentine?!

Eli and Peyton are looking for love!! They are two incredible, sweet, and playful pups who are still looking for their forever home! These brothers are around 5 months old and are typical, happy puppies! They want nothing more than to be your Valentine and smother you in puppy kisses!!

Please share and, if interested, apply today!!

Image may contain: dog and indoor
Image may contain: dog and indoor


We have some very sweet and loving puppies who are looking for their forever homes! These nuggets spent 8 weeks under the loving care of their mamma and our team!! They are spayed and neutered, up to date on vaccinations, have their microchips, and are currently fostered in Groveland, MA!


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