New version 2.8.2 on the Play Store (Android):
- Fix the problem with the TI (Ticino) canton

iOS update pending Apple's approval.

New version 2.8.1 on the Play Store (Android):
- New launcher icon
- Android-O compatibility
- Fix the problem when sending SMS on Android 8.0 devices (new permission needed)

Android Swiss plates demo
Swiss plates updated their profile picture.
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Canton VS is down since 3 hours, sorry for the inconvenience

iOS app has been completely rewritten. If you want to test it during the beta period and help with feedbacks, send me your email in PM.

2.7.0 version is available on the Play Store.
It fixes the current random problem with TI canton.
(also add BS canton in SMS canton list and dual-sim smartphone management)

Fribourg canton is back in the update available on the play store !

Sorry again for the inconvenience

Fribourg canton is currently out of service in the app. It will be fixed in the next coming days. Meanwhile, you can access it from the official website…/ocn_…/autoindex/ocn_online_autoindex.cfm
Sorry for the inconvenience

AG, LU, SH, ZG, ZH canton are not working yet. It will be fixed in the 2.6.1 version available in the Play Store in the next hours.

Swiss Plates Autoindex will not be available on iOS for the next months. A lot of change need to be done. Not enough time currently. It will probably be back in Q4 2016. Android application is still up to date

AG, LU, SH, ZG, ZH have updated their captcha (manual code to write) again.. It will take some days to fix it, still some weeks on iOS.

New version on Android (2.2.0) with addition of following free cantons: GE/GR/SG/SZ/TG ! (The bug with AG/LU/SH/ZG/ZH is also fixed)

AG, LU, SH, ZG, ZH have updated their captcha (manual code to write), it will take some days to fix it, some weeks on iOS.

Canton TI is not available right now. Should be fixed soon.

The TI search is not available for now. Please wait a few days, it will be fixed.