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Build your content, then decide on visuals - and if you need them.

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I'm pleased yelling's included. What else have you seen that could be added to the list?

According to the Gallup Organization, a bad boss is the number one reason why employees quit their job.

"The best way to get a good idea is to have a lot of ideas." Linus Pauling

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Which of these songs has the power to instantly relax you?

Sure to both stir your soul and calm your nervous system.

Is saying 'sorry' at work a sign of weakness?

Before you present, define what you want your audience to a) see; b) hear; c) feel; d) do. THEN think of content.

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Whatever you think about getting old is wrong:

John Leland looked at the research on aging and followed a group of older folks for a year. Turns out the secret of how to find joy might be living like you're elderly...

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises' 5 more life lessons from the ancients right here

1. Do everything with "agapi" (unconditional love). 2. Embrace and learn from your challenges: "Live today, forget the past." — Ancient Greek Proverb. "Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." 3. Believe in yourself, listen to yourself and not to take too seriously what o...

It's not whether you're under stress that harms your health but your attitude to it.

Higher blood pressure, chronic inflammation and possible heart impact are seen in studies.

Here's how to capitalise on your learning style

Do you understand the different types of learning styles? Develop your learning skills with

What pisses people off in emails

Email rage and how to stop it.

Got these lessons yet? Is It Too Late To Learn? The Top 10 Career Lessons People Learn Too Late In Life

How to respond to investor questions and the Colombo close

Pitching to investors or an audience is terrifying for just about any entrepreneur. Fortunately, we got in touch with pitch coach Nathan Gold.

Is anxiety eating you up?:

A guided tour of this pernicious prison of the psyche, honest and assuring in its honesty.

Turn aggression into curiosity and assertiveness: transform a command into a question.

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Self-esteem does not increase life satisfaction or resilience as much as this factor does :

Learning to be kind to yourself when you (inevitably) make mistakes could have a remarkable effect on your happiness