Happy President's Day! Just a reminder: today is a postal holiday, so your order may be marked as "shipped", but it won't enter the postal system until tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone!


We had one of our MegaSquirt ECU's sent in for upgrades this week. After four years in the field, we were happy to see it working just as well as the day it first shipped!

We now carry the MS3-Pro, an integrated version of MS3 that uses a water resistant case and automotive-grade connectors! Get yours here:…/megasquirt-ms3pro-ecu-p-82.html

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MS3 firmware version 1.2.0 was just released today. The latest changes and a link to the firmware package can be found here:

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Have a great New Year! We're looking forward to many exciting new changes in 2013!

Merry Christmas from all of us at SymTech Labs!

Just a few more hours left in our Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale! Use coupon code "THANKYOU" for 10% off anything in our store. Hurry, the sale ends today at 5:00pm EST!

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget to take advantage of our Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale by using coupon code "THANKYOU"!

We're thankful for our amazing customers, and to show it, we're bringing back our annual Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale! Use coupon code "THANKYOU" for a 10% discount on anything in our online store!

If you've been considering a MegaSquirt system, now is the time to buy! The sale begins today, Tuesday, November 20th, and the coupon code will expire next week, Tuesday, November 27th, at 5:00pm EST. Please share this post with your friends!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thank you to all of the veterans today!

Happy Friday everyone! As the racing season draws to an end, here's one last timeslip sent to us by customer Tom Smith! Both cars are 2.3L turbo Mustangs, and both cars are running SymTech Labs MegaSquirt systems! Tom's numbers are on the right. Congratulations Tom!

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We released a "kill switch" plugin for TunerStudio MS. After installing the plugin, simply click on the big red button to immediately kill the engine. See our post on the MS/Extra forums for more information:…

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Use coupon code "IVOTED" for a special discount through tomorrow. If you're one of our US customers and haven't already, go vote!

Have you seen our new oxygen sensor simulators? The latest generation (v4.0) uses powerful digital signal processing techniques to generate or modify oxygen sensor signals. These were out of stock for a while, but they're back and ready to ship!

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What are your weekend plans? Building, installing, tuning, racing?

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