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Cordelia Blake
· January 30, 2018
We've been to several productions here. They are well done, timed well for kids and very enjoyable. Highly recommend.
Danyale Taylor
· June 17, 2017
Eclipsed ..... this show was very moving! Phenomenal job with the directing, acting and the designs!!!
This is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time! Theatre is supposed to spark conversati...on and lead to movements and that is what you guys did. Thank you for being bold! See More
Sarah Hagenbush Jones
· February 6, 2017
We had a wonderful experience watching The One and Only Ivan! The sets and costumes were great and very creative, the actors were incredibly talented, friendly and so kind to pose with the kids after ...the show. We will definitely be back and will suggest the theatre to all our friends! See More
Katie Givens Kime
· October 11, 2016
It's not just that Anne Boleyn was an evening of spot-on acting by EVERY performer. There was something so piercing and cathartic and True and illuminating about experiencing that performance while t...he Trump Tape lunacy unfolded. I think I laughed harder and cried a few more tears given the context. Good grief, who directed this amazingness? Oh. Richard Garner. Well, there ya have it! Thanks to all involved for a really amazing evening!! See More
Janelle Lannan Schittone
· February 19, 2017
Re: The One And Only Ivan

So sad we had to rush out of the theatre yesterday afternoon. Had we been able to stay, I would have gushed and cried and hugged any cast member would would have let me. a great show, delicately and lovingly handled by the ensemble. I hadn't prepared to cry so much. Excellent work.

My favorite part: as Stella removes her headdress and costume to become the "other," my 6 yo daughter whispered reverently, "That's beautiful." Shivers. :)))
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Chris Beat
· September 12, 2016
Blast Off Burlesque put on their usual stellar show ... humorous, sexy with just a pinch of creepy. The theatre was intimate with good sight lines and the price of the tickets and concessions very fai...r. One small complaint would be the $20 parking fee (I was expecting $5) but all in all a great experience. See More
Lisa Winters Cox
· April 25, 2016
I really recommend you see this show ! It is incredibly well written, produced and performed but most of all it takes a serious and well developed look at how personal experiences and our life prisms ...shape our "view" of life and death issues.... literally. See More
Stacie Spychalski Buckley
· February 19, 2017
The One and Only Ivan was so well done. Actually w have seen 6 shows here and each one was a delight--Frog and Toad; Lyle, Lyle Crocodile; Where the Mountain Meets the Moon; Fancy Nancy; Mr. Popper's ...Peguins and The One and Only Ivan. This is a great theater to share live theater with your children. See More
Teresa DeFranks
· February 20, 2017
We had a great time seeing The One and Only Ivan. The format of the play is unique, requiring extraordinary skill from the actors and they delivered. We got to theater early since it was open seating.... But given how intimate the theater is, I think any seat is good.

Also, it was the first play my 7-year-old nephew has seen. He was overjoyed to meet the cast after the show. We have plans to see more live theater.
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Capucina Ray Douglass
· June 12, 2017
Powerful, inspiring, moving, and just awesome! The actors are incredibly talented and my husband and I had an amazing experience!
Jennie Shedd Bergen
· July 18, 2017
I had a great time. I did not know it was going to last that long. It stated 7-9.
Jerrilyn Levetan
· April 9, 2017
Really enjoyed our experience at Strait of Gibraltar! Very moving story, performances were great and the set/media design was awesome. Stay for the talkback after the show!
Sherita Dunbar
· October 5, 2014
I wasn't sure exactly what to think when I came to see this play. It was absolutely amazing from beginning to end! It's sexy, fun, informative and I loved every minute of it! The cast did an job of making you feel the characters. And watching it in my Wonder Woman costume just felt right See More
Michelle Van Driel Monaco
· February 12, 2017
I watched the one and only Ivan with my daughter's first grade class. They did an absolutely spectacular job! Can't wait to see something else
Geana Gutiérrez
· March 31, 2017
I love the experience. They are such a good actors. Every moment felt so real I cryed. Great story. Love it!! Amazing plan to do!!
Angela Reid
· June 19, 2017
Loved seeing Atlanta’s version of "Eclipsed" after seeing it on Broadway last year. The cast was phenomenal.
Kat Reynolds
· November 21, 2016
What a great venue tucked away in the heart of the city! I love your set-up! The set design for Anne Boleyn was fantastic and the cast-superb!
Rosa Santiago Zimmerman
· June 26, 2017
The welcoming team and ushers friendly and very welcoming. Eclipsed the play WOW fantastic. The cast of Eclipsed OUTSTANDING. A 5 star experience all around.
Mark Crouch
· April 7, 2017
Very interesting and enlightening. Great location for theatre. No bad seats. Great performances. Suzi reccomended
Nicole Clements
· December 19, 2016
Took my kids to see Mr. Poppers' Penguins last night and they loved the show! Great cast and excellent performance!
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