Them dance moves. Beating some time on the ferry. #dancelikenooneswatching #dancingqueens #oathbreaker #syt #sytofficial
Whatelse to do on a sunny friday afternoon then a little bit of drunken role play. Max on guitars and Oli on the drums. #sytofficial #showyourteeth
Anth of @hlawband having a stroke. Free show tonight @AvondaleHouse in Southampton, come hang. #kinetic #whiteguyscantdance #CYE #HLAW #SYT #SYTofficial


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Our friends in Blindfolds put out a new song! Go check it out!

Here is our first video to "Every Rope A Noose" from our Misery EP!
We are so happy to finally share it with all of you.
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So we released a new song yesterday and since a lot of people have been asking what The First Stone means to us; to whom it may concern:

It seems like humanity itself won't stop to overcome its greed, its vanity and it will not learn from the past.

On one hand we have governments that rather decide upon their own interests or the interest of very few, that already have a lot - way more than they need. Nobody of these people gives a flying fuck about the real problems in this... world, as long as their machines are running and they are cashing in on all of our misery.

On the other hand we are no better.
You, me and everyone else is getting more numb and ignorant by the second. We care less about what surrounds us and we're scared to open up to people. We have unlearned to trust and love.

I don't want to be like that. I don't want my friends and family or people I meet on the bus, to be like that. But it happens and it's getting worse. And I'm scared to be the only one to see it that way. I hope I'm not.

Every little thing we do, has an impact.
And some things are irreperable.

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It took us over 500 shows, but on satuday we kinda had our breakthrough...

This month, two years ago, we had the pleasure and honor to tour the United States with our Floridian brothers in @nebraskabricksofficial and @revealrenew and we just got word from them that they are safe from #hurricanematthew. Our thoughts go out to all the people affected by the hurricane, stay safe and take the warnings seriously! Stay strong. #sytofficial #showyourteeth #thedyingwishtour #nebraskabricks #incited #revealrenew #theblondtongues #leftbehind #2x4 #goathouse

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Konzerte ♬ Am Samstag, dem 15.Oktober 2016 ist es wieder soweit: Die Hydra erhebt sich erneut in Neulengbach im Wienerwald. Im Gegensatz zum Vorjahr ist das Metal Hyd ♬ Music News

A little less than 3 weeks UK! Can't wait to be part of Dead Harts' fairwell, blood, sweat and tears for sure.

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2 weeks to go until we're reunited with our brothers in @giveemblood at #MetalHydra, #Ebersberg. #showyourteeth #sytofficial #givemeblood #killrobotkill #aeonsofashes #timetofacedestiny

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Long time no see. 9 to 5 getting in the way too much lately so we thought we'd do a lil something and visit the UK again.
Can't wait to be back on the road! We are honoured to be sharing the stage with our brothers in @deadharts one last time on their farewell tour this October. Don't miss it! Keep an eye out, we'll be gradually adding shows to this tour. #showyourteeth #sytofficial #deadharts #farewell #harts #cfthy #cultforthehaggardyouth #uk #tour #tourlife #citymusic

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BUDAPEST WAS LIT! Thank you guys so much for coming out, big shout out to anyone involved doing DEATH 2 SUMMER FEST. We had a blast from the first note on. You can check back right here if you like. Showyourteeth Dürer kert Death 2 Summer Festival 2016.09.03.

Soundcheck at 01:00 pm, stage time at 09:00 pm. 7 hours of excitement inbetween. #bandlife

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We're hitting #DürerKert, #Budapest, tonight with our brothers in @thesouthernoracle, @allfacesdown, @stubbornband and a ton of other bands at #Death2Summer. Get down 'n dirty Hungary! 📷 by #Modernchemistrymusic 🙌🏻 #showyourteeth #sytofficial #thesouthernoracle #allfacesdown #death2summerfestival

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