Trailer for the upcoming Short Film on the Tanna Island Coffee Industry. One Industry, One island benefiting.
MT YASUR, our organic fertilizer for the island doing her daily routine and exploding out organic ash cloud, the perfect soil fertilizer for the perfect coffee
Pouring a beautiful tulip into a 3oz cup. Of course this coffee comes from Tanna Island!

Once again the harvest starts..this year Finally looks like a huge year for production and in turn and community income.but like any primary production..someone has to purchase the coffee .and South Pacific coffee ,even with Tanna's excellent flavour profile is and always has been problematic.

We can't say enough to our long term loyal buyers that have stuck with us through cyclones and natures ways..
And with this, we are heading for the largest export of beans this year with solid support moving forward.
Again thanks to Rex and Sam and their loyal families, farmers and workers .

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After 47 years and since independence the main road between lenakal and the airfield has been a stone road and with various degrees of maintainence issues
.FINALLY a tarsal road which runs directly past the coffee processing plant sitting directly on the main road is finished ..Thanks to all of those involved!!!

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Today's photos from the coffee trees on Tanna island.seeme ..finally after cyclone PAM ..things are slowly but surely getting back to normal .
Havana Coffee Works of Wellington NZ and No Label Coffee of Sydney Australia have continued their long term support of this islands industry after the category 5 cyclone .
Photos care of Rex iapen exporter

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Cat 5 storm

Cyclone Donna is now the worst-ever tropical storm to hit the South Pacific in May after reaching Category 5 this morning. said according to CNN's Severe Weather Team Donna now had sustained winds of 215km/h gusting up to a ferocious 260km/h, making it the strongest May cyclone ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere.


It eclipses Tropical Cyclone Nadu which struck in 1986.

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CYCLONE DONNA has swung again
It is very erratic
24 hours ago it looked like breaking up over the New Caledonia mountains
Now it looks to have moved towards Tanna Island .category 4 and powerful .


Hitting tomorrow morning day break
It's really hard to say of it will just be the side hitting or it may move towards Tanna and the eye comes close
Prepare for the worst and say your prays when it passes by..
good Luck Man Tanna..

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Look like this monster cyclone may swing towards New Caledonia and then into Tanna which will dampen the strength allot as it passes Tanna..
Let's hope so.
For our Ni Van friends that pass on information to their families in the bush..we will update this until any real danger is totally known

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Cyclone Donna has arrived ..out of the cyclone season
With cyclone Cook creating 90kmh winds a few weeks ago...there is damage still in the ground.
Already Donna is creating 130 kms gusts..
And will strengthen to a cat 3 as it passes over Tanna.
So the cooking bananas and manioc that took a heavy hit last cyclone will be wiped out this time...
Let's hope that this cyclone swings late and misses ..BUT..if not ..Prepare!!

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The people of Tanna via the Vanuatu Government are slowly but surely taking back THEIR industry back . Here Rex is speaking at a meeting ..addressing the situation at the time..
This will be a typical sight as the government has now announced it Needs coffee development on Tanna whIch is second to tourism in importance for future cash crops.
Since our project started in 2007 ,the island's awareness of What coffee is to them has risen and new groups appear and stake their claim.. for profits or development or simply helping out.
this is healthy for the island and its farmers and we are proud to have lead this phase and proud to watch the development of these new tannesse lead groups trying to grow and process heading into the future

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In 2015 a group of Coffee Roasters from around the world banded together to bring much needed relief Aid to Tanna Island after Cyclone Pam. Here is a small video to describe what was taken and the logistics of getting it there.
Special mention goes to all the efforts from other groups around the world:
No Label Coffee for logistics.
Elephant Beans Coffee Freiburg
Toby's Estate Coffee...
Barrel One Coffee Roasters
Coffee Brothers
Havana Coffee Works
Phoenix Green Coffee
Yasur Mountain Coffee
Grinders Coffee
Coffeesnobs Coffee
Cafe Relish North Av
Harvest Store & Kitchen
The Coffee Movement
Jake Herbert & Mitch Green for production.
Tony Macri for assistance in Australia and on Tanna.

And special mention to the team on Tanna who helped distribute the goods. The positive attitude reflected upon each visit to the isolated areas with custom dance and celebration for each drop off.

Also special thanks goes to those contributors who donated via our Tanna Island Coffee Day and gave education material, fishing equipment, health and sanitary equipment.

But, we are not finished yet. We are trying to load another 20ft container leaving from Brisbane with items specifically for long term relief. We will keep the public informed regarding donation drop off zones.

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Sadly I spoke to Sam today in the bush of Tanna island .
It seems the food situation is desperate .
The root crops have not recovered and the seeds for vegetables now do not grow because it is too hot.
Many people now cry for empty stomachs.
The cash rich aid agencies with their flash trucks and workers that turn up and over view the situation have long since left Tanna island ....
So now our farmers ..after a small harvest of coffee due to the cyclone are desperate for help.
Sam is making a budget for weekly supply of rice to eat ..
Knowing the people .they will be sharing what little they have....But things are not good

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The process from the tree to parchment coffee to the green bean and then export..
And payments made to the local people and thus their communities all along the pathway
From picking processing..trucking..shipping ..handling freight..etc etc..benefiting the whole of the island and Vanuatu as a whole .

Coffee has an amazing way of opening the doors to the farmers work and lifestyle and direct trade relationships.
J Lappin and his stunning cafe and his roasting artisan, typifies this exactly and Rhode Island America now Knows what Vanuatu has to offer the world via the great bean that the Tanna Island people grow.
Thus allowing the people to own their industry.

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Another first for the Tanna Island bean and its Direct Trade supporters.

Tony Macri of
Coffee Brothers .from Sydney , sending off some of his perfectly roasted Tanna roasted Beans to the Australian Olympic team to Turbo charge them .


Tony never stops thinking about or supporting his farmers on Tanna Island ,showing the real impact of direct contact with farmers and their villagers and is one of the industry's chief ambassadors into the wider coffee industry .

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Over the years we have placed over 150 pulpers, around the island so ,as the coffee farmers areas grew we could support them.

In the early days ..a farmer had to move his or her baskets of cherry quite some distance and then back again to process in the village environment.
Thankfully now with the farmers producing more and more coffee ,there is plenty to go around to reduce the work for the farmers

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That is a truck load Tanna Island style...

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Typical sight over the last week on Tanna Island giving out essential items to coffee farmers

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