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Sarah Hameline reviewed Tanner Motors5 star

I’ve been a customer of Tanner Motors for 6 years and have been so pleased with their attention to detail and honesty. I recently had a repair to my Audi after a fender bender, and they made the process with insurance very smooth for me. My car is back to factory specs and I will continue to trust them for future maintenance. Excellent job every time!

These guys go above and beyond to make sure you and your car are taken care of. Incredibly trustworthy and kind service to boot!

Nancy Schaeffel reviewed Tanner Motors5 star

I cannot speak highly enough about Tanner Motors. They were my last hope in fixing a long-standing issue with my Volvo. After reading their reviews, I had confidence that they were going to solve my car's problem--and they did! What had been a complete mystery for the past several years, turned out to be the wrong part which had been installed in my vehicle by another dealership! It was a tiny goof that caused me years of frustration. Tanner Motors not only solved the mystery..., they were responsible, trustworthy, fair, kind, and determined (to fix the problem). I appreciate them more than words can express and I HIGHLY recommend them!! I am recommending them to all my friends and family, too! It's such a relief when you know you can trust a business to treat you with respect and when they have the superior skills to solve complex problems.....it's a great combination!

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Loyal customer for over 10 years. Excellent service and I trust them.

Chris Lowry reviewed Tanner Motors5 star

Excellent, thorough service. Organized and respectful, glad I found them!

Trent Lavin reviewed Tanner Motors5 star
Tessa Gonzales reviewed Tanner Motors5 star
Mark Widick reviewed Tanner Motors5 star
Jason Butts reviewed Tanner Motors5 star