Do you know how to get turned on? Not necessary in a "sexual" way but to feel really turned on in all areas of your life?

Before I quit my office job, my day looked like this:
-wake up
-make coffee 😴...
-sit in traffic for about an hour 😡
-eat a lunch way too late in the day 🤤
-get home around 9pm
-repeat next day 😣

Uhhg!! My life was sooooooooooooooo BORING!!!!! I tried so hard to appreciate everything I had - 1) good paying job 2) roof over my head. However, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was DEAD inside. 💀

I had a good life! Just not a very exciting one. 😐 I was just going through the motions not really feeling.... well not really feeling ANYTHING! 😥

I was disconnected. Completely and utterly disconnected from myself, my friends, my family all because I wanted to be a good "employee."

The 1 thing that kept me somewhat sane were my Pole Dancing classes. I always felt more myself after a class and really embraced my Sensual/Feminine side. Especially because I worked in such a Masculine environment. 👨‍🔧

I think we all know how much embracing our Feminine energy can do wonders in all areas of our life. We are now seeing a trend in the media where women are owning their bodies, speaking up for themselves and truly accepting all that they are. 👩‍🎤

So, I want to you know how to turn yourself on? Are you able to walk into a room and just "own it?" Do you feel confident enough that if a guy were to approach you'd be able to carry a conversation where he'll want your #? Do you feel 100% confident in your SKIN when you look at yourself naked??! 😯👯‍♀️

Let's tap into your Feminine power now! Check out my 30 Days of Fun Feminine Pleasure checklist and start honoring your Feminine energy now. Is a checklist you can apply in your everyday life to start feeling more into your Sensuality and Pleasure.

Let's get the party started and get your checklist here!

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Just that kind of day! Working on my vibrational energy every morning really helps set the tune for the rest of my day! What are your morning rituals like? #highvibes #morningrituals #greenteamatcha #high #vibe #cafegratitude

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Feeling stuck in self pity and how I turned it around
Today is not an errand day
Shake It off...shake shake

Valentines/Galentines is over but it doesn't mean you can't still celebrate!

Everyday doesn't need to be an automatic boring day! If you can do at least of these things on my checklist for 30 days, who know what could happen for you!

Grab your checklist here!...

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I get so inspired when I see women taking time for themselves to honor their bodies and appreciate what their mamas gave them! Especially when they’re diving deep into their sensuality!

I believe we live in a society where there is so much information about what is good or bad for your body. 1 perspective- you should eat and exercise so you can have the body you want. Then on the other spectrum, you are also being told that you’re body is perfect just the way she is.

I say ...only WE know what’s best for OUR bodies!

The information out there is meant to educate us not drive us into a “I’m not good enough” mode! Only YOU know what’s best for YOU! Pay attention to what your mind and body is saying to you! Understand what will be in her best interest and she will always take care of you right back!

Which side do you believe is true? #mybodyisawonderland #femininebody #sensuality #mybody #mybodyissafe

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Why so serious? How to lean into flow when shit gets hard!

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Egos aren’t bad but they can sure be a bitch sometimes! 😊Be open, be present, and expressing love is what can set you free! 💕👍🏼 #ego #moreamigos #releasewhatdoesntserveyou

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Yesss!! When you’re having a bad day, watch a good comedy! 😂 thank you @tinybuddhaofficial for that reminder!
Life is better when you're laughing.⠀

#tinybuddha #quote #dailyquote #quoteoftheday #smile

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#tbt to that time I was in charity fashion show and totally rocked that fro! Oh yeah!! So blessed! Remember to not take things so seriously, to enjoy the present, feel sexy and have some damn fun!
#rockingthefro #charityfashionshow #havingfun #enjoypleasure #pleasurablefun

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Keep going!!! Fail hard and fast then get back up again!
#failure #learnfrommistakes #failingforward #failingisgood

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Taking the 1st step towards your dreams does not need to be HARD!

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Got to hang with these amazing folks today! So grateful to have caught up with my soul sister and her kids on such a beautiful day! #mentormasterclasssister #sisterhood #soulsister @ Café Gratitude

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Mmm yes! 👈🏼 is what happens when you follow what brings you pleasure! Miracles, magic and all kinds of possibilities happen! 😘💋 #findyourpassionwithyourpleasure #findyourpleasure #possibilities #pleasure

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Do you look around and know how good you have it but still think, "is this it?" 🤔

Cleaning up your own sidewalk! What it takes to create the lifestyle you deserve!

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I started to journal every morning to see how the rest of my day goes... so far so good 👌🏼 and I felt so grounded 💕 Wanna try it? Write out 3 things you’re grateful for each day. But go a bit deeper & add “because” after your statement. It can help get you so much deeper into your gratitude. “I am grateful to live in LA BECAUSE I can walk around my house with no pants on!” See what I did there? 😉😛 #journaling #gratitudejournal #gratefulbecause #haveagreatdayeveryone

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You know you’re in alignment when you randomly run into women from your tribe! 💕🙌💋 #womentribe #synchronicity #lovetheseladies❤️ #gabbybernsteinevent #judgementdetox

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