Do you know how to get turned on? Not necessary in a "sexual" way but to feel really turned on in all areas of your life?

Before I quit my office job, my day looked like this:
-wake up
-make coffee 😴...
-sit in traffic for about an hour 😡
-eat a lunch way too late in the day 🤤
-get home around 9pm
-repeat next day 😣

Uhhg!! My life was sooooooooooooooo BORING!!!!! I tried so hard to appreciate everything I had - 1) good paying job 2) roof over my head. However, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was DEAD inside. 💀

I had a good life! Just not a very exciting one. 😐 I was just going through the motions not really feeling.... well not really feeling ANYTHING! 😥

I was disconnected. Completely and utterly disconnected from myself, my friends, my family all because I wanted to be a good "employee."

The 1 thing that kept me somewhat sane were my Pole Dancing classes. I always felt more myself after a class and really embraced my Sensual/Feminine side. Especially because I worked in such a Masculine environment. 👨‍🔧

I think we all know how much embracing our Feminine energy can do wonders in all areas of our life. We are now seeing a trend in the media where women are owning their bodies, speaking up for themselves and truly accepting all that they are. 👩‍🎤

So, I want to you know how to turn yourself on? Are you able to walk into a room and just "own it?" Do you feel confident enough that if a guy were to approach you'd be able to carry a conversation where he'll want your #? Do you feel 100% confident in your SKIN when you look at yourself naked??! 😯👯‍♀️

Let's tap into your Feminine power now! Check out my 30 Days of Fun Feminine Pleasure checklist and start honoring your Feminine energy now. Is a checklist you can apply in your everyday life to start feeling more into your Sensuality and Pleasure.

Let's get the party started and get your checklist here!

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What a great day to celebrate LOVE!!

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